Dragon Dogma 2 Gears Up for an Improved NPC System

Dragon Dogma 2 Gears Up for an Improved NPC System

Dragon’s Dogma 2 director Hideki Itsuno has revealed improvements to the game’s NPC system. Dragon’s Dogma 2, one of the most anticipated games of 2024, is creating more buzz than usual, and the creators have now shared further information about what players may expect.

A pawn system was included in the first Dragon’s Dogma, allowing players to personalize their non-player character companion for travel. These pawns would accompany players, fight with them, and help them on side missions. Pawns are back in the sequel, and Itsuno has detailed changes meant to make the game world and relationships feel more real.

Itsuno said in an interview with IGN that Capcom’s major technology developments over the years have enabled the team to create the highly detailed NPCs that they had in mind for Dragon’s Dogma 2. The technologies that will allow these NPCs to build relationships with other NPCs in the game as well as with the player are currently in development by the developers.

Itsuno gave descriptive examples of these dynamic relationships. For example, both characters in a matched set would become irate with the player if the player provoked one of the NPCs. Another situation is that relationships are impacted by player activities. For example, if a player shows kindness to a youngster, the parent of the child may grow to think better of the player.

Itsuno further highlights that while allied NPCs may clash with one another, the complexity of these relationships may be increased. Itsuno goes on to say that a character who becomes close to you could stop by your in-game residence for relaxation, but if they meet another character who is involved in a similar visit, an argument might ensue. She continued that they developed this system because they wanted players to have moments in which they were able to say ‘Stop, don’t fight over me!’ To prevent such results, it can be wise for the audience to play the game strategically.

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 development team aimed to improve the character creation tools simultaneously with the revolutionary changes made to NPCs. Itsuno clarifies that the enhanced hardware makes it possible to create incredibly detailed NPCs. As such, gamers can find themselves spending a great deal of time carefully crafting their player persona as well as the pawns that go with it, considering the increased opportunities for customization and detail.

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