Motorola To Release Their New Razr With an Improved Hinge Very Soon

Motorola To Release Their New Razr With an Improved Hinge Very Soon

The MWC 2023 brought with it many innovative phones that have unique displays and capabilities. Of the phones revealed, many were concepts, while others were a reality set to launch very soon. The Motorola Razr is a part of the latter and is set to have an official launch later this year. 

The phone’s official announcement came from Motorola’s parent company, Lenovo’s CEO, who revealed that the new version of the Motorola Rar is coming to markets very soon. Although he did not provide any specific details, recent leaks seem to suggest that the phone will be available for customers to buy from June 1st onwards. The CEO, Yang, hints that the new version of the Motorola Razr will be much better than its predecessor, which was already impressive. 

From the CEO’s statement, it is clear that the customers can expect a significant improvement in terms of the hinge and foldable functionality. In the interview, the CEO mentioned that the current Razr phone, released last year, had a good reception, so this new one will likely be a hit as well. Additionally, he promises that foldable phone prices will fall in the future as currently, they are pretty high due to the novelty. He claims that as the technology becomes more mature, the prices will possibly decrease, so the production volume may increase.

The announcement from Yang came shortly after the recent renders of the alleged Motorola Razr 2023 emerged. These renders showed off the next generation of Razr phones with a large external display. This display will likely extend beyond the camera lens and take up much of the device cover if Motorola decides to go ahead with it. The current Razr screen is 2.7 inches, which makes it bigger than the Galaxy Z Flip 4 but smaller than the Oppo Find N2.

However, if Motorola decides to extend the display, it will be larger than the Oppo Find N2, which currently measures at 3.26-inches. Besides the external display size, the renders did not hint at any significant changes. According to Yang’s statement, the company may be focusing on the hinge and internal improvements for this release. 

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