CS: GO Achievements Removed From Counter-Strike 2

CS: GO Achievements Removed From Counter-Strike 2

Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been formally replaced by Counter-Strike 2, there is a downside to this great development for the community. All of the previous CS: GO awards that players had amassed have been deleted. Some fans are upset about this, especially those who spent a lot of time and work trying to get all 167 of them. Because of Counter-Strike’s longstanding reputation for having a high skill ceiling, the difficult CS: GO milestones were in keeping with that reputation.

After nearly six months of invite-only beta testing, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was replaced by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on September 27. Throughout the beta test period, a lot of information regarding Counter-Strike 2 was released, however, some players were unprepared for the elimination of all CS: GO achievements.

Counter-Strike 2’s “A New Beginning” achievement has replaced all 167 CS: GO achievements, to varying degrees of reception. TheDudeofDC, a Reddit user, started a conversation that enraged accomplishment hunters. Some people noted that many gamers utilize third-party software to gain achievements, which lowers their value in the real world. Nevertheless, individuals who put in the time and effort to accumulate accomplishments continue to value them.

Many CS: GO awards, according to some players, were already broken, rendering the replacement less problematic. For instance, when Aztec was taken out of the map pool in 2017, the “Aztec Map Veteran” achievement was also withdrawn. Although there is conjecture that Valve may eventually add more accomplishments, there are currently no firm plans to do so. It’s interesting to note that Counter-Strike 2 has a sizable player base and may try to break CS: GO’s all-time concurrent player record of more than 1.8 million.

Although it makes sense to exclude unachievable goals from Counter-Strike 2, it’s also kind to acknowledge the dissatisfaction of players who put in a lot of effort to gain every CS:GO achievement. In the future, Valve may think of ways to honour or reward these devoted players. While some may be disappointed by the elimination of achievements, there is hope that Counter-Strike 2 may solve serious problems, particularly with the addition of the VAC Live anti-cheat system, which may help to lessen the presence of cheaters that have plagued CS: GO.

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