How To Make Blast Furnace In Minecraft [And How To Use It]

How To Make Blast Furnace In Minecraft [And How To Use It]

Can’t find the perfect Minecraft Blast Furnace recipe? We have it right here for you. You can turn on the heat or replace the old gear and change it into iron ingots; the black furnace at Minecraft has your back. The best news for all fellow miners is that the speed is twice that of a regular furnace. 

A blast furnace is a much-needed item for Minecraft users because you cannot just smelt, but it is also the perfect item to utilize at a job site for all the people in the Armor field. Even though taking on different enemies may be a little tough, having access to such items makes encounters easier. Let’s dive in and find out the complete breakdown of how to make a blast furnace in Microsoft. 

Materials Required for Minecraft Blast Furnace 

Blast furnaces are the perfect way for Miners to gear up as they act similar to a furnace, especially those required for smelting ore and metal items. All those players who are looking to add these blocks to their arms will be happy to hear that it is pretty simple to make and can be crafted using the following items:

  1. 5 Iron Ingots
  2. 3 Smooth stone blocks 
  3. 1 furnace 

Before these ingredients confuse you, let’s go through the step-by-step guide to find out how to make these blast furnaces successfully. 

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

If you’re planning to find out how to make blast furnace, then the comprehensive guide here will be the perfect helping hand. Each process is explained, so you do not get confused. 

1. Craft Your Furnace 

Craft Your Furnace

Players of Minecraft must first gather all the required crafting materials in order to put together a blast furnace. This is an ideal place to begin because a great chunk of Minecraft players is probably already familiar with furnaces.

Making a furnace is a simple and straightforward process. Simply assemble eight pieces of cobblestone at a crafting table in Minecraft. The center area of the crafting window should be the only one still empty.

Mining stone blocks dispersed throughout Minecraft’s many biomes will provide cobblestones. Players should be careful and make sure to pick up some additional cobblestones when they are out gathering supplies for their furnaces.  If you need more of it, you can just grab it from the access and use it for future purposes. 

2. Smelt Iron Ingots

Smelt Iron Ingots

Iron ore can be transformed into iron ingots by being melted in a furnace using fire. Iron ore can be found in the depths of Minecraft’s Overworld; it is commonly found in caverns, mineshafts, ravines, and multiple underground locations. Players of Minecraft must have at least a stone pickaxe or one of better quality to mine iron ore.

To mine for raw iron, you will use a stone pickaxe. You can smelt raw iron in a furnace by adding fuel after obtaining it, and these will come in handy and intensify the preparation procedure for creating the blast furnace itself.

3. Craft Blast Furnace 

Craft Blast Furnace

Players must combine a furnace with three pieces of smooth stone, five iron ingots, and a blast furnace at a crafting table in Minecraft. Stone blocks can be melted down quickly to create smooth stone using a fire source like coal and a furnace.

Stone blocks can be melted down easily to create smooth stone using a fire source like coal and a furnace. Silk touch is also quite helpful, especially with an enchanted pickaxe or smelting cobblestone using a fuel source. 

Additionally, iron ingots can be discovered in the game’s organically generated structures in various chests, which you can find along the game. Players will only need to combine the parts at a crafting table once they have put everything together in Minecraft.

This three-step process is relatively easy and takes up a little bit of time, but it provides you with a reliable blasting furnace that you can utilize in Minecraft. 

How to Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Making the item and collecting the required materials may seem like a tough job but what’s easier is understanding how you can use the items in your game. 

  1. Start by pulling out your inventory and then selecting the equipment in question. 
  2. Now choose the item you want to smelt and place it in the box in the top-left corner. 
  3. Make sure to drop your fuel in the bottom-right square. The blast furnaces at work at a doubled rate consume fuel at a 2x speed. But do keep in mind that the amount of fuel that is needed for smelting the same quantity of any item remains the same. 
  4. Your blast furnace is in Lit mode right now, and you will see the smelted appear on the box in the right corner. 
  5. Finally, select the ‘Use Item’ to put the smelted item in your inventory so you can pick it up later. To use it, you just have to click on it. 


  1. How do you use the blast furnace in Minecraft?

Utilizing a blast furnace is similar to using a normal furnace in most ways. Start by putting some fuel in the bottom-left section first, and then place the item to be melted. Keep in mind that Blast Furnaces can only detect smells. Although they do it twice as quickly, it also consumes fuel twice as quickly. So you will need a good amount of fuel.

  1. What can you cook in a blast furnace Minecraft?

Blast furnaces are similar to a normal furnaces, but you can only smelt the raw ore, ore blocks, and tools made of gold, iron, and chainmail. 

  1. What fuel do you use for a Blast furnace in Minecraft?

A bucket of lava, charcoal, and coal can fuel it. You will get an Iron Nugget if you put any Chain armor, Iron armor, or tools inside of it. However, if you insert any gold weapons or armor, you’ll get a gold nugget. You can also put any type of ore inside, and it will still operate.

In Short

A perfect recipe is one that all experts use, and the blast furnace recipe we have here is achievable and helps you get the job done. The blast furnace is an item all Minecrafters must have because of the value it holds. So if you want to learn how to craft a blast furnace, you can now make it quickly. Next time you need it to get your enemies off your back, you can just use it, and do keep in mind that the fuel amounts will double!

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