MediaTek Aims to Make 200MP Cameras Possible on Mid-Range Phones With Its New Chip

MediaTek Aims to Make 200MP Cameras Possible on Mid-Range Phones With Its New Chip

MediaTek has just announced their new mid-range smartphone processor called the Dimenty 7200. This chip comes after the launch of last year’s Dimensity 8200 and Dimensity 9200 SoCs, which were released last year. The Dimensity 7200 is the inaugural chip for the Dimensity 7000 series that is pushing the capabilities of mid-range phones like never before. This chip uses a TSMC 4nm processor similar to the one utilized in the Dimensity 9200 chipset. 

The processor promises to make mid-range phones capable of AI imaging features and powerful gaming optimizations. Faster 5G speeds and better and extended battery life is also expected from phones utilizing this chip. The Dimensity 7200 is built on two powerful Arm Cortex-A715 cores. These have a promised clock speed of 2.8GHz when coupled with six Cortex-A510 cores. 

The processor is also backed by MediaTek’s AI Processing Unit, or APU, dubbed MediaTek APU 650. This will greatly help in improving AI tasks and AI fusion processing. When announcing the chip, MediTek emphasized that the chip will help enhance gaming and photography experiences on upcoming mid-range phones. This chip series will be an affordable way for enthusiasts to get the most out of their battery life without compromising performance. 

Using the chipset will allow mid-range phones to operate much smoother and faster. This also applies to frame rates, which will help make gaming a much smoother experience. The faster frame rate is also backed by the Arm Mali-G610 MC4 GPU coupled with MediaTek HyperEngine 5.0 technology. The latter will help in AI-based variable-rate shading, saving power during gaming.

In terms of photograph capabilities, the Dimensity 7200 is designed to support 200 MP photos on mid-range phones. This has only been seen in flagship phones such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The chip uses  MediaTek Imagiq 765 and a 14-bit HDR-ISP that will help capture 4K video and enhance the camera.  

The latest MediaTek chip uses AI-based SDR to HDR video playback capabilities, meaning the chipset will support full HD+ displays at 144Hz. This includes current standards, including Dolby, HDR10+, and CUVA HDR. 

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