Turtle Beach Stealth 600 PS4

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 (PS4) Review

Planning to get the Stealth 600 for your PS4 gaming? Before adding to the cart, find out a few in-depth details about the Turtle Beaches Stealth 600 and then finalise your decision. Are turtle beach headsets good? Let’s find out!

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 PS4: The Headset Experience

Turtle Beaches Stealth 600: Design & Comfort


Diving straight into the design, which is considered to be quite alienating and different. The Stealth 600 turtle beach has a unique gaming look. The aggressive touch makes it very distinct and is loved by many. 

But some are stepping away from it because of the aesthetic it has; it may seem too loud for a lot of people. But all of the look arguments kept aside, the main motive of the creators of the Stealth 600 was to achieve an eco-friendly headset, and they managed to achieve that perfectly. So you’re not only getting a turtle beach headset PS4, but you are also benefiting the ecosystem through your purchase, which is brilliant!

Looking for headsets that grab the quintessential PS4 vibes? The blue and black colors in the turtle beach headset ps4, as well as the white and blue, can easily match your PS4 depending upon the one you have. 

But if you are someone who’s big on the feels, then you won’t be very ecstatic with the way the stealth 600 turtle beach feels like; it has a plastic headset which doesn’t feel very premium? Already bummed? But it surely can be expected from a headset that’s just for $100. So, all in all, in terms of design, the headphones stand at a minimum, but it surely isn’t a deal-breaker. 

In terms of comfort, the stealth 600 turtle beach may be an impasse! The reason behind this is the completely weird fit it has; why is that let’s find out?

I’d say the people when making the Stealth 600 turtle beach headset were thinking of all the gamers. We know how the PS4 supports the PSVR headset, and the Stealth 600 is designed for gamers to wear both of these together and comfortably game without worrying about the VR headset that will be mounted on their heads. So the two of them go quite well hand-in-hand! This is a plus for all of you out there who enjoy VR gaming and need headphones to get attention to details. 

But if we dive into the reality, then not all of us will use VR headsets all time; it could be occasionally or even once every 2 months. Some of the PS4 gamers don’t even have the PS4 Vr headsets, which makes it pesky to have a headband attached at all times, and that too a bit behind, so it always gives you a feeling that it may end up dropping. Now mid-game, when you need all your focus directed towards the game, you have to continuously keep mounting and making it right, which makes it irksome and ruins your gameplay and focus. 

Rants aside, if you do get used to the feeling we described above and don’t find all this bothersome, then go for it! In terms of comfort, we’d say it’s a 50/50. Some may find it displeasing, and for some, it may be the best; you will have to wear it out and try. So if a friend’s stealth 600 turtle beach headset inspired you to get one try gaming once while having it on, if it works for you, then getting the headphones isn’t a bad idea. 

Here are a few things you should know about the headset:

  • The overall stealth 600 headset is light-weight 
  • Has breathable padding on the headband and the ear cups which is a plus considering it won’t be pressing onto your head continuously. 
  • It’s not very uncomfortable and may end up producing sweating or ache in your ears. 
  • It’s a plus for all the people who wear spectacles. The cushioning in the middle of the ear cup is quite soft, and since you will be setting the temples of the glasses there you do not have to worry about any pressure as the headset doesn’t exert a lot!

Turtle Beach Headset: Features


Turtle Beach Headset doesn’t deliver much when it comes to features. But the core features change the game a bit; you will find out below!

  1. One of the best features about the turtle beach stealth 600 is how easily and facilely it connects with the PS4. Just plug in the adapter in your PS4 console and ta-da! This doesn’t happen with multiple wireless headsets, and it takes a bit of time, but with the turtle beach wireless headset PS4, you have to face no trouble!
  2. The range of signals is decent too and can easily hold up till 20 feet, which is good enough!
  3. Another excellent feature is the 15-hour battery life which is pretty good for the price you get the turtle beach headsets for!
  4. You can make changes to the volume and even tweek the equalizer up and down a bit using the USB, which can be connected to your PCs; the Stealth 600 Turtle Beach Headset Audio Hub is pretty basic but helps you get the job done. Update, make changes according to your liking!

But another thing that you need to keep in mind with the stealth 600 turtle beach headphones is that it is primarily designed to be used for the PS4 only. So you won’t be able to connect it with any other device as it doesn’t give any other item of connection except the default single that comes with the device and its box.

Turtle Beach Headset PS4: Microphone 


Decent Microphone? Check! Back with a bang, especially in terms of price! The microphone that comes with the stealth 600 isn’t detachable, but it’s surely one of the best-attached microphones. What makes it amazing? The microphone activates automatically the moment you flip it down and can be muted automatically if you flip it up. It’s excellent and fits perfectly on the ears, doesn’t stand out, and hugs the right way. It doesn’t have any kind of pop-filers, and you won’t hear popping sounds mid-game. Are you looking to cancel all the sound in the background and enjoy a good gaming session with your friends online on PS4? Then the turtle beach headset is right for you. Get the headphones for a good experience, monitor your voice actively, you get a mic wheel too. 

All in all, the stealth 600 has a decent microphone, especially in the price range it has got to offer. So in $100, the stealth 600 offers you a decent amount of features! Enhance your PS4 gaming experience today by getting the turtle beach stealth 600. 

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 PS4: Sound 


And here we are to the much-awaited part of the review: the turtle beach headset ps4 sound! What has the headset got the offer? We may have a little trouble with the design and comfort, but when it comes to the sound quality, the Stealth 600 delivers. The headset has an overall good sound quality and does even-handedness to all the genres. Play music, watch movies from all the genres, and enjoy a realm of games.

Another added factor is the extensive and wide-ranging downtempo, which is excellent. Having the ability to immerse in a fun gaming experience using your console and taking advantage of the 7.1 virtual surrounding capability. So if you were confused and couldn’t decide if you should make the purchase? The competitive sound quality may be a win-win! 

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Modes

 How does it manage to achieve a good sound experience? Apart from the excellent frequency it has got to offer and the four listening modes. How to achieve the modes on Turtle Beach Stealth 600, follow the steps below:

  • To achieve the signature sound, 1 beep works for you. 
  • For Bass boost, 2 beeps will give you the go. 
  • In order to achieve Bass+Treble 3 beeps is the way to go.
  • Vocal Boost, 4 beeps on the mode button, and you will achieve this mode. 

Switching between modes? Yes, yes! Tap the mode button now, which you can find on the left side of the ear cup; these switches are quite easy and very impactful especially considering the game changer they are. 

Another way to enter the Superhuman Hearing Mode is by pressing the power button when you have started the headset on and running, this mode enables you to enhance the mid and dull down the bass. This mode is pretty effective in pushing sounds like footsteps and even the loading and reloading of weaponry, making your experience in gaming better and edge over your competitors. 

Should I invest in the Turtle Beach Headset?

The Stealth 600 headset for Xbox One excels at a few things: producing exceptionally sharp sound quality, wireless connectivity that is seamless and stable, and a low price point. However, the low price comes with a few downsides, some of which are regretfully more serious than others.

Top of the list should be the apparent uncomfortable design flaw, as well as a construction that seems cheaper than anticipated at this cost. Aside from that, the absence of connectivity with some other devices is a significant omission.

At this price level, the SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset provides superior auditory performance while outperforming the Turtle Beach headset in every manner. Suppose you don’t like SteelSeries’ headset but still want something wireless. In that case, you could be better off investing a little more for something similar to the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium headset, which is much more adaptable and sophisticated than this strange misfire.

Turtle Beaches Stealth 600: Final Verdict!

Coming to the final closure, we believe Stealth 600 Turtle Beach Headset has both positive and negative sides to it. 

It may be one of a kind, with its great soundscapes, which is excellent for all sorts of multimedia, including games and movies too. It has a decent microphone, and a good battery life. You can now enjoy the turtle beach wireless headset and have an amazing gaming session!

Even though the plastic side may be a downside for many people, it may be weird for you, especially with the VR built. It also cannot connect with your smartphones, so the Stealth 600 stays limited to the PS4 and PC gaming only. Hence no bonus in the price range it has got to offer. 

Comfort is another showstopper, and it’s safe to say that the Stealth 600 may not be one of the best ones out there. Continuously having to feel the need to put your headset in place can easily put you off in gaming, and you do not want that at all. So this isn’t an impressive factor at all. 

But if you can easily look into the strengths and let go of the weaknesses, then the Stealth 600 is definitely worth the buy! Getting a turtle beach headset 600 ps4 with the impressive sound quality, it has got to offer in just 100 bucks, add to cart now. 

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