7 Steps to Drive Engagement on Facebook Through Instagram

7 Steps to Drive Engagement on Facebook Through Instagram

Instagram has been one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Since its launch in 2010, it has invited people to share their lives publicly and get connected with people across the world. Once Facebook saw an opportunity, they bought over Instagram, and now Instagram is a part of the social media chains that Facebook owns. However, the question that we’re answering today is “how to drive engagement on Facebook through Instagram.” As we all know, Instagram is more of a visually-oriented application, whereas Facebook is more about written content instead. However, one good way to gain engagement on the Facebook platform is to buy Facebook followers. However, if you’re not sure where to buy them from, we will let you know the best place to buy Facebook followers from in the latter half of this article. But before that, let us discuss some differences and similarities of both platforms.

On Instagram, most of the user base focuses on their visual aesthetic game, which means better photos, better videos, etc. This is because the audience’s age range is from 18-24 years. In contrast, on Facebook, older people who have the capital to invest are also present. This is why more descriptive posts also work on Facebook. Now that you have understood this facet let’s jump right into the 7 steps to drive engagement on Facebook through Instagram.

1. Link your socials

Link your socials

If you’re trying to promote your Facebook page on Instagram, the first thing that you have to do is link your socials in your bio. This is very simple to do. If Facebook is the only thing, you want to send your incoming traffic on Instagram to, copy your Facebook page’s link and paste it in the link section of your Instagram bio. However, if you are planning to get eyeballs on your campaigns, then use linktree to add multiple links as buttons on a single link, which helps you keep it organized and maintain the aesthetic of your Instagram profile well.

2. Showcase your Facebook

Showcase your Facebook

One easy way to drive engagement on Facebook through Instagram is to showcase your Facebook page’s content on your Instagram profile. If you let people know of the type of content you put up on Facebook, the type of followers you will receive will be long-term and interested in the content you put up. You can also repost your Facebook content on Instagram, with a description that says, “for more such content, follow on Facebook.” This will help your Facebook page grow immensely.

3. Incentivize following your profile

Incentivize following your profile

People won’t follow your Facebook profile if they see no incentive to do so. This is because advertising cross-platform is difficult as people don’t want to click through links to find you. However, if you put up a video on Instagram that is interesting and cut it short on the cliffhanger, you will have an audience itching to watch that video further. On top of this, you can write and follow on Facebook for part 2, which will seal the deal. Once the Instagram users see that your content is excellent, they will follow you organically, which is the best thing.

4. Buy Facebook followers

One of the best ways to increase engagement on Facebook is to buy Facebook followers. Facebook followers, or followers of any kind, act as social proof for others to follow your account. This is because humans work on a peer mentality. This means, when we see more people at a place, we tend to believe that place is better than others, by default. This is purely based on our judgment of social dynamics, but this can be used to drive engagement anywhere. Coming back to the topic, 100% genuine engagement can help you get more organic reach and highlight your profile for thousands of people to see. However, if you buy Facebook followers from a website that does not deliver quality, your profile will be harmed. That is why we recommend you use websites like Viralyft, Getviral, and Socialpackages.net to buy Facebook followers and likes.

5. Post when users are active

Post when users are active

The best strategy to drive engagement on any platform is to post when your audience is active. You can easily understand this as you look at the general statistics of your profile. Usually, this is when most of the users get free, which is after work hours, depending on the type of audience you have. Once you find the sweet spot, post at that time to ensure maximum engagement on that upload.

6. Check insights regularly

Checking insights is one of the best ways to ensure growth in engagement. In your analytics, find the posts that did well and the ones that did not. Then try to find commonalities in the posts that did well and use them as a tool to move forward. Do the same with the posts that underperformed, and you will be able to understand what works best for your profile and hence drive engagement on Facebook through your Instagram profile.

7. Run Instagram ads

Run Instagram ads

Instagram ads are one of the greatest ways to get eyeballs on the content you produce. Since Instagram ads are run with the help of AI, they specifically target people that are susceptible to like that type of content and hence have high conversion rates. So if you want to spread the word about your Facebook page, use Instagram ads to do so. Make an ad set that shows your page’s personality, and then add a crisp CTA to follow through. This is one of the best ways to get more engagement on Facebook via Instagram.


If you are a Facebook marketer or even a content creator, these tips mentioned above will be very helpful for you. Since driving engagement on Facebook can be difficult, these tips will make it easy as they give you a systematic approach to improving your concentration. If you haven’t tried any of these, we highly recommend you do so, as they make it highly likely for your profile to grow over time. Till then, happy scrolling!

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