The Best Micro ATX Cases (2022 Reviews)

6 Best Micro ATX Cases (2023 Reviews)

Everyone loves a huge PC they can deck out with the best components. A larger-sized PC case allows us so much space to work with and has possibilities of endless customizations. However, it is not feasible for many.

Many people simply do not have space for a massive PC, yet they still want something that will pack in as much of a punch as a regular giant PC. 

People often search up ‘pc case micro atx’ and ‘matx vs atx,’ so there is definitely a demand. Due to such a demand comes in the microatx cases. They are designed to have two functions, be small and save space. Of course, the small form factor leaves a lot to be desired, but in terms of saving you space, it does its job, and it does it well. 

It is important to note that if you opt for a Micro ATX case or a Mini atx case, you will have to think. Choosing components for such a case might be a little tricky. If you have the skill, you can end up with a high-end PC with cutting-edge technology that can do whatever you want it to. Additionally, it will be cost-efficient too.

Even though these cases are super cost-efficient and space-efficient, they aren’t extremely popular. There are many reasons for this. 

Firstly, matx case cases tend to heat up faster than others. The reasoning behind this build-up of heat is the components that are essentially pushed very close together. This heat-up may hinder the performance of the PC. Larger cases often feature liquid cooling to allow the insides to cool down, but that is absent in micro ATX cases to save space.

Secondly, micro ATX cases are a challenge to put together. Most people enjoy building their PC from scratch. For this one, you might have to leave it to the professionals. 

Despite the few drawbacks, Micro ATX cases are ingenious. For those who know their way around PCs and are up for the challenge of fitting everything inside this tiny PC case, a micro ATX case is perfect. 

To make your job easier, here are the best Micro ATX cases available on the market right now.

1. Dark Flash DLM21

Dark Flash DLM21

The Dark Flash DLM21 is an extremely well-rounded micro atx pc case. It features a minimalistic design and is extremely pleasing to look at and admire. The case has a simple yet efficient design. There is a hinged glass door and ample perforations so that the hot air can vent out and not heat up the case. 

The built of this Micro ATX case is phenomenal as it features design choices that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You can pick up this case in black or white themes, and both are designed to fit perfectly into any kind of setup. Whatever theme you have, a black or a white PC will match.  

The glass door is constructed out of high-quality tempered glass. It is hinged in a way that allows it to open easily. Additionally, it does not obstruct any component, which is a bonus. 

There are also several radiator mounts that allow for water cooling and excellent ventilation. A dire necessity in a case this small.

When comparing the features to the price, the Dark Flash DLM21 is worth every single penny. 


  • It is extremely affordable
  • It includes radiator mounts for ventilation purposes
  • The glass door allows for easy access to the components
  • There are two gorgeous themes to choose from.


  • Hard to fit larger components in.

2. Corsair Crystal 280X

Corsair Crystal 280X

Among the best micro ATX cases, the Corsair Crystal 280X is in a league of its own. The exterior is stunning as it has a cube-like chassis. Using steel, plastic, and glass, the layout of this case is extremely aesthetic and has the ability to jazz up your gaming space. The triple side paneling is a bonus that adds to the aesthetics. 

On the inside, the interior is as impressive as the exterior. It is extremely compatible and works well with many different components. If you use a Mini-ITX motherboard, you will have so much space to work with. This added space not only means you can fit more in but that the components will have more breathing space. Hence, fewer chances of heat up.

The layout that this case shows off is a dual-chamber one. This layout maximizes space in a way very few micro ATX cables do. 

Additionally, the gripe about the difficulty in building Micro ATX PCs is gone with this one. It is extremely easy to put together. So much that even first-time builders can do it. With the unique dual-chamber layout, wire tangling will be kept to a minimum, and the overall look will be sleek and minimal. 

The Corsair also allows for multiple cooling options. You can fit in a 5.9-inch high liquid cooler, or you can make use of cooling fans as well. This case supports 6 fans measuring 120mm. These fans cool off the PC and keep the dust at bay.


  • The design is sleek and minimal
  • It has a dual-chamber layout
  • Has excellent dust filtrations
  • There are two cooling options
  • It supports 6 fans
  • Has five storage bays.


  • It has no Type-C port
  • The thermal performance is a bit lacking. 

3. Thermaltake Core V21 Cube

Thermaltake Core V21 Cube

To save space, sometimes manufacturers use different form factors to ensure that you, as the user, can use your space functionally. The Thermaltake Core V21 Cube has an interesting form factor, but it works exceptionally well.

This oblong case has the space distributed somewhat differently than any other PC you may have come across. This redistribution of space means it fits right into a small space, which is a blessing for those with little desk space to spare. 

In terms of cooling, this micro ATX case is a beast. Out of the six sides, five of them have open-air vents. These vents allow the heat to escape efficiently from all sides. This heat ventilation means that the case would have few heat-up issues, and your components will be safe from damage. 

The case itself features a fan that sits behind the front area. It is a great help in dispersing hot air and keeps the case cool.

A unique feature that the V21 cube boasts is that it can be flipped onto either side. The case is designed to allow you to place it both horizontally and vertically. 

Regarding affordability, the V21 cube costs more than other options, but that does not mean it is still not affordable. All of its features justify the price, and there will be no regrets with this case.


  • The unusual form factor allows the PC to be placed in any orientation based on desk space.
  • The airflow is excellent and helps prevent heat-up
  • Has multiple vents


  • Due to the irregular shape, some components can be challenging to fit in.

4. Cooler Master Silenco S400

Cooler Master Silenco S400

One might assume that if you are opting for a micro ATX case, there aren’t many features you can avail of alongside it. However, that is not the case. If you are in the market for a more silent case and have less desk space to work with, the Cooler Master Silencio S400 is a great option. 

A bit on the taller side, this case remains one of those compatible with a Micro ITX motherboard. 

This case has a ventilated top and possesses innovative sound dampening cushions. These cushions help dampen the sound and make the usage of this case whisper quiet. Apart from a few bells and whistles, this case ensures silence in your work/ gaming space.

The Cooler Master Silencio S400 has a sleek minimal design. Hence, you can place it anywhere and not have it take up too much space or attention. 

In terms of ventilation, this micro ATX case has the ability to support 6 fans that can work together to ensure that the insides do not heat up too much. This is invaluable as the heat build-up can be troublesome in such small cases.

The Cooler Master Silencio also offers you two USB 3.0 ports faster than its predecessors. It also has a combo jack that has a microphone and audio support. These small features are invaluable to a user. 


  • The operation is almost whispered quietly
  • It is built of sturdy material and is durable
  • The front panel is designed to be reversible
  • It has space for 6 fans and comes with 2 built-in Silencio fans.


  • Thermal performance is a bit lacking
  • Type-C ports are visibly missing.

5. Thermaltake Versa H18

 Thermaltake Versa H18

The Thermaltake Versa is yet another excellent addition to this list of the best Micro ATX case available on the market. It has a gorgeous design featuring a tempered glass window that looks much sleeker than acrylic and plastic. It is also designed to stand tall. Hence, it occupies less space than others and offers a lot more. 

The front panel of this micro ATX case is designed to have perforations. These perforations help keep the heat at bay as all the hot air has space to be dispensed out of the case.

To help the case stand out, the manufacturers have attached a hardware strip near the USB ports with a blue LED strip. This splash of color allows the Versa H18 to make its presence known. 

The Versa H18 is also an extremely affordable option. Although a bit plain, the design has all the essentials needed in a case. It is well-designed and will look pretty on your desk. Hence it is here on the list of best matx case available.


  • It is extremely easy on the pocket as compared to others
  • This case is easy to place in tight spaces
  • The airflow is excellent and prevents heat-ups


  • The cable management is not the best
  • Does not have any exciting features and perks. 

6. Musetex Mesh MK7-W

Musetex Mesh MK7-W

If you are in the market for a Micro ATX case that is both pretty and functional, the Musetex Mesh MK7-W is the one for you.

It features tempered glass panels on the sides, which helps in both the durability department and the aesthetic department. There is also a metal mesh placed on the front that looks more of a design choice but is actually great for ventilation.

Furthermore, the Mesh MK7-W features magnetic door management, metal-wrapped glass, and a metal ring. These features add to the aesthetics and the usability of this micro ATX case. The glass is not just for show, it is 4mm thick and helps protect the components and keeps the dust-out. The glass has an anti-dust mesh that does its job well and keeps the insides dust-free. 

The Mesh MK7-W also has room for 6 fans. These are distributed throughout the case to help avoid any heat build-up. Additionally, it comes with 4 RGB fans with the case itself, so you don’t have to get accessories beforehand.

Due to all these features, this case can definitely be counted as one of the best matx cases you can find on the market.


  • Has a good airflow system
  • It has multiple features that prevent dust from entering the case.
  • Can support 3 SSDs
  • The design is very aesthetically pleasing 
  • Has the ability to handle 


  • There are no Type-C ports

What Does Micro-ATX Case Mean?

Micro-ATX cases are computer cases meant to hold a Micro-ATX, also known as mATX, motherboard along with its related components. They are designed to safely and effectively manage the computer’s internal workings safely and effectively by utilizing an integrated power supply, built-in cooling systems, and modular form factors. When combined, these qualities increase the Micro-ATX construction’s ability and establish the groundwork for a high-performance PC.

ATX versus Micro-ATX versus Mini-ITX

What is the difference between different motherboard designs, and when should you utilize which one? Let us first define each term:

ATX motherboard. The Standard ATX also called the Advanced Technology Extended, motherboards measure 12.0″ x 9.6″ and include the most PCIe lanes for demanding graphics-oriented systems.

Micro-ATX motherboard. Micro-ATX motherboards are 9.6″ x 9.6″ in size, offering the ideal blend of high performance and practical sizing.

Mini-ITX motherboard. Mini-ITX motherboards are smaller than ATX and mATX motherboards, measuring only 6.7″ x 6.7″, and are ideal for compact setups and portable systems.

As you can see, Micro-ATX is smack in the middle of the other two big players, providing the optimal balance of power and capability for gaming PCs and everyday setups. And, because Micro-ATX cases are often considered compact form-factor machines, they may fit a lot of new technology into a small tower. Finally, the best Micro-ATX cases assist you in getting the best out of your motherboard to provide unequaled performance and a plethora of excellent benefits.

MATX Motherboard Size

The motherboard form factor is smaller than ATX, MATX, or Mini ATX. It is an excellent choice for customers seeking a more compact system without compromising functionality since, despite its compact size, it’s able to accommodate a full-size CPU socket and numerous expansion slots.

It is 9.6 x 9.6 inches square and is smaller than a conventional micro ATX motherboard. It is also frequently used in low-cost projects due to the fact that it’s quite affordable.


The motherboard form factor, often known as MATX or Mini ATX, determines the size as well as the design of the motherboard in a computer. Even though the system does not directly specify fans, digital fan controllers compatible with MATX motherboards can be used to cool it.

Case and CPU fans are computer builds’ two most common fan types. Case fans are frequently located on the front, rear, or side of the computer case to circulate air throughout the system to keep the elements cool. On the other hand, CPU fans are designed to cool the central processor by extracting heat from it.


The MATX motherboard form factor, sometimes Mini ATX, has zero to do with SMPS devices. On the other hand, SMPS units are essential components of every computer configuration, including those that employ MATX motherboards.

An SMPS unit’s job is to convert alternating current (AC) electricity from an outlet into direct current (DC) power that computer parts may use. The SMPS unit also adjusts voltage and current to guarantee that the computer components receive a continuous and steady power source.

MATX Dimensions

The MATX, or Mini ATX, the motherboard form factor, was developed as a more compact and reasonably priced substitute for the classic ATX form factor. A standard MATX motherboard measuring 9.6 by 9.6 inches (244 by 244 mm) is square in shape. This is significantly smaller compared to the ATX motherboard with dimensions of 12 x 9.6 inches (305 x 244 mm).

Due to their smaller size, MATX motherboards are popular for clients who wish to build more compact machines without losing functionality. MATX motherboards can still accommodate a full-size CPU socket and a number of expansion slots, typically 4 to 5 PCIe slots plus 2 to 4 RAM slots, depending on the model.

MATX Graphic Card Size

The dimensions of the graphics card, which you can use with a MATX motherboard, are determined by the size of the chassis in which it may be installed. Graphics cards measuring up to 12 inches or 305 millimeters in length are normally supported by MATX cases, while some bigger cases may be able to accommodate longer cards.

Because larger graphics cards may restrict other expansion slots on the motherboard, users should ensure that there’s ample room in the case for the card and any other components they intend to install.

Users should also consider the graphics card’s power requirements and ensure the SMPS unit can provide enough power to support them.

What are the Advantages of choosing Micro-ATX Cases?

There are several advantages to using a Micro-ATX case as your primary gaming rig chassis. Consider the following:

Sizing is convenient. Because Micro-ATX motherboards are comparatively smaller than similar gaming boards, allowing you to select from a wide range of modular cases to find the best fit for your rig.

Options for performance. Micro-ATX motherboards are some of the most popular among PC gamers because they’re packed with cutting-edge technology. Of course, the most desirable mATX cases follow suit, with excellent power supply, cooling systems, as well as USB connectivity.

Designs that are appealing. There are numerous variations on the market, ranging from simple single-color designs to impressive LED-backlit tempered glass models. Top PC gaming brands provide thin towers, cube forms, and custom-molded alternatives.

Advantage in gaming. Because they are specifically engineered to perform seamlessly for gamers, you can be confident that you are taking full advantage of the strongest hardware available on the market.

How to Build a Micro-ATX Case

Fortunately, constructing and using some of the best Micro-ATX cases is similar to assembling and using any other type of computer case. While each model is unique, you will receive simple form factors allowing you to add your hardware with a few screws plus a little effort. However, things become more complicated when modular models or mid-tower cases are included.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying a Micro ATX Case

Wanting a small case can be extremely tempting when you have less space to work with. However, many challenges come with downsizing to a Micro ARX case. 

Before wading into the market and buying a microatx pc case, here are a few things that you should consider before you swipe your card.

1. Customizability and Design

Many people look at the design of their PCs before anything else. This is because that is what you observe from the outside. A tempered glass case might seem extremely tempting, but you should consider the extra work you will have to put in. 

With everything on show, hiding the cables and making them look neat and tidy is difficult. With micro atx cases, there is already less space, so managing cables becomes harder than usual. 

The upside to having a glass case is that it allows you to put in colored LED strips and RGB fans. They make the case look extremely pretty and can brighten up the place.

2. Cooling

Micro ATX cases are designed to be small. So, the chances of it heating up are quite high. Hence, you must choose a Micro ATX case that allows multiple cooling options. If you intend on installing custom cooling rigs, choose a Micro ATX case that allows you the option to both install and clean such systems. 

A proper vent system is also invaluable in helping the components stay cool.

3. Space for Components:

With the desire to use as little space as possible, you might want to go for the smallest case on the market. As tempting as that may be, a small case is not the smartest way to go about things.

When choosing a case, keep the number and size of your components in mind. Ask yourself whether or not your case can handle all of them?

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Which is the most compact micro ATX case?

The most compact micro ATX case has to be Corsair Carbide Air 540. 

2: Can a speaker be added to a micro ATX case?

Connecting the PC speaker is as simple as connecting it to the front of the micro ATX case. 

3: What is the height of a micro ATX case?

The micro ATX case has a maximum height of 365 mm. 

4: Can a micro ATX case fit an ATX power supply?

The majority of micro ATX cases support ATX power supplies. In most cases, the tiny ATX refers to the largest motherboard size that can be accommodated.

5: Is micro ATX less expensive compared to ATX?

Indeed, micro ATX is less expensive than ATX since the size and material utilized are smaller.


With so many incredible options and advice at hand, the decision to pick a Micro ATX case that fits your needs has been made super easy. All options in this list have their own perks, and it depends on you, as the consumer, to decide which case has all the features you need.

Happy Shopping!

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