Motorola Planning To Release Two Razr Phones

Motorola Planning To Release Two Razr Phones in 2023

Various sources on the internet claim that Razr is planning to release two new models of their Razr phones in 2023. The leak was brought forth by Evan Blass, a known Twitter leaker. Blass kept his tweet simple and delivered the news that Motorola was hoping for a double 2023 launch. 

The tweet claimed that the two models do not include the upcoming Razr 2022 folding phones, which still have not been released outside China. This forthcoming phone was codenamed Maven, and Blass claims that the two new models are reportedly codenamed, Juno and Venus.

A Motorola phone with the code name Juno has also been mentioned previously. Many leakers claimed that Juno is expected to be a follow-up to the Motorola Razr 2022, set to release this year. According to the leaks, Juno will likely sport a clamshell design. 

Venus is still a mystery, though many claim that Motorola may choose to venture into large-screen foldable phone territory. Much like Samsung did with their Folds. Among these leaks, the code name Felix has not been brought up again. Felix was rumored to be Motorola’s rollable smartphone. 

A teaser for Felix was released at the Lenovo Tech World 2022, where a concept model was shown. However, there is no update on when the design will be ready to be released into the market.  

As everyone waits for the Razr 2023 model and for the Razr 2022 to hit the global markets, consumers in China can purchase the Razr 2022 for ¥5,999 or just under $900 for its lowest model. If you want a phone that has some higher-end specs, the phone will cost you around $1,100. The phone’s price is only expected to rise once it hits the global market. 

If Motorola decides to go through with the plan of releasing two phones, it would be interesting to see the model’s specs and how it is received. Since Motorola released one phone this year, fans are excited to see whether or not it brings something new to the table. Many also wonder if the new devices will use the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which is expected to release at its Summit later this year. 

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