Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21

Significant Camera Improvements in Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 Thanks to Updates

Samsung has recently rolled out new updates for their best-selling phones, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. This new update brings with it significant camera improvements. Samsung is known to make its cameras better than ever by introducing many imaging enhancements through their upgrades. 

Their brand new One UI update has started reaching more and more phones starting from the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultras in South Korea. This is the second update for these phones this month, as Samsung also released a security patch update earlier this month. This patch helped fix many vulnerabilities. 

The latest release focuses more on the cameras, and the users have seen a significant improvement. These cameras include Hyperlaose mode support for the Galaxy S22 series. This allows the phone to use its 3x telephoto shooter much more accurately. Therefore, it is able to solidify itself as the best Android camera phone. 

These capabilities were previously absent, and the phone did not have features beyond the primary and ultrawide cameras. With the release of Hyperlapse, Samsung has also promised an Astronomical Hyperlapse phone which will be released in the future. 

Another upgrade that came alongside the update was the enhancement in the speed of QR code scanning. The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 will be able to read the codes much quicker than before. This update has also increased the guide size.

Samsung also fixed an issue that prevented the camera from scanning a QR code after the user dismissed it once. If users wanted to scan another QR code, they would have to restart the camera app. With the updates, the users can simply tap on the QR code to scan it again. 

Furthermore, Samsung has also released memory usage and AI engine optimization for Night, Video, and Photo modes. Therefore, there is a noticeable improvement in HDR and colors. Color and brightness for the night mode have also been improved. Samsung has improved the video quality and stabilization in their phones as well. 

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