Google Pixel’s January 2023 Update Prevents Bluetooth Connectivity With Cars

Google Pixel’s January 2023 Update Prevents Bluetooth Connectivity With Cars

With the release of a security patch, Pixel users have found themselves unable to connect their phones to their cars via Bluetooth. This issue has been voiced in Reddit, where owners of Pixel 6 and 7 series shared that their phones refused to pair with Android Auto for music playback and other features. This problem has mainly been seen with owners that own Ford, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Volvo, Mazda, Kia, and Infiniti cars. 

This has caused some frustration among Pixel owners as they have reportedly tried everything to get this issue fixed. Some have even factory reset their car system, and others have restarted their phone and network settings but to no avail. None of their phones paired with their car’s Bluetooth system.  

One Reddit user commented that their phone would briefly connect to their car’s Bluetooth system but would then provide an error message and disconnect. While this issue affected a handful of vehicles from certain companies, it did not affect every single model. Reportedly owners of 2012 Hyundai and 2015 Kia cars have reported that they did not face any problem with the new January 2023 security patch and their Pixel devices.

This new patch update was rolled out in early January and was eligible for Pixel phones only three days ago, and within those days, it has managed to cause some trouble. It is also important to note that this patch was designed to fix Bluetooth issues but has instead caused more trouble for the company. Google was initially looking to rectify the problem that some devices were having where the Bluetooth devices were not receiving audio. Additionally, some low-energy devices were also unable to pair with the phone. 

By fixing those issues, it seems as if Google has unintentionally disturbed other parts of its Bluetooth infrastructure. This is most likely another issue with the software that the company will have to address through patch updates. Many people have contacted Google Support about the issue, but there has not been any update yet.

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