Daylight 2 Developer Unveils Extensive Content Plan for the Game

Daylight 2 Developer Unveils Extensive Content Plan for the Game

For Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland has released a comprehensive content plan, demonstrating its dedication to continued support. This comes after the rollout of version 1.12.2, which fixed issues and added changes to the in-game store based on player feedback.

On October 4, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will have been available for 20 months. Similar to its predecessor, the game allows up to four people to play cooperatively or solo. With three million users in the game’s first weekend, the cooperative mode significantly contributed to the game’s early success. But since then, the number of players has decreased, with fewer people playing every day than at the Steam launch in 2015.

Techland is still committed to maintaining Dying Light 2 despite the fall in player numbers. The company revealed many important enhancements for the game in a late-September content roadmap trailer. There are new missions, more board requests, a Nightmare difficulty setting, the opportunity to replay any of the 12 GRE Anomalies, plus a new Tower Raid mode, among other things.

Several planned Dying Light 2 updates were also revealed in the content roadmap clip. Characters Tolga and Fatin from 2015 original are back, the Xbox Series X/S version’s field of view can be adjusted, the graphics have been improved, new enemy types, more executions and finishers, more categories of weapons (like knives and polearms), the weapon and mod crafting system has been improved, the character customization options have been expanded, text chat has been implemented, and Nightrunner Tools have been carried over to Dying Light.

The trailer from Techland didn’t specify when these planned updates will be released in full. It does, however, imply that the first round of these additions is rapidly approaching. The incorporation of Halloween and Winter events in Dying Light 2’s roadmap makes this clear; the Halloween event is scheduled to start by the end of October to coincide with the holiday.

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