Top X Online Tools To Growth Your Small Business

Small businesses that leverage technology can realize speedy growth and a competitive edge over counterparts who fail to embrace top online tools. The emergence of numerous online tools can throw many small business owners into a spin on which online tools to prioritize. We get it.

That’s why we’ve sampled a range of top online tools that handle customer relations, business communication, project management, and loan calculators. Investing in a good mix of online tools is a sure way of propelling your small business forward in a cost-effective manner.  

Let’s delve deeper.

Pros About Using Online Tools

You’ll want to invest in online tools for several reasons.

1. To improve work quality

To improve work quality

You quickly improve the quality of work through digital resources that help you schedule meetings, track the input of various participants in a project, and share information in real-time.

2. Better performance management

Better performance management

With a galaxy of online tools, you can track the progress of ongoing projects to grow your small business. By being in the loop on various projects, you can monitor the activities of several groups and advice on amendments for streamlined results for optimal performance.

3. Possibility of remote work

Possibility of remote work

Employing a combination of online tools makes it possible to collaborate and work on a project regardless of distance. Several employees can work on a project simultaneously on such platforms as Google Docs from remote bases. You can tap into the expertise of remote workers to grow your business.

4. Better data control

Better data control

Online tools deliver the convenience of storing data in a platform that authorized persons can easily access. A single storage platform makes it possible to maintain better control over organizational data making it easy to access data and improve business decisions. 

For instance, with a business loan calculator, determining the cost of borrowing becomes as simple as ABC. 

5. Cost-effective marketing solutions

Cost-effective marketing solutions

Embracing the relevant online tools packs a punch when it comes to effective marketing communication. You can design your marketing promos, reach your target markets instantly, or use analytic tools to determine the efficacy of your marketing campaigns

Best 17 Tools To Implement For Growing Your Business

Some of the best online tools for your business are:

1. Online tools for meetings and communication

Online tools for meetings and communication

Any growing business requires tools to communicate with its employees, customers, service providers, and other stakeholders. 

Examples: Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams.

2. Project management tools 

Project management tools

As a business, you’ll often run projects that require the input of various stakeholders for the improvement of your business. You may be running a marketing, branding, or expansion project that requires collaboration, monitoring, and reporting that’s real-time. 

Examples; Asana, Trello, Click Up, Microsoft 365

3. Email marketing solutions

Email marketing solutions

Take your email communication to a higher level through sophisticated digital solutions that make it possible to design, manage, and automate email correspondence in your small business.  

Examples: Mailchimp, Mailbird, Gmail, Zoho Mail, Mail Genius.

4. Data storage and file sharing

Data storage and file sharing

One of the most relevant reasons for using online tools is to store your business data on a single platform that’s easy to access. An effective data storage tool enables you to store tonnes of data securely. You can also share the data seamlessly among various players in the organization. The online tool should allow adequate storage space and high transfer speeds of data. 

Examples: Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud Drive, FireCloud.

5. Business loan calculators

Business loan calculators

It helps your business stay within budget by clarifying the cost of borrowing. This allows you to make better borrowing decisions so that you go for loans that make business sense. 

Example: Camino Financial and other online lenders have a business loan calculator.

Extra Tips That Will Help You

  • Can you afford it? Many online tools have a free version vs. a premium version. 
  • Collaborate with professionals to optimize online tools for maximum growth of your small business
  • Measure the effectiveness of your current online tools and improve. 


Give your business a shot in the arm by investing in online tools to realize growth potential. To this end, download a user-friendly business loan calculator to help you determine the cost of borrowing before taking loans.

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