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Destiny 2: Final Prime Gaming Rewards Unveiled

With the distribution of 49 sets, Bungie announces the final Prime Gaming Rewards drop, completing the four-year free Destiny 2 content program. In Destiny 2, loot is important since it provides players with a variety of ways to get new gear and weapons. Destiny 2’s seasonal structure allows Bungie to regularly add and update the game’s rewards. The Riven’s Wishes weekly task has been added recently, allowing players to obtain raid weapons from the Last Wish, modern exotic armor, and other uncommon items.

Bungie has increased the scope of its partnerships with a number of properties in the last few years, including The Witcher, Fortnite, and first-party Sony IPs including Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War. Unexpectedly, they have since revealed a collaboration with BioWare and EA that will incorporate the Mass Effect series into Destiny 2. Initial information shows armor sets inspired by Liara T’Soni for Warlocks, Commander Shepard for Titans, and Garrus Vakarian for Hunters, with additional details planned. Furthermore, Bungie has unveiled a new Prime Gaming Rewards drop that will provide more free content; specifics will be disclosed soon.

Bungie formally announced the release of the 49th batch of Destiny 2 DLC on the Prime Gaming rewards program in its weekly blog post. Significantly, this concludes the program and ends the lengthy four-year promotion. Destiny 2 Prime bundles have given players access to an abundance of free cosmetic content, including ships, weapons, emotes, sparrows, and more, since its launch in January 2020.

In the blog post, details regarding the most recent Destiny 2 Prime Gaming drop were given, with interested players having until March 7, 2024, to claim the package. Once approved, the products will remain in the Tower shop behind Master Rahool until after the deadline on March 7. The last Destiny 2 bundle includes four more things, one of which is a legendary shader that is only available on Timed Prime, according to Bungie. 

Many Destiny 2 players have turned their attention to gear chasing in order to get the best rolls on this season’s weaponry because of the prolonged Season of the Wish due to The Final Shape’s delay. But not every weapon or piece of armor from Destiny’s ten-year history has returned to the game. The variety of desired content is growing as fans express a desire for sets that were only available in the game’s cutscenes.

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