Pazu Spotify Music Converter Review

Pazu Spotify Music Converter Review

Spotify is a pioneer in the mobile music streaming service industry, incorporating different forms of audio content and a never-ending stream of genres in music. The music streaming champion is home to more than 407 million users worldwide. With its gradual new updates and constantly improving services, the platform continues to grow in terms of popularity and user-inflow.

Spotify features a friendly user interface and an extensive catalog of options on both free and premium tier accounts. Though a free account offers a wide range of music tracks to listen it certainly cannot compete with the perks of a premium account. With the free Spotify account, not only do you have to put up with frequently popping ads, but you can only access a shuffled playlist with a maximum of six-track skips per hour.

However, what puts you at a serious disadvantage is the lack of offline music streaming. This means you cannot listen to your favorite music tracks on the go without an internet connection unless you have Pazu Spotify Music Converter installed on your smartphone. Exactly, if you are unwilling to subscribe to the premium version, this article offers you a way out.

Pazu Spotify Music Converter – A Quick Introduction

Pazu Spotify Music Converter

Pazu Spotify Music Converter is an online app that enables users to convert/download Spotify music playlists and albums into MP3. The Spotify converter offers a quicker way of downloading music without a Spotify premium account at a 10x better speed. Once converted, you would no longer require an internet connection or deal with ad popups while listening to music.

The software is compatible with all sorts of audio content available on Spotify, converting them to MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and AIFF formats. Songs downloaded through the Pazu converter can be played on any MP3-compatible music player you have on your smartphone or desktop computer.

Pazu Spotify Music Converter – Unique Selling Points

Music playlists downloaded through the Spotify premium account can only be accessed from the app itself, even without an internet connection. Whereas, the Pazu converter allows users to transfer the downloaded songs on other devices as well.

The app is compatible with both macOS and Windows, offering zero hassle in listening to music, whatsoever. Here are some other benefits of using the Pazu converter that’ll make you appreciate the app even more.

Downloading Songs without Spotify Premium

One of the reasons why most people buy a Spotify subscription plan is to download their favorite playlist offline. But what if there’s a substitute that provides the same service, if not better, at a fraction of the original cost? Yes, Pazu Converter enables users to convert and download songs without Spotify Premium.

Having an offline backup of your favorite songs and podcasts helps in cases when you have no internet connection. Regardless of that, if you have a habit of listening to soundtracks on repeat listening to them online would be a waste of your internet package. Therefore, downloading songs off a free Spotify account seems the best probable solution.

Integrated In-App Spotify Web Player

With the Pazu converter app, you don’t need to install the Spotify app on your system because the converter application comes with an in-built Spotify web player. In simpler terms, you can access your Spotify account from the Pazu app just like you open an in-app web browser on your phone.

In addition to accessing extensive music playlist galleries on the web player, you can select and download the soundtracks you love listening to into MP3 format.

Fast Conversion Speed

While sluggish conversion speeds remain an issue with most Spotify converter apps, Pazu stands ahead of the crowd. With a lightning-fast conversion speed, you can download songs and podcasts 10x faster compared to other converter apps.

Not to mention, with such high speeds, you don’t need to download songs one by one but rather have the entire album or podcast downloaded in a single go. Pazu converter app offers a hassle-free and streamlined user experience, not requiring users to download the Spotify app itself.

ID3 Tags Retention

ID3 Tags Retention

Unlike most audio conversion tools you find online, the Pazu Spotify Music Converter does a better job at keeping your hard drive or storage organized and clutter-free. Instead of downloading the converted MP3 songs as it is, the application retains the ID3 tags as well.

ID3 tags carry information about the song, including; title, album, artist, genre, original/cover, and the release date. It may not mean much for most, but for a music enthusiast, these meta tags help a great deal in keeping the music gallery properly sorted by the name of the album or artist.

How to Use Pazu Spotify Music Converter for Windows?

Instead of downloading songs straight from the Spotify platform, you can download music from Spotify as MP3 to play songs offline and even transfer them to other devices. Make sure to use a professional Spotify Converter to prevent any issues.

Pazu Spotify Converter offers a user-friendly and seamless way of downloading Spotify music on your system. If you are new to the app, this step-by-step procedure would be of great help.

Download and Install Pazu Spotify Music Converter – Since the application is available with both Windows and macOS, make sure you download the version compatible with your system. Once installed, open the app and log in to your account. If you have purchased the app, click on the top right corner to insert the registration key. If not, you can access the free trial version in the meantime.

Select the Preferred Output Format – As you move towards the conversion step, you’ll notice the default conversion format is set at M4A. In case you want to select a different format, such as; MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and AIFF, click the settings icon at the top right corner. Here you can edit a number of settings, including the designated output folder, song organization criteria, and interface language of the app.

Add Spotify Playlists, Albums, and Podcasts to the Download Queue – Since the application has an integrated Spotify web player, you can access your favorite songs by artist or album name. Browse the album/playlist you want to convert on the search bar. Make sure you unmark the songs you don’t want to download from the album.

Click Convert Button to Download – After you select the songs, click the convert button located at the front of each song name. Once converted, locate the DRM-free Spotify songs to transfer them to a different platform.

Download Spotify Music on your Smartphone

In addition to the macOS and Windows, the Pazu Spotify Music Converter is also eligible with the iOS and Android operating systems. Now you can listen to your favorite artists’ songs and stream into detailed podcasts offline, without having a premium supported account. Although, the interface on smartphones can be slightly different from the desktop interface but have an identical process.

  • Download, install and run the converter application.
  • Search the playlist you want to download. Toggle the download button to the right on android, and click on the downward arrow for an iPhone.

The downloaded playlists are saved to “Your Library,” where you can access them offline. Leave an online status on the app once every 30 days to retain access to the downloaded music.

Customer Service and Subscription Packages

Pazu Spotify Converter does a remarkable job at keeping its customers satisfied. In addition to the frequent new updates, the developing company provides round-the-clock technical support for their customers. If you face any issue in the app or have trouble understanding the mechanics, the customer support staff is always there to help.

Moving on, Pazu Spotify Music Converter provides market competitive subscription packages, especially when you compare it with the Spotify subscriptions. Pazu Spotify Music Converter offers monthly, yearly, and lifetime packages starting at $14.95 per month, $49.95 per year, and $99.95 for a lifetime subscription. Developers provide a license for Mac and Windows with each subscription package.

In case you are not satisfied with the converter, the company offers a full money-back guarantee. However, make sure to apply for a refund within 30 days of the purchase.

In a Nutshell

Pazu Spotify Music Converter is one of the leading Spotify to MP3 converter allowing users to download their favorite playlists/albums for offline use. Although the Spotify premium account offers the same functionality, the Pazu converter does it at a fraction of the cost.

Compared to the $99 yearly subscription of Spotify, Pazu offers a yearly package at nearly half the price. Besides, the songs converted via Pazu can be transferred to other devices as well. Nevertheless, you can always demand a refund if the application doesn’t seem viable.

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