Bad News for Those Looking Forward to the Last of Us Multiplayer Game

Bad News for Those Looking Forward to the Last of Us Multiplayer Game

Fans of The Last of Us who were hoping for a multiplayer expansion of the title have received dismal news from a reliable leaker who is renowned for disclosing important information regarding the game series. Since the release of Part 2 in 2020, fans have been anxiously awaiting news of a multiplayer game set in the The Last of Us universe. The future of the fans seems grim in the midst of conflicting rumors on the game’s status.

In the Last of Us series, multiplayer modes have become standard. Factions MP was a feature of the original game that allowed players to continue the intense and strategic gameplay of the campaign online long after the breakout. Fans had expected a multiplayer mode when the sequel was published, but Naughty Dog said that a different multiplayer-focused title or expansion would be released later. The Seraphites, the Rattlers, the Fireflies, and the WLF are just a few of the groups that are introduced in The Last of Us Part 2 and may potentially play important roles in a multiplayer game.

Reputable leaker ViewerAnon had a depressing update to share with Twitter user MHM about a new Last of Us multiplayer game. After just 11 months, Anders Howard, the principal monetization designer of Naughty Dog, left the company. MHM advised fans to accept the possibility of the multiplayer game’s cancellation and view it as a welcome surprise if it ever materializes. With a reply evoking Star Trek, ViewerAnon guaranteed this outcome: “It’s dead, Jim.”

The Last of Us Part 3 is currently in production, and Ellie’s voice actor Ashley Johnson will be playing Anna in the HBO series, according to a leaker known as ViewerAnon. The Last of Us series has been the subject of numerous rumors recently, with talk about The Last of Us Part 2’s likely PS5 remaster.

While the multiplayer game’s future is still unknown, fans can maintain their excitement by keeping up with rumors about The Last of Us Part 3. It’s also feasible that the third game will feature its own multiplayer mode, further enhancing the appeal of the brand.

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