TuneFab Review

TuneFab Music Converter Review

The ability to listen to music everywhere is a luxury that everyone wants. It helps pass the time and keep you occupied. When you have nothing else to do, audio entertainment is the best. 

However, sometimes you are bound to streaming sites and subscription services that you are scared to cancel. Often people are searching for ‘convert music.’ It can also happen that you may need music in a certain format because you have to use it or transfer it to another device.

Hence, there is a demand for music converters. But are all music converters the same? Absolutely not. 

The TuneFab music converter is unlike any other. It is easy, efficient, and optimized to provide you with the highest quality music. It claims that the tracks you convert won’t lose their quality and will have cd quality audio. 

There are many other features of TuneFab. Let’s take a look at them. 


With many features available for you to use, TuneFab has a certain charm around it. It makes this process so much easier. No longer do you have to scour the internet for untrustworthy sites. You can get all your tracks converted and saved with maximum security.

TuneFab boasts so many more features, here are some of them.

Converts Tracks from Apple Music

Converts Tracks from Apple Music

TuneFab has the ability to access tracks from Apple Music. So, you can easily import them into TuneFab and convert them. This feature is extremely useful because having your iTunes tracks in other formats allows you more mobility with which device you listen to your music on. If you don’t have your phone on hand, you can still have your music on an mp3 player

This feature is extremely useful as it helps you save money by not having to purchase songs on multiple different streaming platforms. You can have it on one device and let TuneFab help you in transferring them to other devices as well. 

Extraction of Audio from different platforms

TuneFab’s ability to translate music doesn’t stop at Apple Music. Rather, it is designed to allow you to extract audio from various platforms. If you want music from youtube or any other streaming site, TuneFab can do that for you.

This feature is seamless and works perfectly on any platform of your choosing. It also creates extreme ease for many who need audio from these platforms for certain projects. 

Long gone are the times when you used two devices and voice recordings to transfer over music and audio. TuneFab does it with only a few clicks.



Many apps and websites that offer the option for conversion often allow you to only do so from one format to another. However, TuneFab works conveniently to most if not all. It makes it possible that you, as a user, can do whatever you wish to do with the audio. You can change it from one format to any other that you possibly can. 

This feature is especially useful as it combines together all the different facilities into one. If you have TuneFab, then you will be able to do any possible conversion here. 


Even though TuneFab has a lot of features, there are definitely some that set it apart from other converters out there. 

They help alleviate the experience and ensure that the consumer is getting all the services they could possibly want in terms of music conversion.

Unlimited downloads

Unlimited downloads

TuneFab Music converter has no boundaries when it comes to music. It recognizes that people have different tastes and allows you to have as much music as you want in the palm of your hands. You can convert and download a large amount of music. 

You can then make use of this music for easy offline playback. This benefit is invaluable for those who have a diverse taste of music and like to have all the genres from upbeat hip-hop to classical music. That way, they can listen to whichever song or music they want whenever they want.

Music remains free

When you have a music subscription, you are often bound by it. Even when you feel like you are not availing the full benefits of a music subscription, you keep using it in fear of losing the songs you enjoy.

With the TuneFab music converter, you can backup all the music and download it onto your device. 

This benefit allows you to break free of the shackles of popular streaming sites and enjoy your music on the go. Additionally, TuneFab maintains the quality of the music so, the loss of quality is a fear that you can confidently put aside. 

The process of backing up music from music subscription sites and apps is also super simple. Hence, you don’t need prior knowledge or any sort of special skills to have your music be safe and available to you at all times. 


Waiting for your music to finish converting so you can listen to it offline is now a thing of the past. TuneFab makes it so that your conversion can happen within a few seconds.

It claims to be five times faster than any other converter. 

Additionally, the interface of TuneFab is very intuitive to use. Hence, you can paste links to the songs you want to convert. You can even use the drag and drop feature. The latter requires you to drag the song or songs you want to convert into the converter window and watch as Tune Fab does its magic.

You also have the option to convert and download multiple songs at once. This ability is beneficial and efficient as most people don’t just want one song converted at a time. It is built to support multiple conversions at once. It does it stably while ensuring there is no loss of quality. 

Has various format options

TuneFab also has the ability to change the format of your music. It can support MP3, FLAC, MP4A, and other common formats. Additionally, TuneFab also gives you the option to change codecs or even tinker with the bit rate. You can set it to anywhere between 128Kbps to 320Kbps.

Retains ID3 Tags

Among the many benefits that TuneFab has to offer, this one is for those who like to have their music organized and have playlists ready to go for every occasion. 

TuneFab Converter identifies the original ID3 tags on the music that you want to convert and preserves them for you so that when you move the songs onto any device, they can be organized however you want them to be. 


With all the information in hand, the decision of whether or not TuneFab is a perfect fit for you is in your hands. 

If you need a music converter that can convert all the songs and preserve their quality and ID3 tags, then this product is definitely for you. However, if converting music is not something you do regularly, then maybe this might not be as useful for you.

Focus on your needs and make your decision wisely.

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