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Facebook’s Configuration Change Turns News Feeds Into Chaos

On Wednesday morning, Facebook users were left confused as their usual feed was flooded with comments on celebrities’ pages. The regular posts from pages they liked and friends they followed were noticeably absent. 

In this bizarre glitch, if anyone wanted to have a post pushed to everyone who followed Lady Gaga’s page, all they had to do was comment on that page. This problem meant that everyone’s news feed got extremely chaotic as people started to take advantage of this glitch. 

Many users posted memes and pushed their own personal projects, which got pushed to more people than ever, but for the average user, it was all very confusing and chaotic. Due to the influx, the site became essentially unusable. Users were unable to see their regular updates from friends and other pages. 

Some people took the situation to be funny, and celebrity pages started getting flooded by memes and witty comments, while others took it as a chance to promote their businesses. They posted QR codes, commented about various sales their business was having, etc. Some even started asking people to send them money via cash apps. 

Facebook reported that a configuration change caused the issue, and since then, the problem has been solved. The explanation was extremely vague, which is quite like Facebook. They used the same excuse when there was a massive outage in October 2021, causing the site to go down for seven hours. 

Thousands of people reported the issue, and by midday, Facebook had resolved the issue. Due to the heavy influx of complaints, Facebook released a statement calming users by saying that they were aware of the problem and were working to get things back to normal as soon as possible. They also apologized for any inconvenience caused. 

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