Colors for the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Leaked-Muted and Dull Colour Scheme

Colors for the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Leaked-Muted and Dull Colour Scheme

With the launch of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S23 inching closer, many people were excited about what the phones would look like. Although many leaks had somewhat confirmed the design language the company was hoping for, the colors remained a mystery until now. According to renders shared by Max Jambor, the company has made a rather dull choice for the phone colors.

The flagship phones are expected to have a dull color scheme compared to the Galaxy S22 series. The leaks suggest that the series will come in green, beige, pink, and black colors. The hues are the same as what surfaced back in October of last year through Ross Young, and that previous leak has now been confirmed. Additionally, in a separate tweet, SnoopyTech revealed the marketing names of these colors.

The pink color will be called Cotton Flower, the green will be Botanic Green, the beige will be Misty Lilac, and finally, the black will be named Phantom Black. If these rumors prove accurate, customers will not be treated to the fun colors they usually are. The Galaxy S22 owners last year enjoyed brightly colored phones that were both fun and professional. Of the many colors that those phones came in, the one that stood out the most to people was Bora Purple. Despite its popularity, it does not seem like the company will be bringing it back. 

It is also possible that the leaked renders are not of the Galaxy S23 series but of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. When proposed with this idea, Ice Universe challenged its validity and questioned minor elements in the image that don’t fit what is expected of the S23 Ultra. Therefore, it is safe to assume that these colors are options for the S23. Additionally, the Galaxy S23 Plus is also expected to have the same set of vanilla hues. 

If these colors are what Samsung has chosen for its new lineup, customers probably won’t have to spend a significant amount of time deciding which color variant they want to purchase. Usually, picking the color of your new phone is an exciting task, but with all the colors dulled down, Samsung seems to be removing that excitement with this year’s lineup.

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