Script Hook V Critical Error

How To Fix Script Hook V Critical Error in Grand theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a super adventurous action game and one of the great entries in the entire series of GTA that was released just after few years of GTA IV release. GTA V serves its users with quite fantastic features; in addition to all that, it also allows its users to utilize the option to perform certain modifications in the game.

You can alter the execution way of GTA V gameplay by using specific plugins & scripts; the Script Hook application is considered by the name in this regard that allows you to perform modding in the gameplay.

Script Hook V is basically a library that grants the usage of Grand Theft Auto V Script native functions in case of custom .asi plugin or in more straightforward ways; we can say that Script Hook V Loads the ASI modes in GTA V.

GTA V Script Hook error

GTA V Script Hook error

Though the entire discussion is centered around the Script Hook V critical error but it was pretty imperative to cite the background information so that you can figure out the error cause in a better way to root it out. Now, let’s move on to the subject you are concerned about.

Causes of GTA 5 Script Hook Error

The Script Hook V critical error may pop up on your computer screen abruptly; on account of few common reasons, the one that might be mentioned in the error message is the unknown game version. However, there is the probability of few other causes, too, such as network issues, incompatible Script Hooke version, etc.

Network issue: The issue might not be specified with the network, but the equipment may sometimes malfunction too. So, before moving on to any technical fixing way, make sure you have a strong internet connection and then restart your computer.

Script Hook Application version: Maybe you have updated the GTA V game version on your system but didn’t update the Script Hook software, then this can also lead to the GTA 5 Script Hook error.

System misinterprets Script Hook: Whenever a GTA user updates the game version, the computer system considers the Script Hook Application as a cheat software, and given this cause, Script Hook application gets blocked by the system; this situation requires a patch to be written by Script Hook developers in order to bring it back to a normal functioning state.

Note that this is not a one-time error; in fact, you may confront it each time you update GTA V on your system.

Best fixes to the Script Hook V critical error in GTA game

As we have said earlier, there might be various reasons behind the occurred error; the error occurring scenario may vary for each user. However, here we have put forward all the possible solutions to the GTA V Script Hook error that can best fit in any sort of erroring scenario.

Update the Script Hook application

Updating games to their latest released versions is quite common because the players tend to update the PC games in order to access the advanced features. Likewise, if you have recently updated your GTA V game version, you also need to update the Scripty Hook application version.

Because in most cases, only an updated version of Script Hook software can work effectively with the updated version of GTA V gameplay. So, to update it, you will need to:

  • Download the latest version of Script Hook Software from an authentic source.
  • Then extract the downloaded zip file and open the bin folder located there.
  • Copy all the files from this bin folder and then paste the copied files into the Script folder.
  • You will have to rewrite the existing files of the Script folder with the newly copied files.
  • Afterward, rerun the game to check if the problem still persists or not.

Switch back to the older GTA version

Even though you have updated the Script Hook application version by practicing the above-stated strategy, you may still encounter the same Script Hook V critical error because the updated version of Script Hook V might not be compatible with your system; it won’t work consequently.

In such a state, you might need to revert back to the former version of your GTA V game which was working fine before its update. To do so:

  • Download the GTA V files of the older version again.
  • Then extract the downloaded zip folder and copy the 2 files GTAV.exe and GTAV Launcher.exe, by the name.
  • Now open the GTA V installation folder and select the existing files to replace them with the new ones.
  • Afterward, right-click on the other extracted file Update.rpf and proceed on by choosing the Copy option.
  • Again, open the GTA V installation folder, and paste the copied file in the subfolder Updates. Make sure to replace the respective files as you did earlier.

This strategy will roll back your GTA V game to its older version. If you are still experiencing a similar fatal error despite performing the above-stated fixing ways, then you may need to reinstall the GTA V and Script Hook software from scratch.


Being a GTA V player, if you use the Script Hook application to enhance your gaming experience, then in few cases, you may come across a fatal error in your gameplay, that is, GTA 5 Script Hook error. This Script Hook V critical error may arise in consequence of variant reasons depending on users’ situations.

If you have updated your GTA V gameplay recently, this can trigger the erroring event in a way. However, in such a scenario, you may either need to update the Script Hook Application also or you may need to switch back to the older GTA V version.

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