Dying Light 2 How to Unlock Co-Op

Dying Light 2: How to Unlock Co-Op

Playing with friends while sitting in the comfort of your home is the new way to enjoy video games.The Dying Light 2 Co-Op mode allows users to play with friends and win different missions. Similar to the original Dying Light game, this second version opens a world of RPG for users and allows them to jump around, killing multiple zombies and completing missions to save The City. 

Things get complex as the sun sets because that’s when the monstrous enemies step out. The risk of getting killed becomes higher, and it is challenging to stay human; that’s precisely when Co-op comes in handy. But there’s a drawback, players cannot team up instantly, and for the Co-Op to work, you must get rights and permission in the game. 

Find out the game specifics and how the Co-Op method works!

About Dying Light 2

About Dying Light 2

In Harran, 20 years ago, people fought the virus and lost. Now they’re losing track again. The city is a massive human settlement torn by a series of conflicts. Civilisation has fallen back into the Dark Ages, but there is still hope to survive the dark times. 

Now as a player, you are a wanderer who has the power to make a change and save the fate of The City. But all these exceptional powers and capabilities come with a price you must pay as a player. You are haunted by different memories, and you are out in the open to find out the truth and will find yourself in multiple positions where you have to fight. 

Sharpen your skills, learn to fight the enemy, and make allies along the way. You will need all the power and wits to succeed. Uncover the darkest secrets behind the people of power, choose different sides, and ultimately decide your destiny. But while you’re playing the game, there is one challenge that you will have to fight off, make sure to stay human!

How to Unlock Co-Op in Dying Light 2

Initially, when the Dying Light 2 package came out, they didn’t offer the Co-Op feature. But the feature can easily be unlocked; you don’t have to go the extra mile or walk through multiple death traps. Some players can easily unlock the option, and people do that within an hour or two. 

To access the co-op, all the players need to complete some of the main story missions that will lead them to access the entire open world. Remember that you need to accept and finish the mission popularly known as the Markers of Plague, which provides multiple tasks to search the run-down hospital with the character Hakon. It has some cutscenes followed by troubling series, and then players leave the hospital and Hakon hands over a pair of binoculars before asking people to feel their surroundings. 

You will then get a message, Welcome to Villador; after gamers have completed simple tasks, they can unlock Dying Light 2’s open-world and co-op. 

How to Play Dying Light 2  With Your Friends?

How to Play Dying Light 2  With Your Friend

The Co-op option is available in Dying Light 2; you will open multiple online settings to play by selecting it. The game allows you to invite three friends, but you can also change the restrictions and choose any of the following settings:

  1. Single Player: This is the default setting where only you can play the game as a single player. 
  2. Friends Only: In this setting, any of your friends can quickly join the game. 
  3. Public: Anyone can join the game 
  4. Invite Only: In this setting, an invitation needs to be sent to players before they can join the game. 
  5. Quick Join: You can also use the quick join option to get deposited to any random game and run around with a stranger. 

The game also has a Call for Help option, which sends a quick message to all the friends playing Dying Light 2. They can then join your game and help you out. Apart from joining the game, there are a few things to remember. Players who die in the Co-Op can easily be saved by their friends around three times. But there is a condition to t; if your friends end up dying, you need to revive them in 20 seconds so they can re-emerge. 

Some users do face issues with the Co-Op play, so if you’re one of the struggling users and have problems with bugs or connection issues, you will need the assistance of Dying Light 2 multiplayer fix. This brings more stability to the game and makes the gameplay even smooth. 

Dying Light 2: What is the meaning of Call for Help?

Now learn to call for help using the Online Menu on the screen. This sends a call of Distress to various online players and invites them automatically to the game. This option is easy to choose, especially if you have set your game type to the friends and public options. 

In the Online gaming option, you are also allowed to choose how many times to send the distressed call and when to send it. Users can turn off the Distressed call for help by leaving the session by going back to the main menu of the game. 

Eventually, you can also get distress calls from different players during the game. This option is in the right corner at the top of your screen, including the button to accept them. 


  1. How do you unlock co-op in Dying Light 2?

Now you can play Co-Op in Dying Light 2, the mode isn’t locked from the start, but the choice comes later after the player completes the quest after an hour or two of playing the game. The time also depends on the rate of your progress. 

  1. Do you unlock multiplayer in Dying Light 2?

After you have unlocked the co-op, users can pause the main menu. Then select the Options, and redirect to the Online tab at the top of the screen. The Game Type option helps you determine who you can play with and how to do it. 

  1. Is Dying Light 2 co-op worth it?

If you can do it, it is absolutely worth it! Playing Dying Light 2 is like playing an entirely different game. Keeping the story aside, the gameplay is very different and a lot of fun. It’s the perfect game to add your friends to and slay multiple zombies together. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to unlock the Co-Op option, you can easily add different players and have a great time battling multiple zombies. The future of The City is in your hands; make enemies and allies along the way; just make sure you stay human and protect yourself from the bite of evil.

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