The Best Gaming Setups 2022 List

The Best Gaming Setups 2023 List

With the development in technology, the world of gaming is also evolving and becoming more advanced and fun! With that being said, you probably have come across multiple people owning minimal gaming setup, aesthetic gaming set up, and even the most expensive gaming set up, but what makes a gaming setup stand out? Let’s find out!

Games have evolved a lot, especially since the pandemic times. Various people, while staying at home, started focusing on stepping up their game and making it big in the world of content creation. For filming, however, if you are someone who’s looking to get the best gaming setup as a first-timer or want to upgrade to a newer version, then you are in the right place. 

We have curated a gaming setup list for you to look into. Let’s dive into the world of gaming setups!

Looking for Aesthetic Gaming Setup Inspiration? These 5 Gaming Setups Will Help You!

Most of you gamers out there are wondering how to get the perfect gaming setup or 5 ways to make your gaming set up aesthetic and incredible. Some may wonder how much does a gaming setup cost? All of your questions will be answered, so start scrolling!

1. Fluxgamess


For all the people who love a cool and laid-back vibe, this one’s for you! You can find @fluxgamess on Instagram too, the man behind the page has an aesthetic gaming set up and even more aesthetic Instagram that portrays it all. For people looking to get inspiration and are waiting to switch from Consoles to PCs, then this guy is the right one for you! Owen started his 10-month journey of building his amazing gaming setup, and he installed the following items. 

Fluxgamess: Subsidiaries, Hardware & Extras!


For all the people looking, here’s a little insight on what items you can get to achieve what the owner behind Fluxgamess has managed to get. With a 16GB RAM that has a 3200 MHz, a Toshiba hard disk drive, and an Asus prime motherboard which is B450m-a, and an AMD Ryzen CPU and SSD for Samsung EVO of 500GB. He even has a cooling installed and a Corsair VS PSU of 550w. With Razer mouse, keyboard, and speakers as externals and a landscape and portrait monitor, you can up your gaming experience! He even has a smart TV, Ps4 Pro, lights and lamps that make the experience worthwhile, and a made-to-order desk that’s designed to uphold all the amazing gaming items. The total damage on the whole gaming setup is $4,200! 


2. Zmanvii


The most aesthetic gaming set up for his & hers battling! Are you and your significant other a huge fan of gaming? Or is it your elder brother or little sister who loves a good gaming session, and you want to get good inspiration for a combined gaming setup? We have the right one for you!

Zmanvii: Hardware, Extras & Subsidiaries!


If you are someone who wants a good gaming setup but that too on a laptop, then you can look into this set up. The hardware involved in the set up is the razer blade laptop. The subsidiaries involved in making the gaming setup stand out include a curved monitor system and Razer speakers and mice. There is also a Sony Bravia LED TV and wireless V-Moda headphones to get a deep insight into the sounds and communicate with other gamers while staying focused. An excellent Techni gaming desk to hold the subsidiaries and hardware devices, and a comfy Herman Executive Chair to support your back for longer gaming sessions! To add a more dramatic effect, you can also use the Philips Hue Lights trips used by the Zmanvii to alleviate your experience further!

If you like to get a hold of drinks while gaming, then using a NewAirB drinks cooler can also be beneficial and serve the purpose and make your aesthetic gaming set up pretty cool! The total damage on all the above is $10,000 it may sound pricey, but considering how it’s for two people and the amazing set up it has, you are getting pretty good for the price. You can meet the owner on Reddit by searching the username: zmanvii.

3. Fknhammahstix 


This one is for all the people who have an OCD issue because fknhammahstix has a good portrayal of trinkets that give a clean look and show a cool and aesthetic gaming setup. You can get familiar with him on both twitch and Instagram! For all those people who love joining piece by piece and want to keep it slow, you do not have to worry because this gamer is the right example of it. 

Fknhammahstix: Extras, Subsidiaries, and Hardware!


So many people would kill for gaming set up like this! With an RGB and 32GB Ram, an excellent Asus ROG Motherboard, an AMD Ryzen CPU, and a Patriot Scorch 256GB SSD, a cooling which has 120mm fans to keep the devices cool and proper. It even has a set up with both top and double monitors that are 34″ and 27″, a spectacular GMMK glorious modular keyboard, a Corsair mouse, and a pair of 2019 edition headphones. There is a Logitech webcam, even the perfect Bluetooth bookshelf speakers that can be kept on the side and a little far away to give an excellent sound. A VIVO LCD Monitor and USB Microphones too for a better and proficient gaming experience.  

The total damage on the gaming setup is $3000 plus, which is pretty good considering all that you can get!


4. Julian Bright 

Julian Bright

Do you need a multipurpose room for both studying and gaming? Then the Julian Bright is a good gaming set up you can take some ideas from. It’s clean, sleek, and serves the purpose for both your needs. Now you can do daytime studying and nighttime gaming with friends! Let’s find out the details regarding this gaming set up. 

Julian Bright: Hardware, Subsidiaries, & Extras!


With a Corsair RAM and PSU and an intel core i7, the Julian Bright set up is pretty good! The monitor screen is 29,” and the Logitech mouse is wireless and works pretty fast and perfectly. There is also a Headphone set, a stand of AKG Pro, and a Glass Head display, giving a much finer and sleeker look. Amongst all the accessories that the gaming set up has, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is an expensive accessory. 

This is the reason why the budget is $10,000 and above because the owner himself believes in having a chair that allows good comfortable support throughout the long hours of the day working and studying and the long hours in the night gaming your way towards the win! You can still manage all of this and may be able to cut down on the costs if you avoid the Herman Chair, but unless you are confused, it’s advisable to go for a good gaming chair to ensure good gaming, a serious, and proper study time and a good back. 

The ROGSanity

The ROGSanity

For all those planning to achieve a man cave and a gaming zone that allows them to give their level best and achieve the most, the ROGsanity is the perfect example to save the day. Not only is the setup excellent and designed to achieve proficiency in the world of gaming, but it is driven by the passion the owner has towards a good game and challenge. 

ROGSanity: Hardware, Extras & Subsidiaries!


Ready to be blown away? Here you go! Starting with two PCs and separate subsidiaries devices for each of both, this will be an excellent setup to enjoy a good gaming night or day with friends. The owner behind this gaming setup is obsessed with Asus, the reason why you will see multiple devices such as Mouses, speakers, and even keyboards. This helps us realize that for good gaming set up having Asus onboard is excellent and a safer option to work with. 

An excellent Asus ROG mouse, headset, and monitor allow you to have a good time. You can also enjoy further with an XBOX One Controller and even a ROG Phone 2, worried about skipping the minor crunches and want to have a good time too, then you can also install the Dyn Audio Speakers for a more refined and fun look. The total damage is $11,500 and above, which is a fair deal considering it allows you to have an excellent and top-notch gaming experience with friends, family, and even alone. 


From what we have gathered as of now, it is essential to purchase and invest in gaming setups that are useful and the most appreciated ones. These 5 gaming setups are a good example because there’s something for everyone, the shy, quiet one, we have the fluxgamess room, a good ROG sanity room for your travel, and a Fknhammahstix will match the vibe completely and make the gaming set up worthwhile and fun too.

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