Apple iMac Pro All-in-one Computer Review

Apple iMac Pro All-in-one Computer Review

The pandemic has made us all realize how limiting our small-sized notebooks and laptops can be. And this has made way for some of the exceptional all-in-one computers in our homes.

In 2021, Apple also upgraded its desktop computer line-up with the premium edition of the iMac Pro all-in-one computer. It is Apple’s first desktop PC that comes with an M1 processor that was previously introduced on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Mac Mini.

Not only the processor, but its compact design with seven colors also makes it quite an impressive all-in-one computer. Here’s a complete Apple iMac Pro 2021 review that will guide you whether it’s a worthy partner for working from home or not!

Apple iMac Pro Review

Sleek and Minimalist Design

All of the Apple products are known for their compact and sleek design. But it was not quite the case with the previous iMac models. However, this 24-inch iMac Pro is redesigned to have a sleek look like that of the Macbook Air or iPad. 

This 24-inch iMac Pro is a lightweight and compact computer. It weighs only 9 pounds and measures only 11.5 mm in thickness. This makes the iMac setup quite easy as you will be able to adjust it anywhere in your home. Be it your study room, bedroom, living room, or even kitchen, setting it up won’t be an issue. 

Sleek and Minimalist Design

iMac Pro’s flat and rectangular-shaped body is supported by a firm stand. We can also observe the change in the base shape. In previous generations of iMac, it was a trapezoid. Now it’s a rectangle that seems much more stable. However, the stand feels a bit shorter than that of the 27-inch iMac and it can’t be adjusted vertically.

The other great thing about its design is that you have seven different color options for iMac Pro. You can either go with the classic silver or choose one according to the aesthetics of your room. Moreover, the mouse and keyboard it comes with are of matching colors.

Ultra Realistic 4.5K Retina Display

Ultra Realistic 4.5K Retina Display

The iMac All-in-one computers are all known for providing a great vivid, crisp, and clear display. The 24-inch iMac Pro 2021 isn’t an exception either. In comparison to the iMac Pro i7 4k display, Apple’s iMac Pro 2021 has a 4.5K retina display, which is a step up from the previous version.

11.3 million pixels, along with the P3 color range, ensures that you can enjoy a realistic display on your computer. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness for over 500 nits. Also, it has an impressive resolution of 4480 by 2520. However, the 27-inch iMac has the edge over this one as its resolution is 5120 by 2880.

Nonetheless, having a 4.5k retina display is still better than the standard displays. Also, if you get this exceptional resolution on a 24-inch screen, you can have a great cinematic experience at home.

M1 High-speed Processing

We not only see the innovation in its design, but Apple has changed its processor too. For the first time, Apple has incorporated its M1 processor in the iMac computers. So, the iMac Pro all-in-one desktop works just like your Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, or Mac Mini.

In the previous generations of iMac, Intel Core processors were used, and this M1 processing is a vital update. All the versions of the 24-inch iMac Pro 2021 have the 8-Core CPU, which provides you with blazing speed. Also, for the entry-level model, GPU is 7-core, while for other premium models, it is 8-core.

The 8-core GPU comes with integrated graphics making it highly efficient for transferring media files, editing 100-megapixel images, or up to 8k videos. In addition to that, the M1 system allows much faster machine learning as compared to the previous 21.5-inch iMac. 

M1 High-speed Processing

However, if you compare it with the M1 processors of other Apple products, you won’t feel much contrast in the performance. Nevertheless, the 24-inch iMac Pro would be a better choice for performing intricate tasks like video editing.

Sadly, like its previous versions, this new M1 iMac is also not a gaming PC. Even the games that are supported by the Mac do not run as smoothly as you would like. Therefore, this all-in-one computer is more of a work-from-home computer rather than a gaming PC.

Reasonable Storage

The iMac Pro features 16 GB RAM with a solid-state drive having a capacity of 512 GB. This entry-level AIO computer has decent storage. Along with the macOS Big Sur, its RAM runs highly efficiently.

In contrast to the 27-inch Apple iMac 2020, this storage is a downgrade as the former model has a max RAM of 32 GB with the 1TB SSD. Therefore, in terms of storage, iMac Pro 2021 isn’t quite as impressive.

1080p FaceTime Camera

1080p FaceTime Camera

The highlight of the Apple iMac Pro review has to be its quality HD camera. Its 1080p webcam is so far the best by Apple. Therefore, this AIO computer can be a perfect partner for your virtual meetings. In addition to that, since the body of the computer is compact, you can easily place it anywhere for the right background in your meetings. 

Though the 27-inch iMac also has a 1080p camera with the M1 system, the iMac Pro webcam processes images much more efficiently. Also, this model addresses the issue of lighting conditions in the room. Its camera gives you various options for the adjustment of lighting, along with other setting options.

The ‘Magic’ Accessories

The iMac Pro all-in-one computer comes with the magic mouse and the magic keyboard. Both are of the matching color of the computer. Both are quite compact, and the overall iMac setup gives a pretty appealing look. 

The magic keyboard features a fingerprint lock which ensures that payments are encrypted, and your PC is secured. It also has a few interesting features, like the emoji button, do-not-disturb button, and the spotlight. Also, you can add a magic trackpad of the same color along with the keyboard and mouse.

Though these delicate and compact magic accessories look appealing, they aren’t quite ergonomic. This is one of the off things about most of the Apple computers.

Power Cable and Ports

The power cable uses magnetic technology to be attached to the PC. There is a hole in the stand through which it passes to be attached to the computer giving it a neat and tidy look. Also, the cable is covered with a matching colored fabric layer.

Power Cable and Ports

The iMac Pro i7 4K has a lot of power under the hood. It has a 9th gen Intel Core i7 processor that provides quick and effective performance for a variety of applications. The processor is coupled with 32GB of DDR4 RAM, which aids in multitasking and keeps your apps flowing efficiently.

The iMac Pro i7 4K also includes a solid-state drive (SSD) for quick and dependable storage. The standard model comes with a 1TB SSD; however, you can upgrade to a higher 2TB or 4TB disk if you require extra storage. Furthermore, the iMac Pro i7 4K comes with a dedicated graphics card, the Radeon Pro Vega 48, that provides exceptional graphics performance good for gaming as well as other graphics-intensive tasks.

Speakers and Microphone

The iMac Pro 2021 is designed with quality speakers, which greatly complements its 4.5K retina display. It has six powerful speakers with a quality woofer which eliminates the buzzing of the sounds. In an average-sized room, the iMac Pro’s speakers sound better than any standard laptop’s speakers. Therefore, you can enjoy the TV shows with your friends and family on the iMac Pro.

As the six speakers complement the iMac Pro’s 4.5k retina, its microphone also pairs well with the HD webcam. Its three-mic array makes sure that your voice never breaks during virtual meetings. Moreover, according to Apple itself, this iMac has the best speakers and microphones the company has ever produced.  

Is it Worth Buying iMac Pro?


  • The M1 processor
  • Range of seven different colors
  • 4.5K retina display
  • Sleek design
  • Quality webcam
  • Six speakers and a quality microphone


  • Limited RAM and storage
  • Not for gaming
  • Pricey
  • Non-ergonomic accessories
  • Fewer ports

Final Verdict

Apple iMac Pro 2021 is a viable option for your workstation. Unlike the small screens of your standard laptops, this all-in-one desktop comes with a 24-inch large screen having a 4.5K retina display.

Moreover, the HD 1080p webcam with high-quality speakers and a microphone allows you to attend virtual meetings without any interruptions. Also, its minimalist design is quite appealing and provides it with more potability. Therefore, you can place it in any corner of your home.

However, there are a few downsides too of this iMac Pro all-in-one computer. To say the least, it is quite an expensive PC which cannot be upgraded easily. Moreover, there are limitations for RAM, storage, and ports. Also, its magic keyboard and mouse do not feel ergonomic. Lastly, it isn’t the right AIO computer for gamers.

So, is it worth buying an iMac Pro?

It depends on your requirements. If you need an entry-level computer to supplement your laptops for working from home or as your home computer, it will be quite impressive.

However, if you need an advanced AIO computer, this one isn’t for you. Instead, you should go for a laptop with better RAM and storage capacity like the Apple 27-inch iMac.

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