Hyperx Cloud Stinger

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Review

Calling out to all those looking for a budget-friendly headset, we have the right product for you! Bringing to you the HyperX Cloud Stinger, one of the best options. Not only is it a cheap gaming headset, but it comes with essential features and offers solid comfort to the users. 

The sound and microphone are pretty decent, making them its strong suit. However, towards the end, you will find out how weak it is in durability and may not last you longer. So if you are looking for something sturdy, the cloud stinger headset may not be the one for you. 

But considering its price, it is surprisingly a decent option, especially for all those looking for an entry-level headset.

Stay tuned till the end to find all there is to know about the cloud stinger pc headset. It is cheap, quite comfortable, not too fancy in terms of features, has a decent sound, and can be worn for extended periods. If that is what you want, then this review can be pretty helpful for you in shaping your decision. 

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Features

The cloud stinger has a few important features, which include the following:

Microphone:It is a polar pattern, which is unidirectional and has an electret condenser.
Total Weight 275g
Connections:3.5mm jack
Impedance:30 ohms 
Speaker Driver:50mm
Type of headset:Wired, Closed, Over-Ear
Frequency Range:18Hz-23KHz
Media Control:It is a flip-to-mute microphone and volume.

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Design

The Cloud Stinger has a modest headset and an understated design that isn’t usual. These headphones can easily be worn when you are out and about, but with a mic attached to the ear cup on the left side.

Primarily, plastic is the material used in the making of these headphones. To provide the headphones with added strength, some parts are made of metal. The HyperX Cloud Stinger has an all-black theme and two red logos on-ear cups. You will also find the branding of Hyperx done on the headband, which is engraved and has a shiny and plastic finish. Mainly the body of the headset has an air-blasted and aluminum style finish. This matches the aesthetic of the entire headset, making it look quite remarkable.

The cloud stinger is over-ear and quite big too. The ear cups are oval and put no pressure around your ears. A thin layer of faux leather can be seen around the earcups of the cloud stinger. It has the right amount of cushioning, and the faux leather makes cleaning convenient and makes them wearable. But some people may question how long-lasting these headphones may be.

The hyperx mic is rotatable and can be rotated flexibly. You can keep it out of the way too. Moreover, the volume controls are on the right earcup, which is pretty basic.

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Build Quality

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Build Quality

Now comes the build quality of the hyperx cloud stinger; coming to think of it, to achieve a price like this, Hyperx had to compromise on the build quality. 

The cloud stinger headset is made of plastic which may not give a sturdy feeling. Unlike premium quality headsets, the cloud stinger feels quite shaky and unstable. These headsets won’t last if they end up falling more than one time.

To conclude, they aren’t made by keeping quality in mind. Instead, they are our basic cloud stinger headsets for someone who doesn’t have a vast budget and wants to roughly use and then throw them away. The quality isn’t promising, and the leather may come off, or the padding may not remain intact over the year. 

Hyper x Cloud Stinger Comfort


The Hyper x cloud stinger may not be top-notch in terms of quality, but it does not fall short when it comes to comfort. When looking at the hyperx cloud stinger, it is the comfiest headset. The cloud stinger headset weighs 270g and is the lightest headset that we have tested in a while. It provides a secure fit, and it nicely stays on your head. The cloud stinger headset may have a hugging tension, but it isn’t quite a lot, and with time you do get used to it. But with the adjustability it has, you can change it to match your comfort.  

When focusing on the padding, the hyperx cloud stinger has cushioned earcups. The earcups are covered with faux leather, making them wearable because of how soft they are. They have used the same amount of padding in the headband, which offers a decent comfort level to the wearer, especially when wearing for extended periods. 

To conclude, the headphones are a winner for those looking for comfortable and wearable headphones. You do not feel excessive heat or weighed down by the headphones. They are perfect!

Hyperx Cloud Stinger Performance

Keeping the design, ergonomics, and features aside, let’s talk about the performance of the hyperx cloud stinger. Firstly, you need to understand a bit more about the ear cups and how the audio works to make things easier. 

There are 50mm, drivers, inside the earcups, which provide the audio output. This ultimately steals the show because other brands have the same price but deliver 40mm audio output. This ultimately helps us conclude that the size and the performance of the cloud stinger headset are much better than the many competitors it has. To better assess, we have gathered its performances in gaming, during movies, and while listening to songs. 

When looking at the gaming performance of the cloud Stinger headset, all the games with bass tones are in the lead. For dialogue-heavy games, the mid-range may get spongy, and the trebles may lack the clarity that you require. 

The gun banging and smaller weaponry do seem to lack some clarity. The headset handles frequency levels that are lower and provides you with a good bass response. This will make your gaming experience pretty solid, especially for the price. 

When it comes to playing movies and listening to your favourite tracks, the bass is better in comparison with the mid-range and treble. Which eventually results in the instruments not coming through as clean as they should. The cloud stinger does not support higher volume, which sometimes results in distortion. 

This helps us conclude that the cloud stinger will be perfect for the genre with heavy basses like hip-hop, rap, and even rock. But tracks that are dominated by vocals and may have classical music do not fit the bill. Eventually, it all comes down to the fact that it is a $50 gaming headset, and all of this seems justifiable. 

You can also use it to watch all your Netflix series, the voices may sometimes be precise, but it does the job of a decent headset. 

Hyperx Mic

Hyperx Mic

The hyperx cloud stinger has an excellent microphone. If you are seated in a quiet environment, recording of speech and transmission may sound quite clear and brilliant. It may not be apparent for all sounds, but it is undoubtedly adequate during gaming and sufficient for the other players to hear what you have got to say. When it comes to the cancellation of noise, you can easily distinguish speech from ambient noise, even in pretty loud and noisy environments. The microphone, however, is pleasantly surprising for multiple users. 

Hyper x Cloud Stinger Functionality And Interface

The mute switch and in-line audio controls are both positioned near the y-splitter. They’re both simple to use, with a volume dial to adjust the level and a switch to turn the microphones on and off. Managing these controls effortlessly when gaming is critical; they are easily accessible via the wire, and you don’t need to press the volume button numerous times to modify the volume; instead, simply roll it. HyperX did an excellent job designing these features.

If you want to use these on a PC or an Xbox One, you’ll need additional devices, such as a Y-Splitter hub, to use the headset. If you own an active HyperX Cloud II USB Control Box for PC, you may use it.

Hyper x Cloud Stinger Music

You can easily find a compiled playlist of songs that we believe would test a headset’s audio spectrum, ranging from deep bass to bright synths, as well as a variety of vocal types. We look for excellent replication, the kind that makes your hair stand on end while playing back, minus any artificial sound shaping with a minimum bitrate of 320 kbps. 

The Cloud Stinger handled Phibes’ Bust That Rhythm quite well, with its deep bass as well as its trumpets. We struggled to get enough volume to hear the deepest bass while the remainder of the soundstage sounded crisp and accurate. Other tunes in our collection exhibited the same behavior; clarity is fine, but we have heard stronger bass at a lower price. Fortunately, there was no other difficulty; high-end noises were well-controlled, so we didn’t have to squint our eyes for the loud screechy spots.


HyperX Cloud Pro

They sound more alike than you may anticipate, indicating Kingston is sticking to its successful house vibe. The treble on the Sting is slightly more relaxed than on the Pro, which can get a little tense when hearing the whistling of dropping bombs or the splattering of debris and shards from explosions.

The Cloud Pro remains the more pleasant to use of the two devices and exudes quality, while the Stinger appears to be a lower-cost device in certain areas. The mic on the Pro also seems to be better, probably due to the foam cover, whereas the microphone on the Stinger is left uncovered. 

That’s not to suggest the Stinger’s mic is average; it’s still better than many rival headsets.

Positives and Negatives of Cloud Stinger

Positives Negatives 
It is pretty cheapThe build quality isn’t promising 
The headphones are quite comfortable It has weak treble
They have  decent microphone Uses lots of plastic 
The sound is pretty good, especially for the price 

Bottom Line

The comprehensive review of the cloud stinger headset will help you decide if it is actually worth the purchase or not. But to make things easier, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is a basic headset that ensures simplicity to its users. The microphone it has is quite variable, which can be used on numerous platforms and provides a decent sound quality to its users. 

However, it has its cons, and the build quality isn’t the best one. It has no extra features, which may not be a plus point for many people. HyperX has given priority to other areas over attractive features. 

But is it precisely worth your money? Yes, it is! Suppose you are someone who is in the market for a cheap headset. In that case, the cloud stinger headset with the impressive sound quality for gamers is quite comfortable, increasing its wearability for extended periods. With a microphone that supports multiple gaming styles, then the HyperX Cloud Stinger is precisely what you are looking for. 

Grab this gaming headset for up to $50, which is a steal! The Cloud Stinger headset is undoubtedly one of the best comfortable budget headsets. 

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