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Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform in 2023? [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5]

Battle royale games are quite the rage, especially with so many kinds available in the market. Even though the mode has been set, Fall Guys has made fans go crazy. But the most asked question on the web these days is, “Is Fall Guys cross-platform?” 

The hype that this game has isn’t just limited to a single platform; instead, the fans and their obsession with the game have encouraged the developers to create a gaming experience that can cater to all people and provide them with precisely what they wish to have. With so many developments in games today, the real buzz is cross-play and how many games are offering it. Fans now want to enjoy the game with their friends and family to make things interesting. So let’s dive in and learn about fall guys’ cross-play. 

About Fall Guys

Fall Guys was launched in August 2020 by Medatonic. The company is a widely known British game developer specializing in developing games for PC users, consoles, and mobile devices. It was recently launched on Microsoft Windows and PS4 and later for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox series X/S.

The game has 60 players who bob around a large field full of challenges, and the main task is to complete these to reach the other level. To cover all these challenges and succeed, you will have to grab onto different things, jump from one place to another, and bridge gaps to meet the requirements. Dive into the water, and avoid other players so you can succeed in your game. Along with all this, make sure to strategize so you can deal with any difficulty that comes your way. 

Are Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

Yes, Fall Guys is a cross-platform which is now compatible with 2023. You can conveniently play it with your friends on different platforms. The game is now available on Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. If you have any of these devices, you can easily connect with your friends and family. The developers have made the connection very smooth; you can play from anywhere and anytime. Cross-play allows users to discover new friends; this way, you can play with people from all over the globe. 

Fall Guys PS4/PS5 and PC


Yes, PC users and PS4/PS5 owners can now use the platform for cross-play. You can now play against your friends and family by quickly downloading the game and fixing a match. This is the perfect news for PS4/PS5 owners with friends playing from their PCs. You can now show off your skills and play with your friends. 

The cross-platform functionality of Fall Guys has allowed the game to continue to attract a large player base while also ensuring that the community remains active and connected.

Fall Guys Xbox One and PC

Xbox One

Yes, these Fall Guy platforms allow cross-play, which means you can now play against any friends or family members as long as all users have the game on their devices. So if you have an Xbox One and wish to connect with your friends to test them out and show off your skills in the game, this is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Fall Guys Xbox One and PS4/PS5


Yes, PS4/5 and Xbox One owners cannot stay behind anymore and now enjoy cross-play between both platforms. So if your friend owns an Xbox One anywhere in the world, you can still connect with them through your PS4 and play their games, and you are no longer limited to playing with those with a similar device as yours. 

Fall Guys Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

If you thought you would be missing out as a Nintendo Switch user, theat is undoubtedly not the case. You can still connect with your friends with any of the devices mentioned earlier and enjoy Fall Guys beholds’ adventure. This means you can play with a larger group of people and still manage to discover new friends to make the game even more enjoyable. 

Fall Guys PC and Nintendo Switch

Cross-platform play between the PC and Nintendo Switch is supported in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as of the year 2023. Because of this fantastic update, gamers accessing the game through Steam or on a Windows PC can now connect with their friends playing the game on a Nintendo Switch. This has resulted in an increase in the player base and a further enhancement of the gaming experience by crossing the gap between various platforms. As a result, it is now possible to participate in multiplayer sessions that are even more exciting and chaotic.

Fall Guys PS4 and PS5

Indeed, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. Players using any of the PlayStation consoles can play the game together without any hiccups and compete in the game’s zany and exciting challenges. The game’s creators have ensured that both the PS4 and the PS5 provide a fluid experience for players, making it simple for groups of friends to band together and take control of the chaotic world of Fall Guys. This is true regardless of whatever console their teammates are using.

Fall Guys Xbox One and Xbox X/S

The Fall Guys video game is compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Players utilizing either the PC or console versions can enjoy playing simultaneously in the funny, physics-based gaming environment without any issues whatsoever. 

This compatibility enables a more inclusive and integrated gameplay experience, which makes it easier for friends and fellow gamers to team up to compete in the chaotic yet colorful arena of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys PC And Mobile

As of 2023, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has not yet been officially launched on mobile platforms. This implies that there is no cross-platform support available between personal computers and mobile devices at this time. 

PC gamers, as well as mobile gamers, will have to wait to see if cross-platform play is a possibility in the future. Since the creators, Mediatonic, have not yet revealed any intentions of bringing the game to mobile platforms, they have not disclosed any plans to launch the game on mobile devices.

Fall Guys Android and Apple

Android and Apple

Even though Android and Apple rarely agree, Fall Guys is the game that can bring together both of them. As an Apple and Android user, you can use both devices to play the game. 

How to Play Fall Guys Cross-Play?

After the newest upgrades that have been made in the game, all players require an Epic Games Store account in any case. So even if you wish to enable cross-play or not, you still have to create an account. Learn how to cross-play using the step-by-step guide we have here:

  1. Start by going to the Epic Games Store website and creating an account. 
  2. Now make sure to log in, then you will have to head over to the Accounts section from the drop-down menu. 
  3. The Accounts page will have a Connections option. 
  4. After selecting this, you can choose the platform you wish to connect with from PS4/PS5, Nintendo, Xbox, PC, and even your phones. 
  5. After selecting the platform, you can connect by pressing the right button. 
  6. Now click on Link Account, redirecting you to the non-epic games store account.
  7. Finally, the last step is completed automatically, in which the player’s account is linked with the non-epic games store account. This allows seamless cross-play between different platforms. 

What are the advantages of having fall guys that can play across several platforms?

The fact that Fall Guys is playable on multiple platforms brings a plethora of advantages that add to the overall satisfaction of playing the game. The following is a list of some of the significant benefits that come along with having functionality that works across platforms:

  • Multi-platform competitions: Cross-platform play enables users of different gaming platforms to compete against one another, which results in an increased player base overall. This results in speedier matchmaking and more diversified competition, which contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of the game experience.
  • Enhanced opportunities for social interaction: Thanks to cross-platform compatibility, which enables friends to play Fall Guys together even if they have different gaming platforms. This helps players feel more connected to one another and breaks down barriers that prevent them from participating.
  • Extended game longevity: The ability to play the game on multiple platforms at once can help keep the game popular and relevant over time. The game is kept new, entertaining, and appealing to a larger audience when players from different platforms are allowed to compete against one another.
  • Improved accessibility: Thanks to the game’s cross-platform capability, which enables users to play Fall Guys on the gaming device of their choice. Because of this convenience, more gamers are able to enjoy the game without the sensation of being constrained by the constraints of the platform.
  • Improved game updates: When a game allows play on several platforms, its developers are free to concentrate on designing and releasing updates that are beneficial to all players, irrespective of the platform on which they play the game. This single approach has the potential to lead to enhancements that are more consistent and provide a better gaming experience for all players.

Is There A Generation Gap Between Fall Guys And 2023?

In 2023, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has, in fact, progressed along with the years, and it is now possible to compete against players of different generations. Players who are using consoles from a previous generation, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will be able to join in on the fun without any difficulty alongside players who are using consoles from a more recent generation, like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. Because of this incredible addition, fans of Fall Guys may play the game together regardless of the generation of the console they own and have a great time doing so.

The developers have put in an incredible amount of effort to optimize the game for play across multiple generations, with the primary goal being to ensure that all players continue to have a smooth and pleasurable gaming experience. With the completion of this goal, Fall Guys has demonstrated its ability to bring together gaming communities and friends regardless of the consoles they use. You can be confident that you won’t lose out on any of the fun that Fall Guys has to offer, irrespective of whether you’ve updated to the newest Xbox Series X console or you’re still using your trusted old PlayStation 4.

Is There Going to Be a Cross-Progression for Fall Guys in 2023?

Cross-progression is not currently supported in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This means that your in-game progress, earned gold, and unlocked cosmetics cannot be transferred from one platform to another. Players who move platforms will effectively have to begin their collection-building process all over again from the very beginning.

On the other hand, the creators at Mediatonic have voiced their desire to incorporate cross-progression in the game at some point in the future. Even though there is no official timetable for the possibility of adding this function, it might make the gaming experience more enjoyable for users who frequently switch between different platforms. Keep an eye out for any updates the developers provide to remain up to date on any alterations that may be made to the cross-progression system in Fall Guys.


  1. Is Fall Guys cross-platform right now?

Yes, the Fall Guys game is now cross-platform for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation via the Epic Games Store. The game is easy to play with your friends and family if you link up your Epic Games account. Now connect with anyone worldwide to play this game. 

  1. Can PC and PS4 users play Fall Guy together?

The Fall Guys are now free for all users! Since the game is available on different platforms such as PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox S, and Nintendo Switch, chances are everyone has a different version than the other users. Fortunately, the cross-play option brings together different users no matter which version they are using!

  1. Is Fall Guys cross-platform on PS4 and Xbox?

The game is quite competitive, but it still allows different users to pool in one place from other platforms to play the game. Now show off your skills from anywhere at any time. 

4. If I play Fall Guys on a different platform than my buddies, is it possible for us to play together?

The answer is yes; Fall Guys enables you to invite friends from a variety of platforms to participate in your party. Your in-game ID must be given to the other person in order for this to be possible. After they have added you as a friend, you are able to send them an invitation to your party, where you can all have fun playing together.

5. Does Fall Guys’ support for play across multiple platforms come with any restrictions?

Even though play between platforms is enabled, there may occasionally be restrictions due to events or promotions that are unique to each platform. However, these occurrences are highly uncommon, and users typically have unrestricted access to play between platforms

6. In the future, will more platforms be available for Fall Guy’s cross-platform play?

It is possible that in the future, the list of compatible devices for playing games on different platforms will be expanded to include additional platforms. Because the creators of Fall Guys have demonstrated their dedication to broadening the game’s audience, players should be on the lookout for announcements regarding new platforms or improvements.

7. When playing Fall Guys, are there any noticeable changes in performance across the various platforms?

Although there may be slight performance changes between platforms due to the capabilities of the hardware, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been optimized to provide a comparable gaming experience across all supported platforms. 

This is the case, even though there may be some tiny performance differences. The makers of the game are constantly working to improve the game’s performance on each platform. This is done to ensure that all players have a pleasant and trouble-free experience.

Bottom Line

Fall Guys is quite different and fun from all the battle royale games that have come out. Even though the game does not include high-stake action, badass killing, or car chasing, playing it with friends can be very refreshing. What makes the game even better is how it allows the connection of more than 60 players, which is chaotic but fun. Explore the game on different platforms and get a chance to make new friends!

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