Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Be a Thing Next Year

Will the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Be a Thing Next Year?

According to a recent rumor, Samsung may be making some changes to its 2024 Galaxy S24 lineup. These rumors come from the Korean website called The Elec. The website speculates that Samsung may be looking to drop the S24 Plus model next year, meaning that customers will only have the choice between the standard S24 model and S24 Ultra. This speculation is based on Samsung’s supposed development project that has seemingly omitted one model. 

It was found that the development model, or DM, only included two models named DM1 and DM3, which could refer to the S24 and the S24 Ultra, respectively. However, a tweet by Ronald Quandt from the German website of WinFuture states that the development titles; DM1, DM2, and DM3 refer to the codename diamond of the Galaxy S23. The missing DM2 could have simply been a miss and has nothing to do with the Galaxy S24 series. 

One of the reasons why Samsung believed that the company would be dropping the Plus model from the line is because of the stagnated nature of the smartphone industry over the past few years. The number of units sold has fluctuated ever since 2019. Still, the market is estimated to rise in 2023, meaning more units are likely to be sold. It has also been suggested that the Plus model is not as popular as the other two variants.

From the total number of sales, the Galaxy S22 seemed to amass; around 17% of them were Galaxy S22 Plus. Samsung reportedly sold 31.5 million units of their S22 lineup, meaning only 5.5 million Galaxy S22 were sold. The bulk of the shipment belonged to the other two models, out of which the Ultra outsold the base S22 model. 

The Elec compared the Plus model to the iPhone 14 Plus, which also saw a production drop after a lack of customer attention. According to Elec, Samsung may also be interested in reviewing its lower-end series, the Galaxy A. Reportedly, the company wants to reduce the number of products in every category, but the Samsung Galaxy Plus model might be in the clear for the 2023 lineup. 

The S24 lineup is a thing of the future because, for now, Samsung is gearing up to launch its new Galaxy S23 series on February 1st at its Unpacked event. 

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