The New Samsung Wallet Replaces Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass

The New Samsung Wallet Replaces Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass

Samsung has made huge changes to the way it handles its digital wallet. Previously there were two separate apps known as Samsung Pay and Samsung Wallet. Samsung has merged the two and revamped the features to bring forth Samsung Wallet. 

Now, users will be able to do all their transactions from one app rather than two. They will also be able to save digital payment cards, store passwords, and make use of biometrics to log the users into different apps and services.

Samsung Wallet also made sure to be in with the times, as it offers the monitoring of cryptocurrencies, boarding passes, digital keys, vaccine cares, etc. The keys you can save on your Samsung Wallet are not limited to home keys. Digital keys for your cars, such as Hyundai, Genesis, and BMW can also be saved on this app.

Due to the versatility and the features that Samsung Pay offers, it makes making transactions and using digital keys extremely convenient and secure. The functionality of this app does not end here. Samsung has assured customers that later updates will also allow support for digital IDs and driver’s licenses. 

Furthermore, as information about your bank, IDs, and keys is sensitive, Samsung Knox, Samsung’s security platform, will be taking over the security of the app. Therefore, all of your important and sensitive data will remain safe in the app.

The new app was first launched in South Korea, where it retains the name Samsung Pay. Samsung plans to launch the app in US, UK, Italy, France, and Spain this month. Germany is also set to receive this upgraded app soon after. However, the company has made it clear that the availability of the app will depend on the device you use and the region in which you reside.

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