Nothing Phone (1) Won’t Have the Android 13 Just Yet

The Nothing Phone (1) Won’t Have the Android 13 Just Yet

Everyone owning the new Nothing Phone (1) and planning on buying it is wondering when the phone will be receiving its first-ever operating system update. However, owners and potential buyers will have to wait for such an upgrade.

Nothing CEO Carl Pei issued a statement in which he revealed that the phone’s update, the Android 13, won’t be arriving on the phones till the first half of 2023. Pei assured the users that they were working hard to improve the user experience of their brand-new smartphone. Therefore, the updates will be available for users a little later than expected. 

These delays are because the Nothing brand wants to ensure that the software is finetuned to the hardware. Furthermore, Nothing has also promised that their phone will receive three major Android OS updates for the lifetime of the phone. The first update comes in the shape of Android 13. It is expected that it will also receive Android 15 further down the line before support for the phone officially ends.    

Many believe that the delay in the update is due to the Glyph interface, which controls the lights on the back of the phone. The Nothing Phone announced that they wanted to expand the functionality of this interface, which is why the Android 13 update on this phone has been delayed. 

The Nothing Brand may be finetuning the software and the Glyph interface so it can be much more valuable and expansive in its functions and can use the Android 13 to its advantage. Fans of the phone are concerned about the delay in the update because the Nothing Phone (1) is one of the better cheap Android phones available. 

This phone promises extended support, great price, excellent performance, and a unique design. However, they are not too concerned about being the first brand to offer Android 13 because they do not want their customers to have a subpar experience at the cost of being the first in the game. They are taking their time perfecting their machine so it can run this new software as smoothly as possible. 

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