Gaming Keyboards Under 100

9 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 100

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard under $ 100 that will help you take your gaming skills to the next level and make the experience more enjoyable, then our list of top picks of the best gaming keyboards prices below $100 is perfect for you.

The avid gamers in our team know the impact the right gaming equipment can have on the overall gaming experience. We have meticulously tested and examined multiple gaming affordable keyboards to bring you the list of the ones that will offer the most bang for your buck.

We believe that you can get a great gaming keyboard without breaking the bank. Here is our list of the best gaming keyboards under 100 from the various gaming keyboards we have tested in 2021:

1. Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard

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If you are a gaming newbie and looking for the best silent mechanical customizable backlit keyboard, then Redragon S101. It comes with more than half a dozen RBG effects and lightning modes, adjustable backlight brightness level, and anti-ghosting that allows you to press up to 25 keys without affecting performance.

The Redragon 101 silent gaming keyboard’s best feature is that you can still enjoy a mechanical keyboard’s tactile feature. Redragon S101 has an ergonomic design that is also corrosion-free and can withstand spills.

The excellent responsiveness and wrist rest allow you to enjoy hours of gaming with optimal comfort. Redragon 101 gaming keyboard deserves the top spot on our list for its wide range of features and performance.

  • It comes with a Mouse and Mousepad
  • Tactile feedback yet quiet keyboard
  • Seven different RGB Lighting modes  
  • 8-pieces weight tuning set – (2.4g x 8)  
  • Anti-ghosting (up to 25 keys)
  • 12 multimedia keys
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Resists the spills
  • Average durability
  • Slightly flimsy built quality

2. Redragon K552-RGB Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K552-RGB Gaming Keyboard

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For the impressively low price of $30, the Redragon K552-RGB Gaming Keyboard offers actual mechanical programmable keyboard functionality and experience with the excellent build quality, blue switches, and RGB options. This gaming keyboard sticks to the standards and delivers them nicely.

With a keyboard like Redragon K552-RGB Gaming Keyboard for such a low price, you can’t expect fancy features.

  • Amazing low price
  • Good build quality with sturdy aluminum back plate
  • Good implementation of blue switches
  • Compact tenkeyless
  • 12 function keys
  • Plenty of RGB options
  • 18-month warranty
  • Blue switch as an option only
  • Undetectable USB cable 
  • Low quality key caps
  • Slippery feet

3. HAVIT HV-KB395L Wired Gaming Keyboard

HAVIT HV-KB395L Wired Gaming Keyboard

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The HAVIT HV-KB395L Wired Gaming Keyboard has made it to our top list for many reasons, including its low-profile mechanical keyboard experience that is a dream to use. This keyboard uses Kalih PG1350 low-profile Blue switches, which decreases the profile of the keys by a lot, which elevates the typing experience. Also, the RGB lighting and great build quality make the KB395L a solid choice for a gaming keyboard for under $100.

  • Great value for $79.99
  • comfortable typing
  • great built quality and slim profile
  • Mechanical keys
  • Convenient Detachable USB cable
  • RGB lighting not consistent throughout the keyboard
  • Thin design causes the keyboard to bend in the middle
  • No media keys

4. CORSAIR K57 CH-925C015-NA Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K57 CH-925C015-NA Gaming Keyboard

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One of the most expensive gaming keyboards in our list with a price tag just shy of $100. The CORSAIR K57 CH-925C015-NA Gaming Keyboard is an excellent pick for those looking for a wireless gaming keyboard with dynamic backlighting that never ceases to impress but only when the USB cord is plugged.

The most impressive features of the CORSAIR K57 include high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless, dedicated macro column, and great macro recording.

  • Dedicated media keys and macro buttons
  • Impressive backlighting
  • Fast, Lag-free Bluetooth or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for wireless functionality
  • Good battery life
  • Too large to fit in the lap comfortably 
  • Uncomfortable after extended use
  • The limited feature set and non-mechanical keys for the price

5. VicTsing OL205040US Wired Gaming Keyboard

VicTsing OL205040US Wired Gaming Keyboard

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If you are an entry-level gamer or if you have a minimal budget – then VicTsing OL205040US Wired Gaming Keyboard is hands down the best choice for you!

VicTsing is well known for its affordable, top-notch devices. Similarly, VicTsing OL205040US is undoubtedly a highly impressive device! VicTsing OL205040US offers smart multimedia controls with 12 multimedia shortcuts for the uninterrupted gaming experience. This gaming keyboard is also compatible with Windows 95/98/XP/2000/ME/VISTA/7/8/10 and Mac OS.

VicTsing OL205040US has highly responsive keys with uniformed red backlight with preprogrammed 5-themed backlight and 20 lighting models choices. You can also customize color and fading effects to your heart’s content. VicTsing OL205040US also comes with an 18-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty. What more can you expect from a $30?

  • Great value for money
  • Detachable Ergonomic Wrist Rest
  • Uniform red backlight
  • Reliable built quality
  • Anti-fading/anti-ghosting technology
  • Quick responsive keys
  • Low noise
  • Waterproof
  • Average design

6. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

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There is no doubt in the fact that Corsair has continually impressed us with feature-packed gaming devices for the past few decades. If you are a fan of Corsair K70 LUX vs K70, but you are on a budget! Then, the Corsair K55 will tick all the boxes without causing a massive dent in your wallet!

For an under $50 gaming keyboard, Corsair offers an impressive range of features and an attractive design. It is undoubtedly an excellent option for entry-level gamers.

Corsair K55 offers ten pre-programmed vivid RGB lighting modes, six programmable macro keys, dedicated audio and multimedia controls for the uninterrupted gaming experience, highly responsive quiet keys, Windows VISTA/7/8/10 and Xbox One compatibility, and 30-days money-back guarantee.

  • Excellent built quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Dedicated audio and multimedia controls
  • Attractive design
  • Detachable rubberized wrist rest for optimum comfort
  • Superb, uninterrupted gaming performance
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Lacks software for smart RCB light control

7. AUKEY KM-G6 Gaming Keyboard

AUKEY KM-G6 Gaming Keyboard

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Through the years, AUKEY has introduced a fantastic range of feature-packed, budget-friendly gaming devices. Likewise, AUKEY KM-G6 is an excellent option for entry-level gamers who are in search of a reliable quality gaming keyboard that performs exceptionally well without charging you an arm and a leg.

Although AUKEY KM-G6 lacks a few basic features like no macro keys, limited RGB implementation and documentation, single color per row backlight, and an option to select only two custom lighting effects, however, AUKEY KM-G6 still offers a promising performance for the price.

  • Impressive built quality
  • Fantastic range of RCB options
  • Great typing experience
  • 24-month replacement warranty
  • 50-million-keystroke lifespan
  • Abrasion and water resistance
  • Unattractive key font
  • Compromised comfort due to lack of wrist rest
  • No Media keys and USB passthrough

8. Razer Cynosa Chroma RZ03-02260200-R3U1 Gaming Keyboard

Razer Cynosa Chroma RZ03-02260200-R3U1 Gaming Keyboard

About Product

Rated no.1 Selling Membrane Gaming Keyboard in the US by NPD Group, Inc., the Razer Cynosa Chroma offers a fantastic feature to price value. Not only does Razer Cynosa Chroma look similar to Razer’s more pricy gaming keyboards, but its features will also make you second guess its price.

Razer Cynosa Chroma offers an all-around gaming performance with amazing features like ultimate personalization with supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys, fully programmable macro support, 80-million-keystroke lifespan, and anti-ghosting technology.

The impressive range of features and attractive design makes Razer Cynosa Chroma one of the most popular gamer’s keyboard priced under $50.

  • An excellent option for both professional and entry-level gamers
  • Soft cushioned keys
  • Individually RGB lit keys
  • Water-resistance
  • 80-million-keystroke lifespan
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Reliable tactile experience
  • No dedicated MACRO keys
  • Software requires improvement

9. Logitech G413 Wired Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G413 Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Logitech has introduced the Romer-G mechanical key switch, which is designed explicitly for pro-grade performance and exceptional responsiveness. Due to Romer-G mechanical key switch, Logitech G413 gaming performance is not only fast but significantly less noisy.

Logitech G413 also features full function keys for smart volume, play, and pause, mute, skip track, toggle, enter game mode, lighting, and other functions.

  • Good built quality
  • Impressive metallic design
  • USB 2.0 port pass-through
  • Reliable quality key switches
  • Full function keys
  • Lacks custom backlight adjustment feature
  • Requires two USB ports on PC
  • No wrist rest
  • A pricy option

Final Verdict

It is fantastic news for gamers that more and more gaming gadget companies are now offering feature-packed devices at an affordable price range. We are hoping that we will continually see affordable devices with a full range of professional features.

We hope that this best gaming keyboard under 100 guide will help you make an informed decision regarding with gaming keyboard will offer you the best feature to price value.

Kylo is a tech geek who loves technology and spends time writing about it. He is also an avid gamer, completing his studies in Information technology. He is a co-founder of Reviewsed.