JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds Review

In a fast-moving world, everyone’s on the go and wants to avoid the hassle of carrying wires and cables all the time. If you’re one of them and are searching for cheap true wireless earbuds, then you have come to the right place. The JLab Go Air true wireless earbuds can be what you’re looking for, so let us not waste more and hop into the details of what can be your next light on the pocket true wireless earbuds.

J Lab Buds: Price


Speaking about its price, the JLab wireless earbuds come at a remarkably cheap price of only $29. This is almost half the price of the brand’s previous budget model. However, when compared with other brands such as Sony and Samsung, the JLab earbuds come at a fraction of their price, but of course, at such a low price, you might end up asking for more considering what is being offered by its competitors.

J Lab EarBuds: Design and Specifications


JLab Go Air earbuds flaunt a practical design similar to other JLab BT earbuds. Similar to those, the JLab Go magnetically snaps into their charging case; however, with no lid on the case, the JLab buds sit exposed to the elements. On the bright side, JLab wireless earbuds will not fall out of the case even if you hold them upside down, and this has been proven with robust testing. 

You will need to clean your JLab buds regularly as although they are safe in their charging case, due to the lack of a lid means they are prone to a lot of dust from your bags and pockets. Materials, too, hint towards the low price as they feel plasticky, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering their sweatproof rating of IPX4, making the JLab wireless earbuds suitable for your workout sessions. The charging case has an unified USB cable, as was the case with previous JLab BT earbuds. These also come with extra gel ear tips in three different sizes for a comfortable experience, but the addition of ear fins would have added that extra bit of security. 

The Go Air are relatively smaller in size compared with JLab Air which adds to the portability of these wireless earbuds. Another attractive feature considering the low price of these JLab wireless earbuds is that the two earbuds have the ability to connect independently of each other, which means that you can have the luxury of using each bud on its own. In contrast, the other remains in the charging case, which can practically double your battery life, of course, if you don’t mind listen to music using a single bud at a time.

J Lab Wireless Earbuds: Audio Quality

Audio Quality

JLab wireless earbuds can leave you wanting a lot more when it comes to sound quality. JLab Go Air supports their different equaliser presets just like other JLab headphones. We would generally prefer you use your JLab buds on the “Balanced” preset for a refined audio experience. There is a noticeable lag when watching videos using your JLab earbuds wireless which can be a bit too annoying at times, especially if you wanted to use your JLab wireless headphones for mobile gaming and are too laggy to recommend for videos. At times the bass can be overwhelming for the liking of many. However, the softer notes are much more pleasant for ears. One noticeable thing that we experienced in our testing is that during all the music play, there was an unknown hiss which obscured the music. That hiss is there even when no music is playing.

J Lab Earbuds: Connectivity 

If you ask us how to connect JLab earbuds, we would say it’s very convenient. With the availability of Bluetooth 5.0, we don’t have any complaints as the connectivity is very quick and efficient. Auto-reconnect features add to the ease of connection as once you have paired your Go Airs initially with your device, they will connect automatically whenever you will remove them from their case.

J Lab Earbuds: Battery Life

Considering the price, you are probably aware that you will get what you pay for. You get 15 hours of battery life from the charging case and 5 hours of playback time from your JLab earbuds wireless, giving you a low-end range for wireless buds. With our tests, we concluded that the claimed figures are just about right when listening to a mixture of podcasts and music at a medium volume. However, the feature of using one bud while the other remains in its charging case can effectively double the battery life and adds to the practicality of JLab Go Air true wireless earbuds.

What Is The Unique Feature Of The JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds?

For a few reasons, the JLab Go Air True stands out to us. First and foremost, the pricing is unbeatable. This is a terrific value for earphones. At $30 you could get a couple of pairs to store in your backpack, at your workplace, and so on.

Our favorite feature of the Go Airs is not included in even the most costly wireless earphone models. These earphones can be used individually, which means you can only use one earbud at a time. As someone who prefers to exercise outdoors with just one earbud in, for safety purposes, this is a fantastic idea (and eliminates the need for me to carry the other earphone in my pocket).

J Lab Buds: Final Verdict 

The biggest takeaway from our testing of the JLab Go Air wireless earbuds would be that you get what you are paying for. In no means is it a recommended choice for any audiophile in search for the best sound experience or even for gamers looking for low latency Bluetooth connectivity. However, the low price point of just $29 means that these wireless are instantly accessible for a larger market as the once expensive form factor is eliminated to a greater extent.

JLab Go Air True Wireless earbuds can be your go-to wireless earbuds if you are looking for Bluetooth earbuds for your kids on a budget, or if you just want to carry a spare pair of wireless earbuds in case your favourite wireless headphones run out of battery, or if you need a budget-friendly true wireless earphone if you’re on the move or going on your camping trip or hiking and don’t want to worry about losing your expensive Sony earbuds

If you do care about poor sound quality and still don’t want to hurt your pocket, you can get your hands on the more expensive brother of Go Airs from JLab, which can cost you around double the price.

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