Reduce Ping In All Games

How To Reduce Ping In All Games

Has it ever had a gaming experience where you are playing a game online, perhaps a battle game, and at a crucial stage when you are supposed to earn the score that will help you secure that chicken dinner, the game froze, and you weren’t able to get the score or the win? We know how frustrating that is, and the main cause of the problem is a poor connection to the game’s server, which leads to high ping. You must be hoping if there is any method to reduce ping?

It is common among novice online gamers who focus on investing their money on expensive gaming peripherals and gadgets but overlook the crucial factor of internet ping and its effect on the online game.

Today’s article will discuss the ideal ping for online gaming for the best gaming experience. We will be explaining key factors of internet ping in detail so you can have a better insight on the subject and reduce your chances of frustrating interruptions. At the end of the article, we will share some of the most effective ways of reducing ping.

What is ping speed?

What is ping speed?

If you don’t know already and are wondering what ping is and how its speed affects your game, let’s start with the basics first. 

The reaction time of your internet connection will determine the ping speed; it also has to do with how quickly your device receives the initial response after a request is sent to the game server. Next, let’s examine what a good ping is? Fast ping is better because it means that your connection and device are more responsive. Ping is measured in milliseconds or ms. 

High ping is vital for time-sensitive applications such as gaming. These are the basics that will help you review and compare the ping speeds of your system and their impact on your gaming experience. We will be further discussing good ping speeds later in the article.

Let’s take a look at ping latency next:

What is ping latency?

What is ping latency?

Now that we have basic knowledge about what ping is and how it is measured, we can move on to the subject of Ping latency – a term that refers to the time (in milliseconds) it takes for a small data set to go from your device to the internet server and return back to the device. It is important to remember that the number of devices connected to your internet connection will increase your ping latency. 

Therefore, if you want to maintain a low latency speed for gaming, don’t have too many devices linked to your internet connection.

While we are on the subject of Ping latency, let’s also consider what a Dec latency speed is for gaming? Ideally, the low range between 20ms to 40ms is suitable for gamers because higher latency can cause issues.

What is the main difference between Ping and latency?

Suppose you are curious about gaming and improving performance. In that case, you may have seen the words “latency” and “ping” frequently mentioned on various forums and pages, so you might be wondering what they mean and how do they differ from each other?

Latency refers to the total time (in milliseconds) it takes for a ping to be sent and returned from and to your device. On the other hand, ping is the time it takes (in milliseconds) for the data set to travel one way and not the return.

What is a good ping for gaming?

As far as equipment for gaming is concerned, high specs usually mean better performance or quality, but on the contrary, a lower ping speed is ideal for gaming to get the best experience and minimal lag. So low ping is best. Why? And what does it mean? The network latency between your gaming device and a game’s server or another device will impact your game.

Ideally, for gaming, the ping should be around 40ms to 60ms or below. Speeds over 100ms cause noticeable lag and slump in performance, whereas, ping speed of 10ms will show up in the smooth and fast gaming experience.

What are the top 3 factors that cause high ping?

Why is my ping so high? Several factors can cause high ping. Due to complex networks, it is challenging to locate the main factor that is causing high ping. Following are the top 3 most common factors that cause high ping:


Bandwidth fluctuations are one of the most common causes of high ping. Depending on the number of people connected to your network, the bandwidth can fluctuate throughout the day. You may experience high ping during the peak usage hours if your bandwidth reduces. To resolve the bandwidth issue, get a dedicated bandwidth service that will provide you with guaranteed 24/7 service stability and unlimited internet & speed limit. 

Game server

There are times when the game server is causing high ping. Using the sites is the best way to keep an eye on the server ping of popular game servers. All you require is to enter your game server’s IP address and compare the game server ping with your system ping. If your game server causes a high ping, then your ping will be lower than the game server ping. 


If you’re an online gamer, then there are chances that your system is not optimized for gaming. In this case, you can opt for registry hacking to reduce your ping. 

Top 9 Simple Solutions to Reduce Ping

We have combined the best nine solutions that will surely help you reduce ping and improve your connection. 

1. Reboot your internet router/modem

Rebooting your router is the simplest and quickest solution to reduce ping. In most cases, you can minimize ping by simply turning your internet router on and off. Rebooting your router clears the router/modem cache, and your router starts performing in its original state. Restarting your router also clears the DNS cache, which can help improve ping. 

2. Update or buy a new router

If your router is old/outdated, it can affect the latency and ping. Invest in a new router and modem to increase your connection speed, improve latency, and reduce ping. If your router is new, then it might need an update to improve your network latency. 

3. Avoid using a VPN or proxy during online gaming

It is sometimes essential to use a VPN. However, we recommend you not use a VPN or proxy during online gaming because it adds an additional node when connecting to the network, which usually causes more latency. 

4. Choose the closest game server

Some games allow you to select the server of your choice. If the game allows, always choose the server nearest to your location. So, how to get better ping in Fortnite? You will most likely have better ping if your location and game server doesn’t have much distance.

5. Allow limited devices on your network

Avoid using additional devices that might take up network space and cause slow connection. If you use additional devices like a mic to communicate with your fellow gamers, you are most likely to experience reduced bandwidth and slow connection that can cause high ping. 

6. Don’t allow apps to run in the background

If you allow multiple apps to run in the background, you’ll have a high ping. So, how to lower ping in fortnite? Close all unnecessary apps running in the background to improve loading speed. 

7. Change your DNS server

If you are wondering how to lower ping, you can try changing your DNS server. You can use the Google DNS Server – one of the fastest DNS servers. We recommend you to use as your preferred DNS server; whereas, can be your replacement DNS server.

8. Prefer wired connection over wireless

In most cases, a wired connection results in lower ping as compared to a wireless connection.

9. Select the game settings carefully

To ensure optimum game speed and lower ping, your game settings must be optimized. Select the game settings that your graphics card, RAM, and the processor can support. 


Having a low ping is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. You would never wish to be stuck in a game where you are several moves behind only because of your slow connection speed. 

We have shared our top 9 tips to help you lower your ping. We Are sure that a combination of these tips will help you significantly reduce your network latency. If you are still facing high ping, we recommend contacting your internet service provider and getting your connection checked. 

Please don’t forget to share your top tips to lower ping. We would love you to add more tips to our list. 

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