Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review

Still on the edge about buying the Samsung headphones and can’t decide if they are for you? This detailed review will be the right guide for you to take the leap and add the Samsung earbuds to your cart. Let’s dig in!

Samsung has been in the market for decades, and that makes it a brand that is trusted, from televisions to fridges, phones, and even Samsung earbuds. They have it all! But only recently they have come with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, and it’s a clear indication that the company has worked towards making your hearing experience better.

Are the Samsung buds actually worth it? You will have to keep reading to find out!

Samsung Buds: The Samsung Experience

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: The Design

The Design

Are you familiar with the Samsung headphones, or have you used any of these buds in the past? If yes, then the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro may not seem different to you; these buds are a mixture of both Galaxy Buds Plus and Live. These buds are easily available to you in various colors, such as silver, black, and even violet, if you are looking for a bit of color. With the glossy finish similar to the Samsung Galaxy buds live, these look amazing! The Samsung galaxy buds pro case is smaller yet solid and sturdy. The Samsung earbuds fit in with ease and can be charged wirelessly too, how cool!

Furthermore, you will see how these Samsung earbuds are similar to the previous Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus; with their smooth corners and a prominent break between the matte and shiny finish, the buds look even better. 

Are you wondering how well these buds fit? Even though the Samsung earbuds are contemporary, they won’t lock your ear as you expect them to. Instead, they may shift from time to time. So you may have to rearrange them, or all the sound you want to cancel out won’t, and eventually, your noise cancellation will weaken. Samsung has added a set of two eartips to resolve any of the adjustment issues inside the Samsung earbuds box. 

To take a step towards making the environment clean and reducing wastage, Samsung has also taken an initiative and decided to remove the charging head from the box. They provide you with a USB charging wire to make charging easier. You can connect it with your laptops or even get an adaptor yourself. 

Samsung Headphones: Features & Details

Features & Details

Here comes the interesting part, the features, and details of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro! The two factors that make the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro an asset, are their Active Noise Cancellation and the IPX7 waterproof ability, which has got the Samsung buds the highest ranking to date. 

To date, Samsung was coming with just IPX2 and IPX4 waterproofing which was convenient for several raindrops and sweat, but if you are someone who does a good round of vigorous workouts, then theIPX2 and IPX4 isn’t enough. 

But with the IPX7, for a time span of 30 minutes, your buds can stay protected in at least a meter of water; let’s say you drop it in the pool or spill water on it. They can also be cleaned under running tap water, how cool. For all those people wondering: Is the Samsung s21 is waterproof, then here’s what you need to know, No it isn’t and cannot last in the water after a span of 30 minutes, so be sure to take it out before that like you need to pull out the Samsung buds pro. 

Then comes the ANC part; exactly how amazing is the noise cancellation in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? There are three microphones built-in the Samsung headphones improvising the sound quality and keeping out all the noise. But they aren’t the best ones out there like other noise cancellation headphones made by other brands out there. 

They can cancel out the basic noise, but if you are looking to cut out music or louder sounds in the same house, then that may be a task. You can cut out the people nearby, but loud sounds? Nope, it can’t happen!

There is another cool feature in the Samsung earbuds, the flip side of ANC that is the amplification of audio. Which lets the audio from the outside sound and easily channel it to your ears. This can take up to 20 Db, which is decent enough. You can wear these during the flight or at the airport, during your class, and even at work, so you know what’s happening in your surroundings while playing your favorite band in the background. 

Some added features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro include the Bixby mode, and even the Find My Samsung Buds which can be used through the SmartThings finder. Don’t worry if your Bluetooth is turned off or your buds are offline. You can still find it from any nook and cranny using the SmartThings Finder. 

You can also make automatic switches on multiple Samsung gadgets, which is extremely cool, take calls on your Samsung S21, and then switch back to watching your favourite TV Show on your tablet. This auto-switch feature is a people’s favourite and allows you to be smart. 

Samsung Buds: Battery Life

Battery Life

Another question that is regulating multiple social media handles, people are wondering about the battery life of the Samsung earbuds. On the website and according to Samsung itself the Samsung earbuds can easily last you 5 hours. They also have an additional charging capacity in the Samsung galaxy buds pro case of approximately 13 hours. Phew! That sounds like some peace because you won’t have to run after charging it and can have an uninterrupted and smooth day with your new Samsung headphones. 

If used consistently, these Samsung earbuds can last you until 4 hours and 50 minutes while the active noise cancellation is fired up. You can also use the Samsung galaxy buds pro for a few charging cycles throughout the day. 

The battery life of these Samsung headphones is adequate but of course, not the best. It may be a little bit disappointing considering the Buds Plus has a battery life that doubles this. The overall performance is also not that far-fetched, and out of the expectations, it’s somewhere near. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Call quality

Call quality has previously been subpar on Samsung’s earbuds, but the Galaxy Buds Pro has improved noticeably. Each earbud contains two external microphones and one inside microphone. The earbud’s less protrusive design minimizes wind contact area, and the mesh-covered WindShield chamber further minimizes the influence of wind.

The earphones use beamforming to separate your speech so that audio calls can be accurately picked up. The end result is a significantly better calling quality than we’ve seen with other Samsung earphones. Hardware advancements are undoubtedly playing a role here. It isn’t easy to get precisely faultless call clarity from totally wireless earphones, but the Galaxy Buds Pro delivers decent results.

How To Turn On Galaxy Buds

Opening the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is pretty easy; you can start by opening the box. Take the case out and open the lid, as soon as you open the lid, a light blinks, and your device is ready to be paired for usage. You can keep reading to find out How to Connect your Galaxy Buds!

How To Connect Galaxy Buds

Are you looking for ways to finally connect your Samsung earbuds to your device? Follow the following steps for ease. 

  1. To connect your Galaxy earbuds with any device is easy, just open the case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 
  2. Your Samsung headphones will automatically go into their pairing mode.
  3. The pairing mode easily helps other devices nearby locate the Samsung buds through Bluetooth. 
  4. Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on before you decide to use the earbuds. 
  5. If you are planning to connect it with your Samsung tablet then turn the Bluetooth off on your phone and switch it on your tablet for uninterrupted connection and enjoy your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Vs Pro

The Buds 2 aren’t a less effective version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, but they are known to have better noise cancellation than these Samsung Buds pros. But the con is that these headphones are unfitting, and to make up for this, Samsung has offered the tip fittest, which isn’t available with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. 

The IPX2 ranking is comparatively on the down-low, and it does not even have a supportive 360 Audio, but if we do discuss it in terms of pricing, then the Buds 2 is a much more reasonable option. 

Another added feature in the Buds 2 is the panel that allows you touch control, easily manage work calls and even repeat and skip music. These are for all the Android users out there, and if you are someone who’s thinking of getting these, you are better off getting the Buds Pro, so skip the Buds 2 and add the buds pro to the cart. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Who Are They For?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds pro are Samsung headphones designed for those people who need something for everyday and conventional usage. They are for people who enjoy some time alone and listen to music. These Samsung earbuds allow you to answer calls while multi-tasking and even go on a run without having to worry about a wire. Grab these wireless earbuds Samsung if you want something for day-to-day use!

Samsung Bts Earbuds

Samsung Bts Earbuds

This is Samsung’s popular collaboration for all the BTS lovers out there! The brand came up with the Buds Pro in BTS Edition, and the sound quality isn’t the only feature that has left people in awe. 

The pop of metallic purple on the outside and a matte black finish on the inside will make buyers get attracted to it immediately. You will find a heart on the right Samsung earbud and a BTS logo on the left Samsung earbud. They fit you the same way and have the impressive battery life as mentioned above, so nothing has relatively changed except, of course, the pop of color. 

Calling out to all the BTS fans out there, you even receive a card from the band for each member, such a cute edition thanks to Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Sustainability

Samsung did not specify how many full-charge cycles its batteries inside the case or earbuds can endure. Similar device batteries can often withstand 500 cycles while retaining at minimum 80% of their initial capacity.

Individual replacement earbuds or casings are not available from Samsung. The Buds Pro can be repaired, but unlike earlier Samsung earbuds, the battery cannot be replaced, making them eventually disposable.

The earbuds and case are constructed of recycled materials, including plastic, which is 20% post-consumer. Samsung has recycling and trade-in programs for smartphones but not for earphones. The corporation releases annual sustainability reports; however, no product impact analyses.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Final Verdict!

For all those people looking for a good pair of headphones to cancel out any noise, these Samsung headphones are a good option, especially if you do not want to cross the $200 pricing range. The Buds Pro are a good option with their wireless earbuds, great quality of sound, and offer an uninterrupted listening time. These buds are a good option if compared to other brands, and even cheaper. So what’s stopping you? Take the leap and get the Samsung Buds Pro that too in just $169!

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