Developers of Dead by Daylight Tease Surprising Upcoming Collaborations

Developers of Dead by Daylight Tease Surprising Upcoming Collaborations

Behavior Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight, has recently hinted at big things to come in the game’s future, including collaborations. Dead by Daylight is an extremely successful game that owes its success to partnerships that it has made with horror properties and other games. 

Ever since the launch of Dead by Daylight in June 2016, the developers have continued to expand the game by pursuing various collaborative content. Their asymmetric horror game was launched with three killers initially. However, mere months later, Micheal Myers of Halloween joined the cast as a part of the game’s major Chapter DLC release. This allowed the popular horror film villain to stand apart. 

In subsequent years, Behaviour used this style of Chapter DLC and introduced each killer with a whole spectacle. They also had lore, which made the game a lot more enjoyable and made the chapter more interesting than if the character was introduced as they were.

In a recent talk with the Behavior head of Partnership, Mathieu Cote revealed that Dead by Daylight planned to continue this trend in the future. As this method of expanding the game was popular, they had no intentions of changing things. However, he did note that their shortlist was getting shorter, but they had more options than ever before. 

His statement meant that the horror options were becoming limited, but Dead by Daylight had more opportunities to explore. One example is Evil Dead’s Ash Williams, which Coye referred to as comedy. He also expressed that he had an Attack on Titan anime collaboration in mind. 

Although Cote voiced his ideas, he hasn’t given away any of Dead by Daylight’s secrets. For the upcoming collaborations, all he said was that the fans would be surprised by the company’s plans for the game. When asked if there would be other collaborations with video games, Cote replied that there would most certainly be collaborations. He also added that he personally thought that there were a lot of gaming characters that would be a perfect fit for Dead by Daylight.

Although the game has covered many killers, players have a long list of killers that they want to be introduced in the game. Some common ones include Pennywise of It, Alien’s Xenomorph, the characters from Five Nights at Freddy’s, etc.

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