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Brawl Stars Tier List

Calling out to all the people looking to learn about the Brawl Stars Tier List, we have it all here for you! Get better at the game after getting the right insights. 

Brawl Stars Tier List is a combination of 48 characters; it may be a massive confusion deciding between the best in the game to carry out a good brawl on the battlefield. We have made the best brawlers in the brawl stars to make it easier for you. We have classified the team according to their practicality. 

Let’s dig in and find out more about the brawl star’s best brawler; keep reading!

What are the Brawl Stars Best Brawler Categories?

The 6 categories of the brawl star best brawlers include the following:

  1. Trophy Road Category
  2. Rare Category
  3. Super Rare Category
  4. Epic Category 
  5. Mythic Category 
  6. Legendary Category 

To make it easier for you, we have listed a quick and easy 3-step method to check the rarity of the Brawl Star Brawler; keep reading to find out. 

Do You Want to Check Rarity of Brawl Star Brawler? 3 Ways Will Help You!

In order to check the rarity of the brawl stars best brawlers, you have the following three steps below:

  1. Start the game and quickly head to the brawler’s section displayed in the Brawl Stars game.
  2. Now go to the Brawlers owned tab in the game.
  3. Click on the already owned Brawlers and check out the rarity displayed on the side. 

In this article, we have classified the Brawl Stars Brawlers list into multiple levels. Each of the Brawler has its rarity level and other factors. Let’s get into it!

How is the Ranking Done?

You will find the brawl stars best brawlers in the following list 

  • S+ ranking 
  • S ranking 
  • A ranking
  • B ranking
  • C ranking
  • D ranking

Brawl Stars: S+ Ranking 

S+ Ranking

The S+ ranking includes one of the best and top-rated Brawlers, who can quickly become part of the best brawl stars tier list. These brawlers have top-tier damaging skills and can easily escape their enemies. They have the resilience and the strength and can easily bust the enemies in the game without wasting a breath.

  1. Crow – With a legendary rarity type, Crow has super-fast movements and can easily get in and out of battles. He is a toxic assassin type.
  2. Squeak- A fighter type, Squeak is a Mythic rarity type whose attacks can hit enemies behind a cover. Additionally, he can handle multiple enemies simultaneously, making him one of the best brawlers.
  3. Leon- A stealth assassin type, Leon has fast movement speeds, allowing him to easily get out of a lousy situation.
  4. Sprout- Sprout is a mythic rarity type that can inflict damage to multiple enemies if they are close together. Additionally, it is a support type that can be very useful.
  5. Byron-  Byron is a support type who has a mythic rarity. One of the best healers in the game. He can heal and inflict major damage.

Brawl Stars: S Ranking 

S Ranking

This list contains Brawl Star Brawlers as competent as the S+ tier brawlers. Hence, it is pretty fluctuating in this tier, as the brawlers keep changing between both rankings. There may be a change in the Brawler upgrading. The following are the Brawl Stars S brawlers:

  1. Grom- Grom has an Epic rarity and is a damage dealer type, giving him a major boost over other characteristics. 
  2. Ash-  A heavyweight type, Ash has a rage level that is high enough to increase his attack and movement speed. 
  3. Meg- Meg has a long-range with fast movements. These give her benefits over others in evading the enemies.
  4. Poco- Poco has the ability to attack multiple enemies at once and is also a support type. That combined with his rare rarity, he is a great character.
  5. Gene- A mythic rarity and support type character, Gene can attack multiple enemies at once and inflict damage on them.
  6. Lou- A chromatic rarity type, Lou has the ability to slow down and freeze opponents with the variety of attacks in his arsenal. 
  7. Max- With the largest variety of attacks, Max has a high damage output and can also help allies to speed up their movement.
  8. Mortis- With the best mobility in the game, Mortis is the dashing assassin type to improve his damage and mobility further. All he needs is Star Power.
  9. Gale- A member of the chromatic rarity, Gale is a support type that also inflicts high damage.
  10. Colonel Ruffs- Colonel Ruffs is a support type that can power up his allies and attack a long-range. 
  11. Sandy-  With fast movements and high health, Sandy is a support type that can heal her allies and damage her enemies.
  12. Griff- With a long and wide range, Griff is a fighter type.
  13. Belle- Belle, is of the sharpshooter variety, has a high damage output, and can attack multiple enemies at once.

Brawl Stars: A Ranking 

A Ranking

The A ranking is considered a good set of brawlers, but because of their skill sets, the stats the brawlers hold, and the accreditation they have. If you combine them with a good team and an additional set of brawlers, you will ace the game. 

  1. Bo- Bo has a high damage output and can increase his combat by many folds if he has Star Power.
  2. Amber- Amber is a fire-breather type who can inflict high damage and pierce her attacks through her enemies. 
  3. Stu- With a high damage output, Stu is an action assassin type that can move around quickly. 
  4. Surge- With high attack damage at his disposal, he can deal with multiple enemies at once. He is great for team battles and battle royales.
  5. Colette- With higher health than other fighter types, she can inflict more damage on those with more health making her an invaluable character.
  6. Jessie- Jessie is a fighter type who has the ability to bounce off opponents.
  7. Rico- Rico is a sharpshooter who has a high damage output making him a great character. 
  8. Brock- Of a sharpshooter kind, Brock has a long-range, and his damage output is also quite high. He can hit multiple enemies simultaneously, and Star Power can make him extremely strong.
  9. Buzz- He has a high damage output and can easily move nearer to his enemies.
  10. Emz- Emz is a fighter type who can slow down her enemies within her range. This makes her extremely useful on the battlefield.
  11. Rosa- Rosa is a heavyweight type whose Star Power can give her a huge advantage over her enemies. 
  12. Tick- Tick is a thrower type who has a trophy reward rarity. He can deal with high damage enemies from an incredibly impressive distance. 
  13. Edgar- He is an easy-to-use character who is of the assassin type. He is super fast and can recover his health after each attack.
  14. Spike- Spike’s attack has long-range because is a sharpshooter type. Additionally, his normal attacks inflict a lot of damage which is pretty useful.
  15. Tara- She is a fighter type who can inflict a lot of damage on multiple enemies, which makes her invaluable on the field.
  16. Mr. P- Mr. P is a sharpshooter who can manage to hit his enemies from behind a cover. 
  17. Pam- Having an epic rarity, Pam is a support type whose attack has a wide range. She can also provide healing to all her allies.  
  18. Penny- Penny is yet another sharpshooter who can hit multiple enemies at once. 

Brawl Stars: B Ranking

B Ranking

When choosing from this brawler’s list, make sure you have a good match. Meaning you must select some good players from the S+ ranking and S Ranking and then get your hands on A and B ranking players, so they make a good combination and ultimately help you win the game

  1. Dynamike- With his high damage output, Dynamike is a thrower kind who can destroy obstacles.
  2. Colt- Colt is a sharpshooter who can pierce through his enemies and even destroy walls.
  3. Barley- This character is a thrower kind who has the ability to attack his opponents from behind a wall. 
  4. El Primo- El- Primo is a heavyweight with a super skill that allows him to approach his enemies or get out of a fight.
  5. Piper– Piper, is a sharpshooter who has a high damage output as well as a long-range that is extremely useful for her.
  6. Bea- Bea is super helpful in battle as she is a sharpshooter and can slow down her enemies. 
  7. Nani- Of a fighter type, Nani can engage in a long-range brawl with high damage output. 
  8. 8-bit- 8-bit is a sharpshooter with high damage output and can be invaluable in a battle.

Brawl Stars C Ranking

C Ranking

The C Ranking brawlers were known to be one of the best; they were part of the overpowered category but ultimately couldn’t match. With the consistent change in the playability and platforming, a difference in the techniques and strategies, the C Ranking brawlers, who were once the brawl stars best brawlers, couldn’t keep up. You can choose them and give them a try, but go through your enemy’s framework before you do that. 

  1. Bibi- Bibi is a battler who can inflict huge damage onto the opponent. Additionally, her attack has a wide range. 
  2. Carl- He is a fighter type who can hit his opponent multiple times from a long-range.
  3. Daryl- Daryl is a heavy-weight type that is best at close combat and has great mobility.
  4. Nita- She is a fighter type with a very fast reloading speed. 
  5. Shelly- Shelly is a fighter who specializes in close-range fights and can survive long in a fight if she has gadgets and star power.
  6. Bull- Bull is a heavy-weight kind who can obliterate his enemies in close combat. Additionally, he can clear obstacles and inflict damage on his enemies.
  7. Frank- Frank is a heavy-weight type who has high health and can fight opponents at mid-range.

Brawl Stars D Ranking

D Ranking

The D Ranking is the last tier of the Best Brawlers list. For those looking to grind good ranks, it is highly advised not to go for any players from this category. There is a reason why all these are categorized at the end. It’s because they aren’t that good in terms of competency and bring the bare minimum to the table. So choose them if you want to revamp them or improvise their skillset. 

  1. Jacky is a heavy-weight type who can pull enemies towards herself to inflict damage. Her gadget and star power can greatly increase her abilities.


What exactly is a tier list, and is one required for Brawl Stars?

A tier list is a grading of characters according to their combat strength.

Are you looking for one for the game Brawl Stars? You absolutely do not. You may play the game effectively and succeed without one, but if you want to know where your favorite character ranks, you’ll definitely want to know what it says.

How did our Brawl Stars tier list come to be?

This Brawl Stars tier list was built by analyzing all brawlers’ win rates in the game. We then categorized them depending on their win percentage and how much they differed from one another.

We also obtained information from tournament statistics websites, the Brawl Stars Reddit community, the Discord server, and, of course, our own gaming experience.

Who is the most skilled fighter in Brawl Stars?

This question is complicated for a number of reasons. A brawler may succeed in one game mode while failing in another, and it’s possible that they’ll excel on one map while failing on another, or they could flourish in one playstyle while failing at another.

So, if you need a quick solution, here’s some general advice:

At least one tanky brawler having high health with the ability to absorb damage (shelly) should be present. 

You should also have at least one long-range brawler who could hit adversaries from a distance (rocky).

Then, for the remainder of your team, you should add two more characters from whatever category sounds enjoyable to play!

In general, any brawler from this Brawl Stars tier list’s S-tier rank will be good.

What is the Best Tier in the Brawl List?

The S+ ranking and the S Ranking are the best tiers in the brawl list. 

Who is the best star power in Brawl Stars?

Leon is known to be the best smoke trail provider. Leon has a 30% speed boost, and through his superpowers, Leon can quickly become invisible. Use quick skills, strength, and resilience, and get out of sticky situations. Take the lead and use Leon to become the most unpredictable!


Using the list we have here for you, find the brawl stars best brawlers and make the most of it. Brawl Stars has multiple rankings from S+ to D; you can choose accordingly, but keep in mind that the S category is one of the best. A & B category can be effectively used as a supporting figure, whereas C and D are not up to the mark. They can be used to revamp and can be improvised to make things better! Change your gameplay and strategize to get better. 

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