The Pixel Foldable Is Rumoured To Have a Full-Screen Interior and No Hole Punch Camera

The Pixel Foldable Is Rumoured To Have a Full-Screen Interior and No Hole Punch Camera

Rumors about Google’s potential new foldable phones are back because of an exciting leak about the camera position on this new phone. 

The rumors originate from a Weibo leaker called Digital Chat Station, whose message has been loosely translated from their Weibo post. It proposes that the Pixel’s foldable line is much similar to the upcoming Pixel 7. 

They suggest the new Google Pixel Foldable will have a camera visor with holes cut out where the camera sensors will be placed. The leaker also described the camera placement and the potential appearance of the display of this phone. 

They claimed that the outer screen might feature a center-mounted punch hole display. This display is quite common for many foldable phones having a large screen. However, the main surprise comes with the inner screen.

It is reported that the inner screen would not have a hole punch display. Therefore, there will be an uninterrupted display with an ultra-micro-hole camera. This camera will be set strategically within the frame of the phone.

This configuration is quite unique. The best foldable phones on the market usually opt for a hole-punch camera. To improve the user experience, Google is learning from foldable phones on the market and creating a better experience. 

There are other leaks regarding this new foldable Google Pixel 4, such as one suggesting that Google may go for an 8MP camera for its internal and external selfie camera. Another one suggests that the Pixel foldable will allow the user to preview the image while using the rear sensors to take a selfie. 

Other leaks mention that the phone’s design would be similar to the OPPO Find N and would have a smaller design. Therefore, the phone would be much more compact and cheaper. However, some are disappointed with the fact that the Pixel Fold may feature an underwhelming rear camera at just 12MP.  

However, as there is no official announcement, people will have to wait and see to get a clearer idea of what this new phone will look like and its features.

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