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Call of Duty 2024 Preorder Bonus Uncovered

Call of Duty has been luring players in previous years with a variety of pre-order bonuses, including skins like Zombie Ghost and special weapon packages with unique blueprints. Although early campaign access has proven to be a well-received benefit, as evidenced by Modern Warfare 3, extending this benefit to the speculated early access for Call of Duty 2024’s zombies mode could present certain difficulties.

The Call of Duty 2024 leaks that Windows Central reported on suggested that other game modes would only grant pre-orders a short early access period, which is standard procedure in the current multiplayer gaming market. Concerns are raised, meanwhile, by the possibility that Call Of Duty 2024 Zombies will be accessible weeks before the main game launches. This raises concerns about potential zombie burnout occurring far in advance of the actual game launch, in addition to causing players who choose not to pre-order to feel left out of an important benefit.

If gamers want to pre-order Call of Duty 2024, they can find themselves engrossed in the zombie universe for several weeks prior to the official release of the game. As so, they might have used up all of the content by the time the game is released. Players may become less interested in returning to these maps for seasonal challenges if they spend a lot of time exploring the two survival maps prior to the release date. The fact that the pre-ordering group might figure out all the Easter eggs and secrets in the round-based Zombies mode well before Call of Duty 2024 is made available to everyone is even more frightening. During the early stages of a Zombies map release, the excitement of finding hidden details and deciphering puzzles with the larger community seems to be reserved for individuals who decide to pre-order Call of Duty 2024.

Although giving Call of Duty Zombies players early access for several weeks raises legitimate concerns, there may also be benefits to take into account. To start, for those who have been waiting impatiently for round-based gameplay to return, gamers will be able to test out the mode a little early. Treyarch might also use a dual-launch approach for Zombies. Players may be prohibited from completing side missions and the main quest Easter egg during the early access period, leaving them with only the option to play standard survival games. With this strategy, gamers may spend a few weeks getting to know the landscape and playing classic Zombies. 

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