M4A4 vs. M4A1-S

M4A4 vs M4A1-S

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is probably the most notorious multiplayer first-person shooter of all time. And the preferred choice for FPS gamers looking for a hardcore 5v5 competitive experience.

Steam game Counter-Strike is also often considered the most accurate game for guns, grenades, and other in-game items. The mechanisms of guns are so similar to real-life that players spend hours trying to understand the spray patterns and recoil of different weapons. Counterstrike has a huge arsenal which has many classes that different guns fall into. From handguns to heavy machine guns, Counter-Strike has it all. While players are often confused when it comes to choosing the better weapon, the debate of the better one between M4A4 and M4A1-S has been going on for ages, and this read is going to answer the question

Mag Size

Mag Size

The M4A4 has a slightly better ammo capacity with a bigger magazine that holds up to 30 bullets when it comes to Magazine size. While not too far behind, the M4A1-S has a clip size of 25 bullets per mag. 

Fire Rate

Probably one of the most defining features in any weapon across all FPS games. As for FireRate, the M4A4 has a better fire rate that helps the player’s rain down bullets way faster than M4A1-S, but that comes at the price of accuracy. 



With a higher fire rate comes higher recoil, and no wonder why M4A1-S wins the accuracy round. I think we are running pretty close as to which gun leaves the other one behind in this epic comparison.


While most of the other stats are almost the same and both the guns frankly share all the greatness equally. So which one should you really choose?

The answer to that is the way you play and tackle your rivals in the game. Your playstyle is the answer to the question, whether you want to devastate your enemies with higher damage or just make every bullet count and hit them straight. For players who prefer tactics over reflexes, M4A1-S is surely the better one by far, and if you have the control required to diminish the recoil, M4A4 is definitely best suited for you. At the end of the day, it’s all up to your personal preference as both M4s don’t really have a significant difference.

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