Xbox One Power Supply Orange Light

Xbox One Power Supply Orange Light? Try These Fixes

Are you tired of surfing the internet ‘Why my Xbox one won’t turn on?’ and want the solution to this issue as quickly as possible. We have all the details on the issue; keep reading to find out!

On any normal day, whenever you decide to play on your Xbox One, you eventually power up the device by plugging in your Xbox One power cord to get the power supply, and by pressing the power button, your device opens up. But what if instead of just opening up like it does normally today, you are left orange powers. 

When you see the orange light on the Xbox One power supply, you may end up switching off the device and then opening it up again but end up getting a white power button and again the same orange powers. What actually seems to be the problem here?

What is the Orange Light on the Xbox One Power Supply Button?

For all the people wondering what the orange light on your power button is? It’s just the light that indicates a safety precaution. If it’s lit up during standby mode, you know you’re safe and can safely turn your system back on. It’s also good for those who don’t want their consoles running all day long with no supervision!

This also happens on the Xbox One power supply because of the outage of the power throughout the day. It is possible that you left your device open and on stand-by mode, and due to the Xbox One power cord getting loose, the device wasn’t powered properly hence the steady orange powers. Additionally, there are multiple contributing factors which can cause all of these issues and not let your Xbox one reboot for your gaming sessions. It could be an Xbox power brick and even a damaged and burned Xbox one power cord.

With that being said, let us see through multiple ways that you can seek help from to solve your Xbox one orange light issues; let’s get started!

Learn 3 Ways to Resolve the Orange Light Issue on Xbox One

1. By Resetting Your Xbox One Power Supply

By Resetting Your Xbox One Power Supply

Another effective way to boot your Xbox One and to resolve all the issues and questions regarding Why my Xbox One won’t turn on? Here are some quick solutions for you!

  • First and foremost, you should reset the Xbox one power supply. By performing the Xbox, one power supply can be helpful for your device because you ultimately end up draining all the power supply from the capacitors of your device. This method is one of the easiest methods to help you get out of my Xbox won’t turn on issues. 
  • Resetting the Xbox one power supply can be done with ease. Start by unplugging the Xbox one power cord and then from the device as well. Unplugging from the outlet and the device cuts the power supply. 
  • Let all these wires rest for a bit and let them. When there is no power, the orange light automatically disappears. Eventually, you can plug in all these wires to the Xbox one and then simultaneously plug in the Xbox one power cord to the outlet. 
  • Restarting the device may help, but if the problem remains, you will have to try another method. 

If your xbox one won’t turn one yet then we have another way to make it happen; keep reading!

2. By Cleaning the Xbox One Power Brick

By Cleaning the Xbox One Power Brick

You can resort to this method if the above way of resolving the issue does not work out for you. Here is what you need to do with your Xbox power brick if you are still wondering why your Xbox won’t turn on

  • It’s imperative for all the devices to have a proper and clean supply of power, the clean supply of Xbox one power supply can be a factor that helps prevent the occurrence of multiple power issues. 
  • If you do end up having a clogged supply of power, and if your Xbox power brick or your Xbox power brick is covered in the dirt, then something is really wrong on your behalf. 
  • Dust and dirt causes the Xbox one to eventually heat up! As a result, your device ends up not functioning properly, which is why your Xbox one power supply is cut off. Since there isn’t a sufficient amount of supply reaching your device, your Xbox one eventually ends up showing the orange light. This means that it is essential to keep your devices covered up so dust and grime can be kept away and the Xbox power brick can be protected. 

Always remember to give your electronic items the right care, for them to last longer!

3. By Hard Resetting Your Xbox One

By Hard Resetting Your Xbox One

There are multiple scenarios in which your Xbox One issues can be resolved, if the above two methods don’t work out. You are still surfing the internet with the question ‘Why my Xbox One won’t turn on?’ or ‘Why won’t my Xbox turn on?’ then here’s what you need to follow to finally boot your device!

  • It is possible that the problem can be caused because of your Xbox One setting or your Xbox cache files. This requires a hard disk reset which can easily be done; if you are worried you will lose all your data, then don’t be because that’s not the case with Xbox. 
  • Furthermore, it may be possible that your settings get reverted, but all of your data will remain intact and won’t get lost. 
  • For all those people who want to perform a reset of the Xbox one hard disk or Xbox hard disk, carefully hold down your console’s power button and, in just a span of ten seconds, release it. The screen eventually turns off, and then you can disconnect the Xbox one power cord from your Xbox console for a few seconds. 
  • After following the above instructions, you can then reconnect your Xbox one power cord and turn on your device. 

Your device may end up opening, but if still doesn’t, it’s advisable to replace your Xbox one power brick and Xbox one power cord. They may be damaged, and the reason why your device isn’t getting the power supply it needs to power up. But if it doesn’t, then you can enjoy endless and uninterrupted gaming on your Xbox one!

Other Common Xbox One Power Supply Issues

The Xbox One power supply, also called the power brick, has a surge protector that can help extend your system’s life.

It fuels and safeguards the Xbox One and has a lifespan of approximately ten years. However, it could be better and can malfunction.

Let’s review some of the most common issues involving Xbox One power supplies.


Overheating occurs when there is insufficient airflow in your Xbox, leading the power supply to overheat. The status light on the power brick will glow bright red in this case.

If this occurs, you must do the following actions:

  1. Turn off the console immediately since overheating can cause internal mechanism damage.
  2. Unplug the console’s and the outlet’s power supplies.
  3. Let it cool down for a couple of hours prior to using it again.
  4. Increase the ventilation in the place where you are using your Xbox One to avoid this happening again. Open a window or invest in a fan to lessen the heat while playing. 

Note: If there is no way to improve airflow, consider relocating the Xbox to another room. 

System Malfunction Because Of Malware

If your system has been compromised by malware, you will find that it switches off automatically every time you play. In that instance, you may think the issue is with the power source, but this is only sometimes the case.

What you must do is as follows:

  1. Use your controller to press the Xbox button.
  2. Select Console Info from the Settings menu.
  3. Click the Reset Console button now.
  4. There are two options: Reset and Keep Games and Apps or Reset and Remove Everything.
  5. Choose the desired option.
  6. It will turn off and reset your Xbox.

This procedure should get rid of any corrupted files on your Xbox. If the issue persists, you should get your console serviced or consider purchasing a new one.

Note: Please keep in mind that the Reset and Remove Everything choice will reset the Xbox One to the factory settings. As a result, the next time you power it back on after resetting everything, you’ll have to download all of your games and apps again.  

Not Having The Required Voltage

Another typical problem with Xbox One power supplies is also that they will only work if they receive the required voltage. The power brick will not send energy to your console if this occurs.

This issue is especially prevalent in countries that don’t use the exact voltage as the United States.

If this is the case, you may require a voltage adaptor. The Xbox One runs perfectly with both 110v and 220v.

Video Tutorial To Fix Xbox One Power Supply Orange Light

Bottom Line

Xbox one problems normally don’t occur, but when they do, instead of just panicking, you can follow the right techniques and expert devices online. This advice can eventually prove very helpful as they are all by experienced Xbox one and Xbox users who have undergone all the problems you are also going through. Happy gaming!

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