Spotify Playlist Names (2022) - Funny, Aesthetic, Cool

Spotify Playlist Names (2022) – Funny, Aesthetic, Cool

Spotify is a go-to music application for many people who love jamming to their favorite songs and having access to a collection of multiple artists worldwide. The app itself has revolutionized, and now discovering new music has become an easy task. You can create playlists and share them with your family and friends. These playlists can be for different reasons; you can create a party playlist, shower playlist, road trip playlist, work songs list, and even a friend’s playlist; the list goes on! 

These playlists are a great way to organize and create a fun theme for different occasions. Remember how people used to make mixes on CDs to give to a friend or a partner in the olden days? A Spotify Playlist can be the perfect personal gift to remind someone how different songs bring back memories. 

Be creative when choosing these playlist names, and create a good name for yours. But if you’re having some trouble, then you are at the right place because we have a list of playlist names that you can use for different reasons as your playlist title. Stay tuned till the end to find out about different playlist types and names!

Funny Playlist Names 

Funny Playlist Names

If you wish to create a playlist name for your friends or family and want them to laugh or smile when they see the name. Then there are a few ideas that we have that can give you a kickstart to a funny playlist name:

  1. Raging Men
  2. Raging Women
  3. Playlist for the Socially Awkward
  4. Music mistakes
  5. Powermouse
  6. Musiclist
  7. Clown songs
  8. Laughter lines and fun times 
  9. Plastic dolls
  10. Sponge Bobs songs
  11. Patricks playlist
  12. TheComedyHour
  13. Funtimes
  14. Incredibeats 
  15. Unpleasantpool
  16. Burning Turtle
  17. Slipping Frogs
  18. Playlist to question your life
  19. BubbleUp
  20. DoubleUpNow
  21. Just-Listen List
  22. Bippity Boppity Boo
  23. Flashing away
  24. Yippee Hippie
  25. Mcdonalds shouts
  26. Playlist Not Found
  27. Not for the faint hearted
  28. High Aliens
  29. Garage beats
  30. BBB
  31. Boom Kaboom
  32. Bad Breath
  33. Don’t Blame Cameron Diaz
  34. Hoes-List
  35. For Bros Only
  36. Checkmating 
  37. Pocket of songs
  38. Cinderella Can’t
  39. Disco Baby
  40. Friendship breaks
  41. Indulging in high
  42. 999

Sad Playlist Names 

Sad Playlist Names

Not every day is full of sunshine and bright smiles; some days, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Music is the perfect way to get through the day, and what better way than to create a sad playlist beforehand so you just have to pop in your headphones and ignore the world for the cheapest and easiest pick me up.

  1. Sad Opera
  2. 911
  3. Dark Days
  4. Breakup Anthems 
  5. Depresso List
  6. Bad Trip
  7. Goodbye sadness
  8. In the Shadows 
  9. Your Way is My Way
  10. All Shades of Grey
  11. Fifty Shades of Blue
  12. Goodbye lover
  13. Missing you now 
  14. Daydreaming 
  15. Beautiful Wreck
  16. Broken Hearts Club
  17. 10 ways to Sunday
  18. 20 thousand ways to say no
  19. Don’t Leave 
  20. SOS
  21. Silenced minds
  22. Quick Fix
  23. Slow Down
  24. Night Changes
  25. Sad Setting
  26. Need for Fix
  27. Miles Apart
  28. Surviving Habits 
  29. Getting better
  30. Slow down
  31. Get crazy
  32. Sad days
  33. Crying 101
  34. Fix me 2
  35. For rainy days

Workout Playlist Names

Workout Playlist Names

Having a workout playlist is very important because  The type of music you listen to while working out can help you get in the mood and motivate you to work harder.

The best way for someone who wants to create a playlist is by searching on Spotify for songs that match their desired genre, then adding them into the playlist. But before you do that we have here a list of creative names that you can use for your workout playlist on Spotify:

  1. Hot-Girl Summer
  2. Gains
  3. Summer Gains 
  4. Hot-Boy Summer
  5. Just Do It
  6. Why Not
  7. Can’t stop won’t stop
  8. My Body My Rules
  9. Sweat Harder
  10. Higher Beat
  11. Loading Glow-Up
  12. J-Lo here I come
  13. POV: hot bod
  14. Activating Beast Mode
  15. Protiens and Playlists
  16. Leggo
  17. Songs to move with
  18. Get Moving 
  19. Meet Goals Here
  20. Playlist of the Champions 
  21. Run Like You’re Being Chased
  22. Achieve it in 3..2..1
  23. Pilates Day
  24. Workout Therapy
  25. Walking Dead
  26. Post Good Pre Hell
  27. Goddess Energy
  28. Vitamin Workout
  29. Powering your workout
  30. Gymming 
  31. Creating the vibe 
  32. Intense beats
  33. Prime Time 
  34. Me Time 
  35. Pick Up Time 

Aesthetic Playlist Names

Aesthetic Playlist Names

If you are searching for unique and aesthetic playlist names to match your vibe then these options will certainly fill the description. Take ideas from our aesthetic playlist name ideas and create a few for yourself on Spotify. Add in your nature sounds or trance music tracks that make you feel calm and at ease in these playlists. 

  1. Soothing Sounds
  2. Starry Night
  3. Trance is magic 
  4. Vibing 
  5. Under the Sky
  6. Blues
  7. Calm Vibes
  8. Recollection of Memories
  9. Sounds of Calm
  10. Sounds of Life
  11. Heartfelt Reminders
  12. Builidng Momentums 
  13. Pov: Feeling better
  14. Positive Vibes Only 
  15. Stress Releivers 
  16. Silver Skies
  17. Misty Forests 
  18. Behind the Scenes
  19. The Facade
  20. Insider Music
  21. Feel Freeier
  22. Lonely but Together
  23. Ink and Paper
  24. Quills and Craft
  25. New Moon
  26. Twlight 
  27. Cotton Candy skies
  28. Nostalgic
  29. Puzzles
  30. Western Shore
  31. Missguided
  32. Lost and Found
  33. Darkness flows
  34. Morning glory

Happy Spotify Playlist Names 

Happy Spotify Playlist Names

There is nothing that a good song can’t fix and as important as it is a good song can fix everything. Happy Spotify Playlists can be the perfect way to capture happy feelings and you can tune in whenever you want to feel better. Here’s a list of all the names you can come up with for your happy playlists:

  1. Feels like summer
  2. Happy Days
  3. The Best Times
  4. POV: You’re Happy
  5. Music: Happy Edition
  6. Sunny Days
  7. Smiley
  8. Songs for Happiness
  9. Happy Anthems
  10. Good Vibes Only
  11. Triggering Smiles
  12. Happy Playlists
  13. Positive Vibes
  14. Happy Hour
  15. Music for Happy People 
  16. Mood Boosters
  17. Feel Good Tracks
  18. Feel Good Summer Hits
  19. The Good Life
  20. Bringing out the Best
  21. +ive energy
  22. Chillaxing vibes
  23. Happy and free
  24. Free Your Mind 
  25. Happy Tunes
  26. Lighten up your life
  27. Sunny Side Up
  28. Warning: Bright Day
  29. Smilies Edition


1. What should I name my Spotify aesthetic playlist?

Some of the aesthetic playlist names include the following, they can be the perfect match to all your calm and serene songs. 

  • Misfit Tracks
  • The Tracks for the Summer
  • Long Drives and Starry Nights
  • Heatbeat
  • Dance Party Playlist
  • Fantasy World Through the Ear 

2. What are some cool playlist names?

Some cool playlist names for your Spotify songs include:

  • Disco201
  • Pop Playlist
  • The Party Edition
  • La la la
  • Trance Tracks 
  • Indie Rock

3. What are some good Spotify Playlist names?

Some of the good spotify playlist names include the following:

  • All Classics
  • Swinging Jazz
  • Crowd Pleaserss
  • Back with a bang
  • Retro Mood
  • Shake Now 

4. What should I call my playlist?

You can use the following playlist names for your Spotify playlists according to the type of songs in it. 

  • Happy Rodeo
  • Sad Drive 
  • Workout Edition
  • 80s baby
  • Elvis Edition
  • Calm Tunes
  • Raping Edition

Bottom Line

Figuring out a cool playlist can be a bit challenging, especially because you aren’t someone who’s creative. So what better way then to make use of the Spotify playlist ideas that we have here? All of them are originally curated and the best part is they reflect exactly what you’re feeling. You can choose the cool ones, aesthetic playlist names, happy ones and even the sad ones. These will automatically push you to feel better and then the music will also get the job done. Feel better and hear your favorite music now!

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