Persona 5 Royal - Classroom Answers Guide

Persona 5 Royal – Classroom Answers Guide

If you want to climb up the social stats ladder and get familiar with your Confidants, then you have to get all your Personal five royal test answers right. The best part about doing great on the test is you do not have to spend added time with your companions. You’re probably curious about the questions and wonder what they’re about. Well, the questions are similar to the ones you’ve done at one time or another in your school; they’re mostly linked to logical testing and mathematics. 

Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of hassle because you can go through the questions of the previous months to get the perfect assistance throughout your tests. These tests are identical to the ones you are given in school, and somehow, the last months will give you a general idea of how you need to solve them.

Boost your skills and raise your stats; we have the perfect recipe!

A Guide to Solving Persona 5 Royal Test Answers

If at any point you’re assuming that you’ll be able to score decent and make it to the top of your class, then this is a myth that you need to get rid of pronto. To ace the exams, you require lots of Knowledge, precisely level four, to ensure the answers to the questions are correct. 

After your first sitting in the exam, you need more time to dedicate to gaining all the information. But remember, getting these questions right automatically lists you in the top 10. You also get a +2 charm boost and earn rewards from Sojiro himself. 

Persona 5 Royal: April

12th April:

  1. Explain what the Devil’s Dictionary defined as the chief factor in the commencement of the human race.

Ans: Villains 

19th April:

  1. Compare the lines A and B; which one do you think is the longer between the two?

Ans: They both are the same. 

23rd April:

  1. From the following: Music, Chariot racing, and Theatre, which sport was the one that Nero won when he participated in the Olympics?

Ans: All of the ones mentioned above. 

25th April:

  1. What does the phrase ‘My Country, right or wrong’ mean? Elaborate. 

Ans: You support it without any questions. 

  1. Keeping the previous question in mind, was the first objective of the phrase different?

Ans: Yes, you have the responsibility to make it right. 

27th April:

  1. Do you recall a theorem with this number as its name?

Ans: Four-color theorem

30th April: 

  1. From the word ‘Wunderkind,’ what does the ‘Wunder’ part mean?

Ans: Wonder

  1. What is the meaning of the word ‘Kind’ here?

Ans: Child

  1. So the word ‘wunderkind’ means 

Ans: Prodigy

Persona 5 Royal: May (Usual and Exams)

Persona 5 Royal: May (Usual and Exams)

The month of May has the first midterm exams that you should look forward to. There are usual questions from May 7 to May 10, and from May 11 to May 13, the mids continue; from May 16 to May 31, exams are over, and questions begin. 

7th May:

  1. What does the word “Femme Fatale” actually mean?

Ans: Fatal Woman

10th May:

  1. During what time frame did Yoshitsune function?

Ans: The Heian Period

(Mid Terms)

11th May:

  1. Who is the historical figure who added meaning to the phrase Favoring the Magistrate?

Ans: Minamoto no Yoshitsune 

  1. What was the name of Yoshitsune’s brother?

Ans: Minamoto no Yoritomo

  1. Towards the end, the brothers got into an argument. They had to battle each other. Who was victorious?

Ans: Yoritomo was the one who had won. 

  1. This is partly because of the fact people frequently empathize more with the…

Ans: The weak 

12 May:

  1. Which maps allow you to avoid having any nearby areas share a color?

Ans: Both

  1. What part of the brain is involved in the phenomena of spotting a figment in a picture?

Ans: Cognition

13th May:

  1. Name the book that modified criminal activity as the primary cause of human growth.

Ans: The Devil’s Dictionary

  1. Describe the universal representation of the alluring, mysterious woman who typically has a hidden agenda.

Ans: Femme Fatale

16th May: 

  1. Which phenomenon is related to having faith that your condition will improve due to the treatment?

Ans: The Placebo Effect

19th May:

  1. Who was a well-known ukiyo-e artist during the Edo period who relocated over a 100 times?

Ans: Katsushika Hokusai

21st May: 

  1. If the ratio of Gold is 1:1.618, then the ratio of silver is?

Ans: 1:1.414

23rd May: 

  1. What does syn signify if we think about the concepts they both share?

Ans: Together 

  1. Aisthesis is similar to the term aesthetics, and it means?

Ans: Senses

  1. So, what does the complete word mean?

Ans: The coming together of senses 

26th May:

  1. Do you recall from which author Leblanc borrowed?

Ans: Arthur Conan Doyle

31st May:

  1. Which historical figure’s appearance, complete with parrot and crooked legs, was designed to symbolize pirates?

Ans: John Silver

Persona 5 Royal: June

Persona 5 Royal: June

4th June: 

  1. What do you think is the name for this phenomenon?

Ans: The Halo Effect

7th June: 

  1. How is the red king crab separate from a crab, considering it has biological traits similar to a hermit crab?

Ans: Because of the number of legs it has. 

8th June:

  1. Where does totalitarianism take things a step ahead of authoritarianism?

Ans: Controlling the thoughts of the general public.

13th June:

  1. What color do you suppose it will change to?

Ans: Green

15th June:

  1. Keeping Paper Bills and Coins in mind, which one do you think is issued by the government?

Ans: Coins 

20th June:

  1. Which of these do you believe contains mineral metals?

Ans: A Smartphone 

23rd June:

  1. Are you aware of the position of a woman?

Ans: A Pope

27th June:

  1. In the English idioms regarding the weather, which animal is mentioned?

Ans: Dogs

29th June:

  1. What do you suppose the writing on the opposite side of this item says?

Ans: Gold

Persona 5 Royal: July (Usual)

The month of July has two weeks of questions and then the first week of finals. 

1st July: 

  1. What does the primary Chinese expression that gave the dumplings their name mean?

Ans: The head of barbarian’s.

4th July:

  1. Give the names of the two individuals in charge of the 31 days of July and August.

Ans: Julius and Augustus

7th July:

  1. What is the traditional food of Tanabata? 

Ans: Soumen

  1. Tanabata is, therefore, about gods meeting up once a year in the starry sky. What is the connection there?

Ans: The Milky Way

9th July:

  1. Are you familiar with the shape?

Ans: Triangle

11th July:

  1. A long-term memory is…

Ans: Memories that last for a long time

  1. According to theory, you will be capable of keeping them for as long as you have endless space for them. 

Ans: Forever

  1. Mauki mentioned something about the number of memories you could store.

Ans: Infinite 

12th July:

  1. Are you aware of his deeds?

Ans: Theivery

Persona 5 Royal: July (Final Exams)

Persona 5 Royal: July (Final Exams)

The final days of July are similar to your midterm ones:

13th July:

  1. Angles A and D are 88 degrees apart if angle C is 28 degrees. What angle do B and E make?

Ans: 64 degrees 

  1. In the classroom, this was discussed. But did you know that a renowned character from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms developed them?

Ans: Zhuge Liang

  1. Did they come up with a solution to stop the river?

Ans: The Barbarian heads 

  1. The brilliant tactician who developed the baozi to

Ans: To offer them instead of the heads

14th July: 

  1. Write the name and the biological classification of the following creature:

Ans: Red King Crab – Paralithodes 

  1. What occurred when the Japanese government first started printing hard and paper money?

Ans: It caused a lot of chaos in the economy

15th July: 

  1. What is the equivalent in English of the idiom in Norwegian, ‘raining witches’?

Ans: Raining cats and dogs

  1. What is the alternate term given to soumen noodles that are typically consumed on a Tanabata?

Ans: Demon guts 

It’s time for summer break now! But do not forget you need to keep learning and absorbing knowledge so you can rank number 4 to unlock the actual ending of this game

Persona 5 Royal: September

Persona 5 Royal: September

3rd September: 

  1. In the famous statue, each holds significance. But do you know the meaning of the right hand?

Ans: Prosperity

6th September:

  1. Do you recall the name of the occurrence when the second hand seems to be discontinued?

Ans: Chronostasis 

13th September:

  1. What distinguishes a pawn shop from an antique store?

Ans: They offer money loans for collateral.

17th September:

  1. Where does the expression “cat got your tongue” originate from?

Ans: Cats eat the tongues of humans. 

21st September: 

  1. The term “robot” is a Czech word. But where exactly is the Czech Republic in Europe?

Ans: Central Europe 

24th September:

  1. How many black-and-white pentagons and hexagons are there on a football?

Ans: 12 black pentagons and 20 white hexagons. 

28th September:

  1. PVS refers to when you accidentally think your phone is going off

Ans: Phantom

  1. The next part is V, which means it’ll be Phantom… What?

Ans: Vibrating 

  1. Last comes the S. which means, 

Ans: Syndrome 

29th September:

  1. Additionally, Nagaragawa’s fishermen work in government. So tell me, what industry do they work in?

Ans: Imperial Household Agency

Personal 5 Royal: October (Regular Classes and Mid Terms)

Personal 5 Royal: October (Regular Classes and Mid Terms)

The midterms last a bit longer, so if you have been studying outside your class, you can rank in the top 4 in knowledge. Regular classes go on from October 3 to 11th October. 

3rd October:

  1. What are melons if three watermelons are used in the sun to envision a specific matter’s size against the universe?

Ans: They can be stars

6th October: 

  1. Are you aware of who invented this instrument?

Ans: Joseph-Ignace Guillotin

11th October:

  1. Which name is usually attributed to the shape B?

Ans: Bouba

17th October: 

  1. When counting black and white surfaces, how many are on a soccer ball?

Ans: It has 32 surfaces 

  1. Did the teacher mention that there were a different number of colors? Do you have any recollection?

Ans: There was just one color 

  1. She may have mentioned that compared to current football matches, they were aired using. 

Ans: White and Black images 

18th October:

  1. What is the reason behind people not being able to become a Nagarasawa or a cormorant fisherman?

Ans: Because it’s a hereditary profession

  1. Who conducted executions using this device?

Ans: It was Charles Henri Sanson

19th October:

  1. Which of the following describes the density of the stars in the outer space?

Ans: Three bees in all of Europe 

  1. What is the meaning of the word robot?

Ans: Slave labor

22nd October: 

  1. What is the total number for each column in this magical square?

Ans: 15

24th October: 

  1. From a psychological standpoint, what is the main reason why our memories are different from reality?

Ans: A memory bias

Persona 5 Royal: November

Persona 5 Royal: November

This is the last month with regular questions unless you can lock in the true ending. 

2nd November: 

  1. Can you tell the meaning of the word wack in the Thieves Cant?

Ans: A share of stolen items 

4th November:

  1. Diamonds is a gem, Clubs is a club. So, what does a spade represent?

Ans: A sword

8th November: 

  1. How old do you have to be to be on trial in court?

Ans: Any age 

10th November:

  1. Do you know what’s missing in the crow’s character?

Ans: His eyes are hard to see

12th November:

  1. Do you know why the voices of people are so different over the phone?

Ans: This happens because voices are synthetic 

14th November:

  1. Tell me, does it happen?

Ans: It happens because of a high altitude. 

15th November:

  1. How was he punished?

Ans: He was beheaded with his head on display

17th November:

  1. Do you know the name of this graph? (Hint: Snails)

Ans: Cochleoid

Persona Royal 5: December 

Persona Royal 5: December 

Finals are a reward you get when you reach the month of December. 

20th December:

  1. Choose the graph that became the origin for the name diabolo, which is a Chinese yoyo

Ans: D

  1. He was a pretty famous thief from the Edo period. How much money do you think he stole?

Ans: More than one billion yen

  1. He was then sentenced to

Ans: His head was displayed 

  1. Why were famous criminals paraded around? What was the real reason behind it?

Ans: Public performance 

21st December:

  1. Which card from the suits represents the Holy Grail?

Ans: The Hearts 

  1. According to the judicial law practiced in Japanse, what is something that even an infant can do?

Ans: They can attend it 

22nd December: 

  1. ‘Dokyuu is a Japanese word that translates to massive. What English word had inspired the initial do?

Ans: Dreadnought 

  1. What country refers to an individual who controls the behind-the-scenes of politics as a Prime Minister in black?

Ans: Japan

Personal Royal 5 Answers: January

Personal Royal 5 Answers: January

Starting from the end of the year, let’s learn all the answers according to the date:

11th January:

  1. How many goes are there in Shinto?

Ans: Eight Million Gods

  1. What is the phrase that will illustrate the gods of Shinto?

Ans: How they are numerous. 

14th January

  1. Where is the fictional land of Ihatov modeled after?

Ans: Iwate  

18th January

  1. What is the original meaning of the word awful?

Ans: Impressive 

21st January

  1. Do you have an idea what she’s stepping on?

Ans: A snake 

24th January

  1. What does it mean when describing a person?

Ans: Kindhearted

  1. What is the implication of salty in that context?

Ans: Negative 

  1. So, keeping that in mind, salty probably means?

Ans: Resentful

27th January:

  1. According to the study, how far can personal happiness spread?

Ans: From friends of friends of friends

Bottom Line

You can easily pass your tests with a list of these Persona 5 Royal questions and answers. These questions will give you an idea of the knowledge tested in the exams and daily. So skim through each of them and try to nurture your Knowledge so you can get to Knowledge level 4!

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