Are Tryhards Ruining Video Games

Are Tryhards Ruining Video Games?

Gaming has become far more popular than anything else in the world; it’s growing at an astronomical rate as more and more people are getting involved for a variety of reasons, especially the past couple of years, due to the pandemic. People who never would have tried games in the first place are calling themselves “gamers,” as they have been spending far more time on video games than ever before.


If we take a look back, gaming was a way to have fun and chill out with friends, but recently gamers have taken games to a whole new level. People are literally dedicating their lives to be the best in games, and some of the credits goes to the streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, where they can show how good they are at games like Fortnite or Fall Guys, to name a few.


This whole situation has people thinking if these tryhards are ruining the essence of video games. And people are totally at crossroads here, some saying that games are supposed to be fun to play for everyone and that these tryhards are ruining video games because every time a game comes out now, people are seemingly getting to the pro level so fast and trying hard every game that it kind of kills all the fun in that. 

Others believe that the whole point of the game is to be “competitive,” and you are supposed to get better at it with time. And if you are not good at it, maybe you should try hard as well. It does make sense; I mean, both are good points; many games are supposed to be competitive, and they ask players to spend more time learning the ins and outs of the game. This showcases the best at CS:GO, where nearly every player’s life seems to be on the line when they’re trying their hardest not to lose their rank; some players say that you need to buy CSGO skins to get better, but that’s not the case, the level of tryharding can’t be higher in any other game.


But according to what I have experienced so far in many games, whenever I dive into whatever game it is, people are freaking good and only getting better and better. I have noticed it is difficult to actually find fun all the time in the games, especially where you had to compete with veteran players right away. Back when I started out playing Rust, I couldn’t help but notice how difficult it was for a beginner even to settle in when other players were out for blood. Even games like Fortnite became somewhat toxic for many, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in a game.

Many modern games like PUBG give you all kinds of alternatives to have fun; you can choose to play with your friends in room matches or in squads, get your skills up in deathmatches, and so much more.

Perhaps, I’ll never play a solo game because of my lack of skills, but that doesn’t mean everyone else should leave “trying hard” in games to be a better player because we are moving to the era of competitive gaming, and I believe that from this point on, everyone is going to try hard! Game developers, however, try to keep the games balanced so that everyone can have fun in the games.

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