Rainbow Six Siege Operator Tier List

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Tier List

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular tactical shooter games that’s played between the teams of attackers and defenders. Its vivid siege situations and frequently updated operators are what make the game distinctive and exciting.

Rainbow Six Siege is a team game in which your gameplay mostly depends on how you form your squad. That’s why, for mastering the game, the key is to know the strengths and vulnerabilities of every operator. It will help you in forming up a solid squad so that you can adapt to any of its modes.

For that, you must have your best rainbow six siege operators figured out. In case you’re having trouble with that, here we’ve a solid Rainbow Six Siege operator tier list that’ll help you ace the game.

How Rainbow Six Siege Operators are Ranked?

Before we go into the details about all r6 operators, you should know how the operators are ranked in the game. In Rainbow Six Siege all operators, either play the role of an attacker or a defender. But, they are also known for some specific tasks. Based on their performance for those tasks, they are ranked. 

From the most to the least impactful – Rainbow Six Siege operators are classified in a total of six tiers. These are:

  • S Tier: This tier includes the overall best Rainbow Six Siege operators who carry the most impactful weaponry and other features that make them suitable for any situation.
  • A Tier: The second tier is for the operators that are known for carrying out specific tasks accurately. 
  • B Tier: The B tier operators work fairly well, but you should not expect the accuracy level of that of A tier operators from them. 
  • C Tier: C tier operators are for beginners as these are quite easy to operate, but are not for higher-ranked games
  • D Tier: The D tier operators are for very specific tasks which you would not require frequently.
  • E Tier: These are also like D tier operators, but they are also difficult to use.
  • F Tier: The F tier operators are the least impactful operators. You should refrain from these operators for the ranked games as they would not be effective.

Rainbow Six Siege Tier List

Here’s the complete list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators:

  • S Tier – Thatcher, Smoke, Ace, Wamai, Thunderbird, Jackal, Mira, Nomad, Maverick
  • A Tier – Sledge, Mute, Twitch, IQ, Jager, Valkyrie, Hibana, Zofia, Iana, Finka, Flores, Bandit
  • B Tier – Thorn, Thermite, Osa, Ash, Castle, Fuze, Buck, Capitao, Ela, Vigil, Maestro, Kaid, Aruni
  • C Tier – Pulse, Doc, Rook, Montagne, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, Mozzie, Nokk, Goyo, Zero
  • D Tier – Tachanka, Caveira, Echo, Dokkaebi, Clash, Gridlock, Amaru, Kali, Melusi
  • E Tier – Blackbeard, Ying, Lion, Alibi, Warden, Oryx
  • F Tier – Glaz, Blitz

Best Rainbow Six Siege Operators for Attackers

S Tier

  1. Thatcher: Thatcher is your go to option for back line attacker in the ranked games. His EMP can deactivate the electronics within its range. Also, with Thatcher you’d have plenty of gun choices. 
  2. Ace: Ace is one of the best hard breachers with his highly impactful aqua breaching ability. Plus, he is equipped with an AK12 which makes him difficult to defend.
  3. Jackal: Jackal is the best operator r6 for tracking enemies because of his Eyenox Model III. Also, he has great options for guns like C7E AR.
  4. Nomad: Nomad’s air jab launcher has the potential to off-track enemies which makes her an S tier pick. Also, the ARs and secondary weapons make her a great attacker.
  5. Maverick: Breacher torch equipped Maverick is a bit tricky to handle, but he’s highly effective for breaching any wall or surface. Also, he has two ARs and a decent handgun. 

A Tier

A Tier
  1. Sledge: Sledge is one of the most popular attackers in r6. As a flanker, he can be a real threat to enemies because he can open new fire lines and breach walls through his hammer.
  2. Twitch: Twitch is known for her intel and disabling capabilities. As an attacker, she can have great entry frag or backline support. She also has the best rifles that are f2 and 417. 
  3. IQ: IQ can be your intel, frontline, or flanker. She has a wrist-mounted sensor through which any electronic device can be detected. However, you might find her health poor.
  4. Hibana: Hibana is an amazing hard breacher equipped with  X-Kairos which can fire pellets like a 40mm launcher. The shotgun and secondary weapons can also cause great damage.
  5. Zofia: Zofia is known for her KS79 lifeline which allows her to simultaneously fire both concussion and impact grenades. This can be really handy in soft breach.
  6. Iana: Iana is another great intel attacker. Her Gemini replicator can deceive the enemies and gather information about their location.
  7. Finka: If you need a health boost for your entire squad, Finka will help you. Her adrenal surge gives every operator a health boost and improves aim. 

B Tier

B Tier
  1. Thermite: Thermite can be your key backline attacker. With his exothermic charge, he can be an impressive hard breacher and an asset to your team.
  2. Osa: Osa’s strength is her Talon-8 clear shield which is transparent. It provides protection and helps in gathering intel.
  3. Ash: Ash is the best operator if you love speedy actions. But it isn’t as effective as it used to be, but still a decent option for beginners.
  4. Fuze: With his cluster charge, Fuze can be your flanker, breacher, and keep your enemies off your area. Though Fuze has a shield his health isn’t great and neither is his speed. 
  5. Buck: Buck is a decent flanker and soft breacher. The best thing about Buck is his skeleton key which allows you to change from assault rifle to shotgun easily.
  6. Flores: Flores can be an impressive attacker if you can use the RCE-ratero correctly. However, his other weaponry is pretty basic.
  7. Capitao: Capitao is one of the most underrated attackers. With his tactical crossbow, light machine gun, and para assault rifle, Capitao can be a competent attacker. However, you might feel the recoil issue with these guns

C Tier

C Tier
  1. Montagne: In a standing position, Montagne can cover himself with his magnetic shield. It has the potential to survive any small-arm fires. He does not have any attacking weapons.
  2. Nokk: Nokk’s weapons are not quite as effective but the ability to hide from any sensors is really impressive. 
  3. Zero: Zero is also a competent attacker who can provide you with valuable intel. His twin angled Argus launcher can be used to monitor two sides. However, you can easily divert its attention or can destroy it.
  4. Dokkaebi: Dokkaebi can hack into opponents’ PDA devices and gauge their location by causing their devices to emit buzzing noise.
  5. Gridlock: The Gridlock is a great option if you want a variety of guns with you. The F90 and M249 can give considerable damage to the opponents. Also, her trax stingers can be used as obstacles for enemies. The only thing that puts her in the D tier is her slow speed.
  6. Amaru: Amaru is a decent front line attacker because of her G8A1 machine gun. Also, you would have the advantage of climbing up the buildings because of her garra hook. This ability sets her apart from all other operators.
  7. Kali: Kali has the best weapons for breaking the walls and breaching barricades. You can do that even from a large distance. Also, her CSRX 300 can be used to destroy gadgets.

E Tier

E Tier
  1. Blackbeard: Blackbeard’s distinctive attribute is the rifle shield that protects from artillery fire. His assault and marksman rifles are decent but there’s the issue of recoil.
  2. Ying: Attacking with Ying could be highly effective because of her primary weapons and Candela device which can blind the opponents. However, operating Ying could be difficult for you.
  3. Lion: Lion’s unique ability is the EE-ONE-D which helps in detecting movements and indicating the hot zones. Though his weapons are decent, they are not used in ranked games. Also, the speed, health, and difficulty level are not much effective for ranked games. 

F Tier

F Tier
  1. Glaz: Glaz’s strength is his Marksman rifle which comes with a flip sight, providing a wider view and ranged shooting. He can assist by providing a cover and has the potential of soft breaching. But, the difficulty level and speed put it behind in the game.
  2. Blitz: Blitz is equipped with a rock-solid shield that has a flash with which it can easily distract the opponents. However, Blitz’ weapons are very limited which would not be useful in higher rank games. Also, his health and speed are not up to the mark.

Best Rainbow Six Siege Operators for Defenders

S Tier

  1. Smoke: Smoke is one of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators for defenders. Using his gas grenade remotely, Smoke can wipe out enemies in the close vicinity.
  2. Thunderbird: Thunderbird is equipped with a Kona station that provides a safe zone for operators by boosting their health or reviving them. 
  3. Wamai: Wamai’s Mag-net system can lure opponents’ devices towards it and detonates automatically when they approach closer. Along with that, his shotguns and assault rifle are very useful in giving damage. 
  4. Mira: You might argue that Mira is a bit slow, but she’s still one of the most efficient defenders. Her black mirrors provide a window through which you can see through without your opponents noticing it. 

A Tier

A Tier
  1. Mute: Mute is one of the most valuable defenders in your squad. Through his bulletproof camera, he can keep an eye on the opposition and his signal disruptors deny information to the opponents.
  2. Jager: Jager is another impressive defender who can counter flankers and can help knock down any of the opponents’ projectiles through his ADS.
  3. Valkyrie: Valkyrie can install her black eye cams anywhere because of the suction cups. These cams have a gyroscope that steadies the lens angles and allows her to gather intel. 
  4. Bandit: Bandit is a speedy and efficient defender. He can nullify the attackers’ tactics by using his shock wire on various surfaces. 

B Tier

  1. Thorn: Thorn is an impressive operator because of her highly effective razorbloom shell that can sensor the opponents near it and throws blades in different directions. Plus she has a solid shield and a good set of guns for defence.
  2. Castle: Castle can provide your team with a fortress for defending your objective and can restrict the movements of attackers. The proximity alarm and armor panel are his main strengths.
  3. Ela: Ela is Zofia’s sister and like her, she has great abilities. Ela is best known for her Grzmot mines which put the enemies off-track. 
  4. Vigil: Vigil carries great primary and secondary guns and has a bulletproof camera. On top of that, he can’t be detected via drones because of his ERC-7.
  5. Maestro: Maestro has ‘evil eyes’ which enables him to have clear vision even in smoke. These evil eyes also emit laser beams.
  6. Kaid: Kaid’s strong point is his ‘Rtila’ claw through which he can electrify various surfaces and makes it difficult for attackers to breach.
  7. Aruni: Having adequate weapons, Aruni also makes a decent operator of the B tier. Though aiming for headshots would be difficult for her, she can defend doors securely through the Surya gate.

C Tier

C Tier
  1. Pulse: Pulse is a fairly competent choice for roamer and intel. His distinctive heartbeat tracker allows him to spot enemies easily.
  2. Doc: Doc’s effectiveness depends on how well you can operate him. He carries a lethal handheld pistol that uses a CO2 canister, along with two submachine guns and a shotgun. However, Doc is a slow operator.
  3. Rook: Rook mostly plays the role of the buff operator or anchor. He and Doc got similar guns. But Rook’s plus point is he can protect the entire squad through his ‘Rhino’ armor.
  4. Kapkan: Kapkan can be your trap operator. His EDD-MK II device is motion-sensitive that keeps the attackers from breaching your stronghold.
  5. Frost: The defender frost is equipped with the distinctive ‘welcome mat’ which can trap others at one place. 
  6. Lesion: Lesion can be a good anchor because of his ability to infect opponents with ‘Gu mines’ which slows down their speed. However, he isn’t great at dealing with damage.
  7. Mozzie: Mozzie has got pests which are small bots that allow him to counter drones. These pests can also hack into drones and provide intel. 

D Tier

D Tier
  1. Tachanka: Tachanka carries a ‘Shumikha launcher’ which has combustible grenades. It can hold up to 7 grenades which allows Tachanka to defend a wide area. However, since he’s difficult to operate, that’s why you might want to avoid it. 
  2. Caveira: Caveira has got a reasonable set of guns including the lusion. Her silent steps and discreet gathering of intel can be convenient for the team. However, this gameplay requires you to go solo which can be difficult for players.
  3. Echo: Echo is equipped with a Yokai drone that can outburst ultrasonic waves to stun enemies. 
  4. Clash: Clash is the only defender who carries a solid CCE shield, that’s why Clash can easily deal damage. However, any tier B or C operator can counter it. 
  5. Melusi: Melusi’s sonic defense works like the evil eyes of Maestro. It can sense motion and screams if it detects any.
  6. Goyo: Goyo provides you with a basic shield that has a flammable bomb that you can detonate when attackers approach. However, it isn’t quite an effective tactic.

E Tier

E Tier
  1. Alibi: Alibi has a special ability to ping opponents because of her holograms. 
  2. Warden: The only speciality about the Warden operator is that it can see through smoke. Though the shotgun is quite useful, her overall abilities are not for high-ranked games.
  3. Oryx: Oryx is best known for his swiftness and speed. Though his SMGs work fine, you won’t want to pick this operator because of poor health.

What is Rainbow Six Siege?

After describing everything about Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List, we’d like to teach more about the Raibox Six Siege game so you may learn more about it:

Rainbow Six Siege is a fascinating online tactical shooter video game that manages to be entertaining and enjoyable. Rainbox Six Siege is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Rainbox Six Siege is available on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Rainbox Six Siege is playable on nearly all popular gaming systems.

This game debuted on December 1, 2015. This game was officially released for the 1st time at the end of 2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Later, on December 1, 2020, it came out for Xbox Series X/S. Rainbox Six Siege falls into the Tactical shooter category. Rainbow Six Siege has both single-player as well as multiplayer modes available. Rainbow Six Siege can be played alone or with multiple players. There are tons to discover in the Rainbox Six Siege game. Rainbow Six Siege’s gameplay is straightforward.

We have provided detailed information on Rainbow Six Siege Operators’ Latest Tier List. Stay tuned with Reviewsed for more details about the Rainbow Six Siege tier list. We’ll notify you as soon as our team receives any new information about the Rainbow Six Siege tier list.


The Rainbow Six Siege game is all about how accurately you select operators in your squad. That’s why it is crucial to know the best Rainbow Six Siege operators for both attackers and defenders. Since they are updated consistently, you might have trouble setting up your operator tier list. To assist you with that, we compiled this complete rainbow six siege operator tier list that will help you in figuring out the right squad.

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