Tekken 8 - More Character Gameplays Revealed

Tekken 8 – More Character Gameplays Revealed

Two new gameplay teasers for Tekken 8’s returning characters Panda and Alisa Bosconovitch were released by Bandai Namco. Panda and Alisa are scheduled to be playable characters in the launch lineup. As the release date of Tekken 8 draws near and the entire roster is revealed, fans get access to gameplay reveal trailers that highlight how these iconic characters have changed from their earlier iterations.

In Tekken 3, Panda made his debut as a palette swap for Kuma, the bear fighter from the series. She has been a playable character in every Tekken game since her introduction, and starting with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, she was granted her own spot in the roster. In Tekken 6, Alisa, an android constructed in honor of Dr. Bosconovitch’s late daughter, first appeared. With Panda acting as her protector and Alisa being her buddy in unconventional material like Project X Zone and Tekken: Blood Vengeance, both characters are connected to Tekken’s regular Ling Xiaoyu.

The two heroes’ distinct fighting techniques are highlighted in the gameplay teasers. Since Panda and Kuma from Tekken have similar movesets, their gameplay focuses on using their extended limbs to strike targets at a distance. Despite this, Panda borrows some moves from her close friend and ward, Ling Xiaoyu. In addition, Panda and Xiaoyu have a cute pre-match start animation where they skim around and bet on snacks; the snack choice is determined by the winner.

The subject of the second Tekken 8 teaser is robotic warrior Alisa Bosconovitch, who is equipped with a variety of weapons, including jetpack wings, chainsaws, and even her own head. In the teaser, she engages in combat with a Jack-8 figure, demonstrating her unique skills that combine her weapons. Her hilarious yet devastating Rage Art finishing move, which showed Alisa kicking her own head into the opponent like a football before exploding, won her a lot of applause from fans.

While Panda’s presence has created further criticism, Alisa was praised for her Tekken 7 rendition as a welcome and better character. The fact that Panda and Kuma share moves has drawn criticism from some who believe she is taking up an unnecessary character slot, particularly given how little variety there is in their movesets. Some players believe that the two continue to play similarly even if they have added some new moves. Nevertheless, there remain fans willing to embrace the gameplay of Tekken 8’s bear fighters and android girl.

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