Overwatch 2 Producer Hints at Major Console Improvements

Overwatch 2 Producer Hints at Major Console Improvements 

Since console players have a significant impact on the game’s performance, the company is committed to enhancing the console experience overall. Overwatch 2’s executive producer, Jared Neuss, has discussed important upcoming modifications for the game’s platform versions. The main goal of these changes is to improve user experience while resolving cheater-related problems. 

One of the most common complaints regarding Overwatch 2 on consoles is the widespread usage of XIM adapters. With the help of these adapters, gamers can utilize a mouse and keyboard with their Xbox or PlayStation, taking advantage of the increased accuracy and dexterity that come with PC controls over traditional gamepads. Although the developers view keyboard and mouse usage as cheating, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 lack an official way to detect it due to the lack of XIM detection. In addition to issues with XIM adapters, several console gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with Overwatch’s poor performance and platform UX design.

Jared Neuss assured listeners that fixes for Overwatch 2’s console bugs are being developed during a recent segment on the Group Up! podcast.  Although Neuss acknowledged that Blizzard has been actively working on a method to identify XIM adapters, he did not elaborate more on protecting the technology from potential hackers and exploiters. While outlining the goals of the corporation, Neuss acknowledged that Overwatch 2’s general “usability” on consoles had fallen short of Blizzard’s expectations, saying, “We know where the problems are.” 

There are, in my opinion, two main groups. One is, are people using gadgets such as XIM, and if so, how can we stop that? Secondly, how can we optimize the console version of the game?”

This apparent commitment to console gamers expands on the effort from the previous year to include console users in beta testing of Overwatch 2, which aimed to make the game more inclusive. For console Overwatch fans, the continued attempts to enhance the console experience are probably a welcome move, especially in light of Jared Neuss’s admission that this market has, in his own words, been comparatively underserved.

Blizzard’s endeavors to improve Overwatch 2’s console usability underscore the noteworthy impact that console gamers hold on the game’s triumph. As a strategic hero shooter, Overwatch may have been more suited for the PC market, but having console players added to the mix increased its appeal. 

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