Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List

Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List

Dead by Daylight is a well-known survival horror game popular in the gaming community. Released back in the summer of 2016, this four vs. one style game has been enjoyed by many and has amassed an impressive fanbase. Among the five players, there is one killer, and the four survivors have the task of outsmarting the killer and staying alive. 

If you are the killer, then finding the best character can be crucial for winning the game. There are many characteristics that you should look out for when choosing your killers, such as skill level, fast movements, and wiser hunting strategies.  

This tier list ranks all the dead by daylight killers into 6 categories. These categories range from the best killers to the subpar ones. Let’s get into all the killers so you can find your favorite new killer in DBD.

How are the Dead by Daylight Killers Ranked?

Before going into the details of all the DBD killers, it is important to know how they are ranked. This way, you will tell the good killers from the bad ones. 

These rankings start from the S tier and then move on to A, B, C, D, and F tier. There is no SS tier as of now, but maybe in the future, the developers may add in new DBD killers that will overpower all the other killers in the game.

Let us take a look at the tiers and what they mean.

S Tier

S Tier

The S tier consists of the best killers that Dead by Daylight offers. These killers have within their arsenal extremely powerful abilities. Their abilities, strength, and speed combined mean virtually no killer better than them. Additionally, the killers in this tier have useful tools to have a huge advantage when hunting down the other four players and killing them.

A Tier

A Tier

In the A tier, you will find characters that are excellent killers. Equipped with tools, they almost always guarantee you a win. These aren’t in the top tier because they lack a few attributes that those in the S-tier have. However, they are also extremely strong and can help corner the survivors and defeat them with ease.

B Tier

B Tier

The B-tier killers in Dead by Daylight are not the best out there, but by no means are they weak. They have decent abilities with a few flaws, due to which they are ranked lower than those in the S tier and A tier. These flaws offer up weak spots that can make them not-so-great hunters. A lot of skill is required to win a game with these B-tier Dead by Daylight killers. 

C Tier

C Tier

In the C tier, the killers are some of the weakest that the game has to offer. They are average and do not have any special abilities that can be used to their advantage. If you have better killers at your disposal, it is wise to use them. Only a skilled player can use them effectively. 

D Tier

D Tier

The killers listed in this tier are the worst in the game. They lack powerful abilities and are inherently weak. These below-average players are a pain to use, and only those will the highest skill level can excel using these killers.

F Tier

The F-tier killers are the worst in the game. You are better off using any other killer than those in this tier. 

The Tier List

Now that we know how the tier list works, let’s take a deeper look into each of the characters in the different tiers.

S Tier

S Tier

The Nurse

Among the DBD ranks, the Nurse is pretty high up. Some might say that she is possibly the best killer in Death by Daylight. She has excellent mobility as she has Blink ability. This ability allows her to teleport around the playing field. If played correctly, she can find survivors anywhere on the map. 

The Blink ability also allows the Nurse to loop survivors. However, if the survivors are skilled, they may be able to bait your blink. The DBD killer perks that the Nurse has included ‘A Nurse’s Calling,’ which revealed survivors who are being healed within a range of 20 to 28 meters.

Even dead by Daylight’s best survivor can be caught using the Nurse, so once you get the hang of her abilities, victory will be yours. 

The Spirit

The Spirit is a great killer in DBD due to her excellent ability called ‘Yamaoka’s Haunting.’ This grants her the ability to phase towards the other players in the game and attack them. Other perks of the Spirit include the removal of the necessary information that allows the other players to win. This information, when in your hands, can help you hunt the survivors and win the game. 

Additionally, her playstyle is easy to understand, and even the newest players can master her. 

A Tier

A Tier

The Oni

The Oni or Kazan Yamaoka is an A-tier killer in Dead by Daylight that powers his ability using the suffering of injured survivors. The Oni has one of the best killer perks in dead by Daylight called Nemesis. This perk allows the Oni to find the survivor who has become obsessed for 4 seconds. Additionally, they are affected by the Oblivious Status Effect for 40 to 60 seconds. 

This killer is arguably one of the most lethal ones in the game. With the best power out of all the killers, the Oni can also access additional abilities such as Demon Dash and Demon Strike. These abilities make this killer almost impossible to defeat. 

The Hag

Along with being one of the best killers in the game, the Hag is also one of the more complex characters to master in the game. This is due to her unique playstyle. However, if you master her, you have access to some of the best dead-by daylight perks that include a variety of hexes that the Hag uses to trap the survivors. Her traps are also quite deadly as they can force and control the survivors to her liking. 

One downside to Hag is that she is vulnerable to flashlights. Survivors can also burn her traps in an attempt to thwart her, and if they pull it off, they can defeat her. 

The Executioner

The Executioner, although not the best killer in the game, has excellent map controlling abilities. This skill allows him to track and trap the survivors with ease effectively. He also boasts a long-ranged ability that enables him to attack his enemies from afar. This killer also has the ‘Rites of Judgement’ power that allows him to track survivors who are walking on running on the trail and attack them with Torment. 

The Nightmare

The Nightmare or Freddy Krueger is an aptly named character. He has within his arsenal the ability to use powers and perks such as Dream World, Teleportation, Dream Snareres, and Dream Pallets. With these, he can domineer most games that he plays. His abilities allow him to hunt down characters swiftly and with ease. There are very few problems that you can face with this killer, which comes down to your skill level.

The Hillbilly

Wielding a chainsaw, the Hillbilly is a killer with immense speed. He can dash across the map, searching for the survivors and weed them out of their safe spots to gain victory. His main power is ‘The Chainsaw,’ which allows him to increase his speed that can be used to one-up the survivors and catch them quickly. 

If the survivor is unfortunate enough to be attacked by the Hillbilly’s Chainsaw, then no matter how healthy they are, they go into the Dying Dead by Daylight status effect instantly. This power, however, has a cooldown time and cannot be used over and over again. 

B Tier

B Tier

The Huntress

Among all the dead by daylight killers, the Huntress is among those that are the easiest to play with. She has a great range that allows her to kill effectively from a long range. 

However, to master this perk, you have to have good aim and an awareness of the map. Her long-range is heavily reliant on the fact that she can snip survivors from a distance. Unfortunately, the obstacles littered across the map hinder that ability.

The Cannibal 

The Cannibal is yet another chainsaw-wielding killer. He is extremely easy to use, and if you have used Hillbilly, he should be no problem. His main power is called ‘Bubba’s Chainsaw’ that allows him to perform a Chainsaw Dash for two seconds. Additionally, his attack is so powerful that if a survivor gets hit by this attack, they instantly go into the Dying State. 

Even though this killer is extremely fast and robust, precision is needed to master him. You have to make sure that you do not bump into any obstacles during the attack. Otherwise, you could lose the precious seconds you have to defeat the other players.

The Plague

The Plague is a killer that forces the survivors to bend to her will. Her powers include infecting and weakening the survivors. When hit with this power, they are forced to cleanse themselves. This, in turn, makes her stronger. 

She has simple yet powerful abilities that make her easy to master and make the survivors have a hell of a time escaping her attacks. The Plague’s main power is called ‘Vile Purge,’ enabling her to hit her opponents with infectious vomit. This vomit immediately infects them, and they go into the ‘Injured State.’ 

The Plague’s weak spot is that she lacks options to chase the killers. She can simply control the map and disorient the survivors. 

The Deathslinger

The Deathslinger has a long-range. When paired with a chain gun, this ability allows Deathslinger to hook the survivors and pull them in. This ability is called ‘The Redeemer.’ This attack is not foolproof because once caught, and survivors have a chance to break free. If they can do so, the killer will experience the stun effect for a brief moment. Other than that, Deathslinger is easy to use, and even new players can master him with minimum effort. 

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon has an alien-like appearance and an arsenal of weapons at its disposal. With excellent map control and chase tool, the Demogorgon can strategically counter the survivor’s loops. He can also use its shred ability to track down the survivors. 

Additionally, this killer is extremely consistent. However, when the opponent team is well-coordinated, the Demogorgon can have a hard time hunting them down. 

The Doctor

The Doctor is a killer that is handy with electrical shocks. He makes use of them to attack the survivors effectively and move across the map to hunt them. An extremely disruptive killer, the Doctor is a bit difficult to play with but has perks and abilities that make up for the few weaknesses. 

The Twins

Charlotte and Victor Deshayes call themselves The Twins, a duo of serial killers who share some characteristics. Charlotte is more comparable to your average assassin, having a slow movement and lethal melee assault. On the contrary, Victor can detach from their shared body and play two parts.

Once active, you can charge at survivors and jump on their backs in the style of Left 4 Dead 2’s Jockey. If you allow Victor to be idle while utilizing Charlotte, he will turn on Killer Instinct, indicating the locations of survivors.

Survivors are able to get rid of Victor in this state, so strategy around location is critical to making the most of it. The Twins may sound complicated, and it’s possible that mastering it will take some time, but it is among the select killers that try something unique. It somehow manages to live up to expectations.

C Tier

C Tier

The Ghost Face

The Ghost Face is a stealthy killer that kills without causing much ruckus. This stealth makes his attacks hard to anticipate giving him an edge over the survivors. His stalk mode, however, is very easy to breakthrough. This makes him not the best killer this game has to offer. 

The Pig

This killer is extremely fun to play with, even though his toolkit is severely lacking. However, this lackluster toolkit can be made up for by adding ons. The Pig has chase mechanic and bear trap powers that are not the best, but they give her the ability to catch survivors. To do that, the player has to be skilled. 

The cons of this killer include her wildly inconsistent attacks, which are hard to master. Only a skilled player can use her effectively.

The Legion

The Legion is a nerfed character who used to be among the S tier killer but now has been bumped down to the C tier. The map control on the Legion is almost non-existent and to use him effectively requires an immense amount of skill. The Legion relies on his power to put them into the Mend State so that he can find other victims. 

The Clown 

The clown is a killer that has many perks, including slowing down survivors and speeding himself up, which makes him a good killer. However, his attacks are not strong enough for him to be a feared killer. His lack of speed is also a huge con. 

The Trickster

There’s an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, which also holds true in The Trickster’s case – but in the other direction. While his visual style was created with the assistance of K-pop experts, resulting in a unique look that jumps out, his abilities aren’t quite as striking.

Having said that, recent PTB buffs suggest a more promising future for this character. The total amount of accurate throwing knife hits required to hurt or kill a survivor has been lowered from eight to six. His primary skill, which enables him to launch a barrage of attacks at the expense of speed of movement, now requires a 30-second timeframe to activate it instead of the previous 10.

With these adjustments, The Trickster has ceased to be a novelty and may now truly make a difference. The only reason this killer isn’t higher on the list is that map control and range dependence continue to limit its otherwise intriguing potential.

D Tier

D Tier

The Shape

The Shape is a subpar killer who relies solely on stealth and stalking. However, one advantage he has is that he cannot be broken out of his stalking mode. His map control is not the best, and his playstyle is not considered cohesive, with huge cons. These two characteristics make him a hard killer to play with. Hence, he is ranked relatively low on this tier list.

The Wraith

The Wraith is yet another killer who makes use of stealth to outsmart the survivors. He cloaks himself with the invisibility that allows him to move undetected. This also enables him to use speed to his advantage and sneak up on the survivors. 

F Tier

F Tier

The Trapper

Among all the killers, the Trapper requires the most setting up before a game. Only then can you see any success. He is a slow killer, but he uses bear traps quite effectively. Hence, he is good at hunting down the survivors. However, the time it takes him can be costly. 


Who is the most skilled killer of Dead by Daylight?

Because of her ‘Yamaoka’s Haunting’ abilities, the Spirit is the finest murderer to utilize in Dead by Daylight. This allows her to attack other players in the game by phasing towards them.

Who is the most heinous murderer in Dead by Daylight?

The Nurse is the most effective assassin in Death by Daylight. She has excellent mobility because of her Blink ability. This skill enables her to teleport throughout the field. 

Who is the most skilled assassin in Dead by Daylight?

Ghost Face is the best at stealth, even if he is not in the top tier. This secrecy makes his strikes challenging to predict, providing him an advantage over the surviving. 

In Dead by Daylight, who killer has the strongest map control skills?

Because of her traps, the Hag possesses the most potent map control powers. The Hag also happens to be one of the game’s more complex characters to master. This is owing to her distinct playing technique.


With the number of killers available on Dead by Daylight, it can be hard to choose one that will allow you to achieve the game’s goal as the killer. This tier list provides you with plenty of information about the most prominent killers in DBD and includes DBD perks in this tier list so that you can make the right choice. 

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