Changes Coming to The Finals to Fix Cheating Issues 

Changes Coming to The Finals to Fix Cheating Issues 

The Finals’ creator, Embark Studios, has acknowledged the current cheating problems in the brand-new free-to-play shooter has given gamers the reassurance that a fix is being developed. Because so many people in the community are adopting Mandarin names to cheat, the issue has gotten so bad that some fans have proposed region-locking China. The community manager for The Finals stated that many of the accused cheaters using Mandarin identities may not truly be Chinese; they select such names to make reporting them more difficult. Embark Studios is unlikely to implement this suggested solution, though.

The Finals has quickly become one of the most well-liked new releases despite some controversy. A few days following its unexpected launch at the Game Awards, The Finals started to overtake Call of Duty in terms of Steam user base. The Embark Studios development team has not let this success become an excuse for complacency, either, as they have continued to update The Finals in the weeks that have passed since its release. Owing to the nature of online multiplayer games, maintenance and upgrading must be done constantly.

The Finals’ creator, Embark Studios, has announced via Discord that a fix for the game’s recent cheating problems is on the way. As reported by IGN, the studio has admitted to having technical issues that make it more difficult to effectively remove cheats. Reassuringly, though, Embark has informed the community that a remedy is being developed, allowing the team to get back to fighting cheating in the game.

Although Embark Studios has not given a precise release date for the patch, it is comforting to know that the team is actively working to resolve the problem and is on the verge of doing so. Cheating issues may quickly get out of hand in the world of online multiplayer games such as The Finals, which can have a big impact on the user experience. Though The Finals’ highly destructible venues and combat elements bring novel elements to the genre, the competitive free-to-play area provides plenty of options in case players lose interest owing to in-game problems.

Unfortunately, there are other issues influencing the game’s release besides the cheating issue that surfaced recently. The Finals garnered criticism for its decision to use AI voice acting in addition to traditional voice actors. Players’ excitement for the game hasn’t diminished in spite of this.Despite receiving conflicting reviews, The Finals continues to grow and draw a sizable player base. 

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