10 best Nike backpack

10 Best Nike Backpack

A versatile backpack is a must-have despite where you are in life. If you are a student, then a good quality backpack is essential. It can hold all of your books, binders, and tech. If you travel, then a backpack can hold all of the essentials needed for your adventures. 

Nike is a well-known brand in the backpack sphere. Although Nike’s sports backpacks are the most well-known ones, they have something available for everyone. 

If you need a backpack of a certain shape and size, Nike probably has it because their backpack collection is quite extensive. Furthermore, Nike has many options for backpacks that work well for school-goers, as well. There are also Nike small backpacks available in the lineup for those who do not need to carry a lot of stuff.

However, when you set out to buy a Nike backpack, you should scope the market for the best-reviewed ones. If you do so, you will know that the one you purchase will be perfect for your needs. Another benefit of looking at reviews is that there is a lot of variety. There is the Nike sb backpack, the Nike Heritage, and so many more to choose from.

Furthermore, you should also figure out the kind of backpack you need. These considerations will help narrow down your choices. Thus, in the end, you will end up with a bag that is perfect for you.

Nike Backpacks

Nike backpacks are mostly known in the athletic industry. However, Nike has backpacks for everyone. If you need a backpack to carry your books or for travel purposes, Nike has you covered. Their backpacks are extremely comfortable to wear and are also very easy to take with you wherever you go. Their design does not weigh you down, and there does not put extra strain on your shoulders. 

Additionally, Nike bags are very durable and can withstand water as the material used is waterproof. Furthermore, the coated fabric is also made to be tear-resistant. Therefore, no one can slice through your backpack to steal your valuables. 

If you intend on carrying heavier items, then Nike also has rolling backpacks. These backpacks have wheels and can be rolled around with you. Therefore, we see that Nike has a large variety of backpacks that are all extremely durable and versatile in their use. 

Which kind of backpack should you buy?

No one leaves the house without a few knickknacks with them, and when you take a bunch of stuff with you, you need somewhere you can place all of them. Here, a backpack comes in handy. 

Backpacks are incredibly useful as they help distribute the weight evenly across your shoulder so that one shoulder is not bearing the entire weight.

If you are to travel, then a travel backpack will ensure that you have a hands-free experience and are not weight down by your stuff. The travel backpacks allow you free mobility to do whatever you want as both of your hands are free.

If you are a student, then a school backpack is perfect for storing all of your essential books and tech in. Carrying multiple books and gadgets in your hands is extremely impractical, which is why book bags are useful and very much needed in your life if you are a student.

If you intend to carry very heavy items with you, the rolling backpack is the way to go. These backpacks have wheels that allow you to drag the bag along with you. These bags enable you to keep heavy loads off your back to prevent any injury.

Therefore, before purchasing a Nike bag, make sure that you know its primary purpose. This exercise will allow you to make the right choice which will benefit you in the long run.

What features should a backpack include?

Backpacks are used for various different purposes, and everyone has a different use for them. However, there are a few key features that should be included in all kinds of backpacks. These features allow backpacks to be comfortable and functional. 

One of these features includes a wide padded strap. If your bag has a wide strap, then all the load of the bag will be well distributed across your shoulder, and there won’t be pressure across a thin strip. Therefore, it is important that your backpack has a wide strap.

A waist belt and a sternum strap are also essential parts of a backpack. A waist strap allows the weight to be distributed, not just across your shoulders but also to the hips. This helps in relieving shoulder pressure. 

A sternum band helps keep the shoulder strap in its place. Therefore, the swaying of the backpack is reduced. Working together, both of these parts can help ease heavy loads and make it so that you don’t even feel the weight.

Multiple compartments are also a must-have because you want enough space to put all your things in. Furthermore, backpacks should also be made from lightweight material that is also durable. You do not want the backpack itself to be heavy. 

If you want to take your backpack to work, a laptop compartment or a built-in laptop sleeve is a must-have. This compartment helps keep your laptop in place so that it does not move around too much as you commute. 

The best 10 Nike Backpacks

Now that you know all the features needed in a bag, the next step should be to look at some of the best backpacks on the market. Here is a list of the 10 best Nike backpacks on the market.

1. Nike Heritage 2.0

Nike Heritage 2.0

The Nike Heritage 2.0 is a decent-sized backpack that can be used as a school book bag. It has a large main compartment that features a 15-inch laptop sleeve that can securely hold your laptop. Due to this feature, you can also take it to work if you wanted. 

Furthermore, there are other zippered compartments that allow you extra room to keep smaller-sized objects. These pockets not only add convenience but also an element of organization. Multiple pockets ensure that everything is not dumped into a single compartment, as this can make things difficult to locate.

Furthermore, the shoulder straps are padded, which adds to the comfort of this backpack and helps distribute the weight in a manner that is not uncomfortable. Hence, among the many Nike laptop backpacks, the Nike Heritage 2.0 is one of the best.

2. Nike Hayward 2.0 Backpack

Nike Hayward 2.0 Backpack

The Nike Hayward backpack 2.0 is a unisex backpack that can be used by both men and women. It features a durable shell that has a new graphic all over it. Additionally, there are extra pockets as well, which can be used to store small items to prevent them from getting lost in the main compartment. This feature makes it a perfect Nike backpack for women.

The shell of this backpack has dense weaving, which increases the durability of this backpack. This weaving also allows it to last longer than most other backpacks. There is also an elastic shell strap, that adds a stylish yet athletic touch to it. 

The straps of this backpack are adjustable, which helps increase comfort levels. There is also plenty of room in the Nike Hayward 2.0, which allows you to carry a lot of stuff with you. There are also many smaller pockets that help keep smaller items secure. An added haul loop offers another carrying option for this backpack.

3. Nike Brasilia Training Backpack

Nike Brasilia Training Backpack

The Nike Brasilia training backpack is a medium-sized backpack that you can use for various different purposes. It has a main zippered compartment that you can utilize to store various items of your choosing. There are also plush-lined, zippered pockets that you can use to store various different electronics or even headphones. 

A laptop sleeve is also included which is padded to ensure that your laptop remains secure. Additionally, the backpack is very comfortable to carry and use for heavy loads as both the back panel and the shoulder strap is padded. Therefore, you will never be uncomfortable carrying your load. The Nike Brasilia is made from a water-resistant coating that covers the bottom panel. This bottom coating helps keep the backpack and its contents dry.

4. NIKE Brasilia XLarge Backpack 9.0

NIKE Brasilia XLarge Backpack 9.0

The Nike Brasilia X-Large backpack 9.0 has all the space you could ever want from a backpack. Not only can you keep your essentials in the large main compartment, but there are also many smaller pockets both internally and externally that greatly expand the amount of space you have to keep your knickknacks. 

All of these pockets are easily accessible and safe. Thus, you can use them for delicate items as well. The backpack also features a laptop sleeve which adds to its functionality.

Additionally, you can customize your fit and adjust the straps of the Nike Brasilia backpack 9.0 so that a comfortable and snug fit is created. 

5. Nike Nk Tanjun Backpack

The Nike NK Tanjun backpack is a unisex backpack with a versatile design that can be used as a bookbag for school or a work bag that you load with your work essentials and carry with you to your office. It has a main compartment that is secured using zippers and has enough space to carry your everyday essentials. 

There are also two zippered compartments in the front. These are smaller than the main compartments and allow space to keep smaller items that may get lost if placed in the main compartment. 

The straps of the Nike Tanjun backpack are adjustable and padded, which allows you to have a custom experience, unlike any other backpack. You can have the straps as loose as you want or as tight. Therefore if you need a bag for school, this Nike bookbag is perfect.

6. Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

This Nike Unisex Hoop Elite Pro Basketball backpack is designed for basketball players who need a sturdy bag to carry around their daily essentials in. This backpack is crafted using Nike Dri-FIT microfiber fabrication that helps keep sweatiness at bay so that you feel dry and comfortable when you wear this backpack. The underbill is kept black, which helps reduce the glare that the embroidered swoosh may cause. 

The backpack is convenient and easy to use as it features one large main pocket that offers one-hand closure and easy adjustability. With a 13 inch shoulder deop and Dri0FIT polyester mesh, this is the best Nike basketball backpack on the market. Therefore, it is a perfect Nike backpack for boys who play basketball.

7. Nike One Lux

Nike One Lux

The Nike One Lux backpack allows you to do whatever you want, hands-free. It has one large compartment, which contains many smaller specialized pockets that can store anything. You can fit in your workout clothes and your laptop, among other daily necessities, and have everything be safe and secure. 

This backpack has a sleek design that is also functional as it can expand and carry all of your essentials. Additionally, this backpack is made to travel with. There are over the handle sleeves that can easily attach to rolling luggage, and there are also hidden zip pockets that can store your passport, cards, and other important belongings.

8. Nike Adult Brasilia Mesh Backpack

Nike Adult Brasilia Mesh Backpack

This mesh Nike backpack is a decent-sized backpack. This backpack has all the essentials needed for it to be used as a school book bag or a work bag. It has a mesh construction alongside a large main compartment, thus combining both aesthetics and functionality. 

The main pocket is large and spacious, while the internal pockets are small and secure. This backpack is comfortable to wear with its padded shoulder straps. There is also a dual drink holder where you can comfortably store your water bottle. 

9. Nike Academy Backpack (Cool Grey)

Nike Academy Backpack (Cool Grey)

The Nike Academy Backpack is excellent if you go to school or need a bag to store all your athletic gear in. The front pocket of the bag has a ball storage option. The back pocket, on the other hand, boasts a felt interior. This interior is incredibly useful for keeping delicate objects such as your keys and phone. 

Furthermore, it has a laser-perforated compartment that helps keep your gear both; clean and organized. There is also a mesh pocket on the side that allows you to store your water bottle. The main compartment is both; large and dual zippered, which helps provide secure storage. 

10. Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Backpack

Nike Air Jordan Jumpman Backpack

The Nike Jordan backpack is a regular high-quality Nike backpack with a spin. It has a Jordan lifestyle graphic on the front, which makes this backpack even cooler and appropriate if you use it as an athletic bag. There is also mesh cushioning on the back to support your back and make the experience of using this backpack comfortably. 


What is the largest backpack that Nike makes?

If you are in search of the largest backpack then the Nike Brasilia backpack will serve you the best. It has spacious compartments as well as smaller compartments within the main one. Furthermore, it also has adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry it comfortably. 

Are Nike backpacks waterproof?

Yes, Nike backpacks have a water-resistant coating on most of their backpacks. These coatings are usually on the bottom panel. This bottom coating helps keep your bag and the stuff inside dry. 

Are Nike backpacks of good quality?

Yes, Nike backpacks use durable fabric, which makes them last a long time. This fabric is often reinforced with mesh panels and other kinds of weaving to further strengthen the backpack so that you can use it for longer.  

What are the various kinds of Nike backpacks?

Before you buy, think about the different varieties of Nike backpacks available. There are backpacks for school and work, as well as those for sports, travel, and casual use. Of fact, many fall under multiple categories. 

School backpacks: They must be sufficiently sized to hold textbooks, stationery boxes, a lunch bag, and any other school necessities. A variety of pockets and compartments are helpful for easy management. 

Work backpacks: A laptop pocket is a must-have feature when you bring your laptop to the workplace.

Sports backpacks: Such backpacks should be big enough to accommodate all your sports equipment. They’re usually simple to clean, so you don’t foul up your workout clothes or sports outfit. 

Casual backpacks: A casual backpack is excellent if you only require a bag to take around your daily essentials. Mini backpacks are included in this category because not everyone needs a big bag for casual use.

Travel backpacks: Travel backpacks are perfect for bringing on excursions because they are spacious and sturdy. Some are sufficiently sized for extended backpacking adventures, while others are more suitable for weekend getaways.

How many sections and pockets does a typical Nike backpack have?

A backpack’s compartments, as well as pockets, may either make or break it. Backpacks become unusable without large enough core compartments and valuable pockets for organizing.

The main compartment: This is where you’ll keep the majority of your belongings in your bag. The size varies. However, it would be best if you double-check the measurements to ensure it will fit whatever you need. 

Laptop sleeve: This cushioned pocket is designed to protect a laptop from being knocked around. 

Zippered pockets: Zippered compartments can be found on the front, sides, and even within the primary compartment of the backpack. They’re ideal for storing small items that could get misplaced in the main compartment, as well as anything you require rapid access to on a daily basis, such as your cell phone or wallet. 

Elasticated pockets: To carry drink bottles, many backpacks feature one or two elasticated pockets along the side.

How much should you expect to pay for a Nike backpack?

Basic ones range from $30 to $50, whereas the high-end options can cost more than $100. 


When it comes to backpacks, Nike does it the best. Whether you are looking for basketball backpacks or backpacks for girls, Nike has it all. The variety can make it difficult to pick one that fits all of your needs. To make your task easier, the article above has detailed all the qualities you need to look for in a backpack. Furthermore, it has narrowed down the options and has provided you with 10 of Nike’s best backpacks. So, no matter your use, there will be one backpack from this list that you can use and cherish for a long time.

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