Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga

Latest Overwatch 2 Tank Hero Mauga Causes Players to Abandon the Game

On December 5, 2023, Overwatch 2’s eighth season was released, introducing Mauga, a powerful tank hero from Samoa. With powerful powers, Mauga is an excellent warrior who can inflict damage on opponents while also healing himself and his teammates at close range. The tank hero’s Ultimate Ability, Cage Fight, opens a barrier that surrounds opponents and gives him an endless supply of ammunition. Mauga can now wreak havoc on his enemies and keep them from escaping. Mauga is especially useful in close-quarters battles with allies because most of his skills have been designed for such situations.

Players have expressed dissatisfaction with Mauga’s lack of balance ever since he debuted in Overwatch 2, the tank hero. In addition to having the usual tank ability to block incoming damage, Mauga is unique in that he can do a lot of damage, heal himself and any allies in close proximity, gain extra temporary health, and become unstoppable when charging forward. Mauga’s powerful skills force many competitive Overwatch 2 teams to center their whole strategy around this tank hero in order to prevent loss. Many players have left Blizzard’s first-person shooter because of this imbalance because they can no longer enjoy playing their favorite heroes and believe Mauga gives an unfair edge to any squad that has this tank hero.

On December 19, Mauga became eligible for Competitive Play matches, which was a further bonus despite the community’s continued criticisms about the Samoan tank hero in Overwatch 2. His armor has replaced his base health, making it more resilient to attacks that aim to drain it. He has also improved his accuracy at greater ranges, and his Incendiary Chaingun now only needs 10 bullets instead of 15 to flame his opponents. Last but not least, Mauga may now sustain himself for longer even in the absence of partner healing thanks to a boost in his Berserker passive overhealth conversion rate from 50% to 60%.

Players of Mauga have voiced their dissatisfaction on one significant area in which this tank hero is deficient: cosmetics. Mauga does not have any Epic or Legendary skins like other heroes in Overwatch 2. Except for basic recolors of his default appearance, Mauga’s current options are limited to Overwatch 2 credits. 

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