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10 Best Headphones For Toddlers & Kids

As gadgets become more and more popular, and children become exploring them at a younger age, they need headphones that are designed to cater specially for them. You may find it tempting to give them your hand-me-downs, but in actuality, those headphones may harm their young developing ears. Also, they are quite large and heavy, which makes them uncomfortable for kids and toddlers. Hearing damage is also something to be wary of because unregulated loud levels that most adult headphones have can damage their ears.

Instead of these hand-me-down headphones, it is best to get kids their own headphones that are designed to cater to their ears and the level of loudness they can bear. Read ahead to find out some of the best headphones for toddlers and kids.

How to choose the right headphones for toddlers and kids

At some point in their life, kids need headphones. These can be for travel, school or for some entertainment. In such cases, handing out any headphones can be detrimental to their ears. Therefore, you must take great care in choosing the best headphones for them and give them the best earbuds for kids. 

To choose the best toddler headphones, there are a few features that you need to check before you make the purchase. The first feature is whether or not the headphone volume levels are safe for kids. Usually, toddlers and younger kids should listen at a lower volume because loud sounds may damage their eardrums permanently. Such damage early on may lead to other issues later on in life. The second feature that these toddler headphones should have is noise isolation. Ideally, the headphones you pick out should; either block out or completely cancel outside noise. This feature allows the child to fight the urge to increase the volume. With noise isolation headphones, they can concentrate better. This is because such headphones block out distractions. 

Thirdly, these headphones should have a comfortable design. They should be lightweight, and the size should be smaller than normal adult headphones so that they can fit better on their heads. Additionally, the earpads should be comfortable, and the controls should be overall easy to use. Be sure to match the size of the child with the headphones. Infant headphones are way smaller than normal adult headphones.

Why is it essential to purchase headphones that are safe for kids? 

First, a disclaimer: I am not an expert on hearing or the safety of children’s earphones.

As a parent, you should educate yourself on the safety of children wearing headphones, paying particular attention to the World Health Organization’s recommendations for both children and adults.

According to the WHO, over one billion teenagers and young adults are in danger of acquiring hearing loss as a result of improper use of personal audio devices and being exposed to harmful levels of sound in loud entertainment venues.

They go on to suggest that 50% of persons aged 12-35 in middle- and high-income nations are exposed to dangerous levels of sound via personal audio devices.

All of the headphones evaluated here were picked as the finest kids’ headphones based on ease of use, functionality, and sound quality, with safety measures taken into consideration. It is still your responsibility to ensure that the product is safe for your children to use.

Why purchase volume-limiting headphones for kids?

Long periods of listening to loud music have an effect on our hearing. The WHO recommends that the highest recommended exposure level is believed to be 85dB for a maximum duration of 8 hours to prevent noise-induced hearing damage.

It is critical for children to use volume-restricting headphones to provide as little exposure to loud noises as possible. Kids aren’t always conscious when the volume is too high, and they aren’t aware of the long-term consequences.

As a result, the majority of children’s headphones have volume limited to the appropriate 85dB. Some will allow the level to be increased to 92dB to let them be heard in loud environments like airplanes.

The general view, however, is that the greater the sound quality of the headphones, the less need there is to pump up the volume. As a result, don’t always choose cheap children’s headphones. The best buy kids’ headphones will have superior sound quality.

Why should parents buy noise-canceling headphones for their children?

By reducing background noise, noise reduction headphones for youngsters can lessen the need for them to crank up the volume.

So, if you’re looking for the best headphones for airplane travel, it’s absolutely worth investing in a pair of children’s noise-canceling headphones.

Are in-ear headphones better than over-the-ear headphones for children?

It is not recommended that children use in-ear headphones. Over-the-ear headphones for children are a much safer solution. They are easier to manage in volume and are less likely to irritate the ear canal.

Other factors to consider when selecting the best children’s headphones

Other factors to consider when selecting among the top headset brands are:

  • Headband size
  • The headband plus ear cushions provide comfort.
  • Can they be folded?
  • Do you get a carrying case?
  • Is there a shared port that allows two children to listen at the same time?
  • Kids can personalize them with a variety of colors, designs, and stickers.

Wired or Wireless Headphones

Why choose Bluetooth headphones for children? There are some advantages: no cable means no tangling and, thus, it is easier to wear. Bluetooth volume adjustment is more dependable as well.

Furthermore, given that the most recent iPhones don’t have headphone jacks, there is a significant likelihood that other devices will follow, and wired headphones will require an adaptor. Children’s Bluetooth headphones appear to be a more durable option.

However, the downside of kids’ wireless Bluetooth headphones is that their battery life is limited. This implies you have additional factors to consider before embarking on a long journey.

If you choose a less expensive Bluetooth headset for kids, you may discover that the battery life is quite short. Some of the better ones we examine here can last for up to 20 hours or more, which is necessary for a lengthy journey.

We recommend shopping for a set of kids’ wireless headphones, which also have a wired cord for backup.

Why should you use wired headphones? For starters, wired headphones are less expensive (sometimes less than half the price), and you don’t have to be concerned about battery life.

I don’t know about you, but we all have enough to think about when we go on a trip with charging phones, iPads, and cameras, without introducing something else to the mix!

If you are looking for headsets for a 2-year-old or toddler, they will find it much easier to plug in a pair of corded headphones rather than connect to a Bluetooth device.

If you just need an inexpensive pair of children’s headphones to use on the plane with your iPad, a set of wired headphones would suffice.

10 Best Headphones For Kids

Now that we know what features headphones should have let us look at some of the best ones available on the market.

1. Snug Play Kids Headphones

Snug Play Kids Headphones

The Snug Play headphones are wired over-ear headphones that are perfect for young children. They have a sharing port that allows you to connect the headphones to the media device and play music using it. These headphones also have automatic volume limiting that ensures that your child’s ears are protected and do not suffer any damage.

These headphones by Snug Play are also the perfect size for toddlers. They are small enough to fit on their head, and they also feature comfortable and soft earpads. Additionally, they are super lightweight so they won’t weigh down on the wearer. The Snug Play headphones also feature premium sound quality that ranges between 20Hz to 20kHz. They are also made using durable materials and are hence, able to withstand rough usage. On top of all the features, these headphones also have a cute pattern on them, which is sure to attract any kid’s attention.

2. Gorsun Kids Headphones

Gorsun Kids Headphones

Finding good kids’ noise-canceling headphones can be a challenge, but the Gorsun kids headphones are designed with kids and their needs in mind. These headphones are a perfect fit for kids. They are lightweight and small enough so they can fit onto a toddler’s head and not hurt their neck with their weight. Additionally, they are also super comfortable as the earpads are soft. Recommended for children between the ages of 3 to 15, these headphones make use of food-grade material and tangle-free cords. These features make them easy to use for the child. They are also durable and can withstand twisting, bending, and stretching. Therefore, even if your child is rough, these headphones will be able to withstand it all.

The headbands of these headphones are adjustable and are marked with R and L, which means right and left, respectively. Thus, it is easy for the kid to determine which earmuffs are for which ear. The sound quality is almost professional, and it also has a stereo effect to it.

3. Kidrox Tiger-Ear Kids Headphones

Kidrox Tiger-Ear Kids Headphones

The Kidrox Tiger-Ear headphones are a pair of headphones that are extremely cute to look at and extremely comfortable to use. The design is one of a kind, and all the features are kid-friendly so that the kids can easily use them without parental assistance. The volume on these headphones is 85db, which is perfect for young children and helps protect their sensitive ears from loud sounds. The volume limiter within these headphones ensures that the volume remains at low levels and does not get too loud.

Designed with kids in mind, these headphones are lightweight and fit snugly on kids’ heads. The headband is also adjustable, allowing it to fit your toddler’s head better. These Kidrox Tiger-Ear headphones are wired, and they have a 3.5mm audio jack that can connect with almost any device.

4. Nenos Kids Headphones

Nenos Kids Headphones

Finding good quality noise-canceling headphones for kids can be a difficult task. This is because kids cannot handle loud noises, and they can potentially cause eardrum damage. However, the Nenos Kids headphones are designed with automatic volume limiting technology that ensures that kids have limited volume when they are using these headphones. Additionally, they have a perfect size. These headphones are smaller than normal adult-sized headphones and thus fit perfectly with kids. These headphones are also lightweight and have soft and comfortable earpads. These features make the experience all the more delightful. They can also use these headphones for extended periods of time without any discomfort.

The Nenos Kid headphones are built especially for children and are thus compact and easy to carry around so that they are available for use wherever the child goes. They can be folded and made smaller to fit into their bags, and the headband itself is also adjustable. Therefore, you can custom fit the headphones to fit your child’s head better.

5. Paw Patrol Marshall Kids Headphones

Paw Patrol Marshall Kids Headphones

Cool graphics are always appreciated in kids’ products because they make the headphones more charming, and the child actually wants to use them. The same is the case with these Paw Patrol kids headphones. It is inspired by the popular show and has Marshall’s ears attached to them.

Other than cool graphics, these wired headphones are able to connect to any device via a 3.5mm jack and can play high-quality sounds for hours, keeping your kids occupied. Additionally, they also have a volume control that plays kid-friendly sound levels so that there is no danger of damaging their ears. The Paw Patrol Marshall headphones also offer a custom fit as the headband is adjustable, and you can slide it out to make it bigger or slide it in to make it smaller. The ear cushions are made of soft material so that they remain comfortable for longer.

6. SIMOLIO Kids Headphone with Mic

SIMOLIO Kids Headphone with Mic

SIMOLIO Kid headphones are designed specifically for sensitive ears that cannot handle loud volumes without being damaged. These wired headphones contain volume-limiting abilities that top up the volume at 85dB, which allows the child to choose whatever volume level they want without damaging their hearing even if they max out. Additionally, these headphones use a 3.5mmaudio cable that is both tangle-free and nylon braided, which makes it very durable and thus perfect for toddler use. There is also an option for volume control and hands-free communication that helps create continuity in the listening experience. The user can do various tasks such as pick up calls and skip songs without missing a beat.

The SIMOLIO Kid headphones also feature ports on both sides, which allows them to connect with other headphones and share their audio. The headphones are also super comfortable to wear. The headband has a stainless steel strip that added durability and flexibility to the headphones. Additionally, the added durability ensures that they last a long time, even in the hands of toddlers. Furthermore, they are lightweight and adjustable, so they can fit almost any child. The SMOLIO headphones can also be folded and taken along on adventures making them super portable.

7. Noot Products K11 Foldable Stereo Kids Headphones

Noot Products K11 Foldable Stereo Kids Headphones

The Noot products K11 headphones are as comfortable as it gets when purchasing infant noise-canceling headphones. These headphones feature padded soft cushions that have a soft-touch finish to ensure maximum comfort. The headband is also adjustable. This feature allows these headphones to either expand or contract depending on the head of the child. Therefore, you can have a custom fit that will make the experience of using these headphones even more enjoyable. Furthermore, the headphones are foldable and can be made more compact so that they can be stored easily.

The Noot products headphones are compatible with a large variety of devices as they use the universal 3.5mm audio jack that can fit into most devices. These headphones also feature a cord that is five feet long and is made of braided nylon. This adds a touch of durability to the headphones.

8. iClever BTH02 Kids Headphones

iClever BTH02 Kids Headphones

The specialty of baby headphones is that they limit volume to child-safe levels, which helps prevent hearing loss. The iClever BTH02 headphones do the exact same thing. They claim that your child’s safety is their priority. Thus, they have created these headphones that use volume-limiting technology to have their headphones max out at 94dB. This volume allows your kids to have an immersive experience but also be safe while listening.

The iClever BTH02 are wireless headphones that make us of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 to allow you the hassle and wire-free listening. There are buttons on one side that allow you to do a variety of tasks with a touch of a button. You can play, pause, answer and even end calls. There is also a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free control. These headphones also offer a huge battery life which means that you can use them to play music for up to 22 hours. They even include a 3.5mm headphone jack that can save the day if your battery runs out. The iClever headphones are also super comfortable as they feature memory foam that makes the earpads breathable as they gently cover the ears. The headband is also fully adjustable, which allows it to fit almost every toddler or child.

9. LilGadgets Connect- Kids Premium Wired Headphones

LilGadgets Connect- Kids Premium Wired Headphones

Good sound quality is something everyone values in headphones, and children are no different these LilGadgets premium wire headphones provide unmatched audio quality that almost rivals adult headphones. However, for the safety of children, there is volume-limiting built into it that maxes out at 93dB hence protecting the little one’s ears from being damaged. Additionally, these headphones are designed to be super comfortable. They are padded and are overall light, which helps prevent discomfort and strain on their heads. Because these headphones are wires, the durability of the wire is also of utmost importance. LilGadgets audio cable is a four feet long premium braided nylon cable that has an inline microphone attached to it. Additionally, there is a standard 3.5mm audio jack present on each ear cap which allows for audio sharing as well.

10. Buddy Phones Volume Limiting Bluetooth Headphones

Buddy Phones Volume Limiting Bluetooth Headphones

The main reason people are getting their kids separate headphones is to protect their ears from harm. Loud volumes can damage their eardrums and can cause permanent damage. Therefore, headphones that have limited volume are the best solution. The Buddy Phones were designed with this idea in mind. It has a built-in volume-limiting circuit that maxes out at 85dB. This helps ensure that children do not go above the WHO recommended volume level when using Buddy Phones. These headphones also have different modes that help tailor the sound in accordance with their activity. A Travel mode maxes out at 94dB, a KidsMode at 85 dB, a Toodler mode at 75dB, and a Study mode. These make them perfect baby headphones for planes.

The Buddy Phones are also extremely comfortable and are made from certified safe materials. These materials are hypoallergenic and are super durable. Therefore, they can survive the wear and tear that toddlers put their belongings through. Additionally, it uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to other devices and can last up to 18 hours on one charge.

Toddler and kid headphones FAQs

This post has been updated to include a few frequently asked inquiries concerning headphones for children and toddlers. Kindly let us know if there are any other questions!

Are headphones appropriate for toddlers?

Toddlers can wear headphones for short periods of time if they are of acceptable quality, the appropriate size, and have enough volume control. The WHO recommends that children’s headphones have a maximum level of 85dB for a maximum of eight hours at a time.

Are Bluetooth headphones OK for children?

Actually, Bluetooth headphones are typically thought to be safer than corded headphones. The cause for this is that wires for headphones are frequently put incorrectly, impacting the volume adjustment of the headphones. Bluetooth volume control is said to be more dependable.

Are headphones harmful to the ears of children?

The WHO estimates that 1.1 billion young adults and teenagers are at risk of acquiring hearing loss as a result of the improper usage of personal audio devices. As a result, youngsters should only use volume-limiting headsets for short periods of time.

Are earbuds not safe for kids compared to headphones earbuds?

Headphones are typically thought to be safer for youngsters than earbuds. Because of the extra space between the headset and the eardrum, headphones are easier to manage than earbuds, and headphones are less prone to irritate the ear canal.

Are noise-canceling headphones harmful to the ears?

In fact, noise-canceling headphones are thought to be better than non-canceling headphones. Since noise reduction headphones lower background noise, they can reduce the urge for children to crank up the volume to harmful levels.

Are high-priced headphones worthwhile?

The higher the sound quality of the headphones, the less need you will be to crank up the volume. So, more expensive headphones are frequently the safer alternative. Furthermore, noise-canceling headphones, which are typically more costly, will give better protection because they eliminate the need to increase the level.


Infant and toddler ears are pretty sensitive. Therefore it is important that when you hand them headphones, they are kids’ earbuds that limit volume. Otherwise, your child may face hearing damage. All the headphones listed in the article above take your child’s safety into consideration and ensure that they will be safe and comfortable as they jam to music, study, or watch a show.

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