RAM Upgrade for the Rumoured Pixel 7a Could Make It the Best Budget Phone Yet

Although there is no confirmation that Google will release a Pixel 7a device, rumors are floating around about what the device might entail. A recent Twitter user No name leak revealed new information regarding the pixel 7a’s RAM upgrade. This leak was supposedly captured off a remotely locked version of the device.

Although the device was remotely locked, the Twitter user was able to extract some new information through the fast boot menu. The leak states that the phone will have 128GB of internal storage and 8GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM. Although 128GB storage is common among phones, the RAM was a major surprise. 

In the budget market, Google’s A series is considered the best budget series. Still, since the Pixel 4a, the company has not made any major internal changes. The phones have consistently presented users with a RAM/storage painting of 6GB/128GB. If Google introduces 8GB RAM to their Pixel 7a device, it may be an added perk for those considering buying a cheaper phone. Just to compare the difference 8GB will make, the flagship Galaxy S22 also sports 8GB of RAM.

There are some other rumors as well that make the Pixel 7a sound a lot more appealing than other budget phones on the market. It seems as if Google is aiming to improve its Pixel A series because leaks suggest that the Pixel 7a may come with a ceramic back panel. This is unheard of in the budget phone market. 

Other leaks suggest that the rear camera will be the same as the Pixel 6 series and feature a 50MP primary rear camera. The phone will also likely be powered by Google’s newest Tensor G2 SoC. Another early leak which showed a hands-on video of the display in action has suggested that the Pixel 7a may ship with a 90Hz display. The video also showed the capability of this refresh rate in the device’s settings.

This suggests that Google may not allow the v this capability right out of the box. However, it would be better if they did since the phone would seem much more appealing to the customers. This feature is not that surprising because the Pixel 6a is also reportedly capable of having a 90Hz display. Still, the company chose not to enable that feature.

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